1909 reviews

1909 reviews… urgh. I focused on grammar and reading for the N3 exam just gone. I did use wanikani but just random review scripts. Now is time to star tackling the 1909 reviews I have… The most I ever had before level 60 was 300… lol Any advice on how to reorder these to make learning effective? I did not reorder anything before level 60 btw. Thanks… and wish me luck haha
Also - I am going back to England for Christmas so I guess I can do them in hotel prison when I get back to Japan…


I’d personally re-order to tackle items at the lowest SRS stage first. Something waiting to go from Enlightened to Burn is more likely to be okay with a delay. An iffy item waiting to go from Guru to Master might be forgotten more easily.

Best of luck!


Yeah, no I’d literally do the opposite lol. If you’ve let it pile up to 1909 chances are theres a lot of apprentice and guru items that youve forgotten. Doing those and getting them wrong will just put them back in the review queue. Do your srs items from higher interval first. Then, at the end you will be left with fewer items in your queue but you will likely have forgotten most of them. At that point, you can go slow back through them and re-read mnemonics and what not.


From my personal experience with a 1500+ review pile, this is what worked for me for the reasons you stated. Even ording by SRS, the lower level stuff would get lost in the shuffle and it was difficult to make sure it was reviewed on time so accuracy dropped and meanwhile the older stuff was just sitting there and my review pile wasn’t getting any smaller.

Starting from the older items got them out of the queue long term, lowering the review count until only apprentice/guru remained. Those ended up having to be mostly relearned, which talk about brain drain…


Wait, I hear everyone talking about orderning their review items…
Can someone explain? What does it mean? How do we do that?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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There is something called reorder script that you can use to reorder your lessons and reviews. I don’t use it so I’m not really sure how the details work


I had good success with this approach on large piles of reviews.

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One for more vote for starting with the lowest level reviews. Use the reorder script and remove all other levels for the review stack except the lowest.

This makes sense because they lowest levels should be the firmest in your memory and be higher in the SRS hierarchy, so will be pushed further out, allowing a meaningful reduction in the review stack.

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