Essential Phrases - Specific Situations

I was wondering if we could start an “Essential or Common Phrases” thread regarding specific situations that can occur if we were to visit Japan? A friend and I wanted to work on remembering basic sentences and practicing once a week just questioning and answering each other.

For Example…

Topic : Eating at a Restaurant

English : I have an allergy to Shrimp
Japanese (Romaji) : Ebi Arugi nan desu ga.

I really love the jpod’s Survival Phrases podcasts and feel like starting a thread with input from some with japanese experience could really help a lot. They would be familiar with a lot of basic conversation scenarios that we’d most likely experience if we were to visit Japan someday.

I hope to change the topic once a week at a predetermined time. Hopefully we can explore common phrases for topics such as “Basic Conversation Flow” and “Simple / Playful Jokes”.

Allergy is アレルギー, arerugii if you want romaji.


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