100 days review streak celebration. Share yours!

Congratulations on 100! Literally today I hit 102, which was my previous best from way back in 2019. So tomorrow it’s all uphill!

Btw, best thing about this thread is seeing all the different color palettes. :wink:


Ooh streaks!!
I totally agree, that has helped me too. Works for all kind of things once you’re on a roll :slight_smile:
Not WK but I will just share my Anki heatmap instead if that’s okay :eyes:

I’m on day 237, I’m hoping I can make it to a year this time :crossed_fingers:


138 days! Let’s see if I can keep going this time!


468 and counting


I started 55 days ago and haven’t missed one yet. That being said, where do you get those calendars?


Yeah, I think I may need to download the app that lets me use Userscripts on Safari soon, since the free one isn’t working.


Thanks for suggestion but i am good now. Most things i want are in flaming durtles app.

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Really proud of this! 100% of the days since I started, I have at least done ALL of my reviews (OK, probably gone to bed with 1 or 3 popping after I am asleep so not technically ALL done EVERY day but that’s the goal) every day.


So far, so good.


Ooh, I’m glad I found this post instead of making my own :sweat_smile::laughing:

Today I hit not only level 15 but also 100 days!!! It’s been a bit of a journey getting here, but once I got back on the horse in May I never looked back~ :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :crabigator:

While I downloaded Wanikani way back in 2018, I didn’t buy it till 2021. Then I did everything way too fast, got overwhelmed, and subsequently let it sit ignored till May when I said, “It’s dumb not to use this,” reset from level 5 to level 4, and here I am today! Let’s keep it going :partying_face:

Current max reviews in one day:
Screen Shot 2021-09-15 at 1.56.33 PM

(my heat map colors are a bit all over, so here is my chart if you’re interested)

Heat Map Colors


Hello again~
I hit my 100 day Lesson streak! I don’t know if I’m going to keep up with the lesson streak after this (my apprentice items are getting a bit too high), but I’m still staying strong!
Obviously I did not start taking WK seriously till June :laughing: I didn’t even buy a subscription till 2021!

And, just for fun, here’s my reviews map too! The colors are much better now than they were in my first post haha. 169 days strong~ :partying_face:

Reviews Map



Review streak of 221 days broken, but as we say in French: “ce n’est que partie remise”. Only 188 more days to go. :sweat_smile: Hopefully, this time, the streak won’t be broken before I reach level 60 (ok, let’s be a little more realistic, 45?)


Probably wont go above this number 647.


I finally hit my first 100 day streak on WaniKani! I just hit level eight last week. I’ve been pretty slow to progress, only keeping between 50 and 70 items in apprentice at a time. I overloaded myself early on by letting that number get too high, so I’m more careful now.

I’m enjoying using WaniKani every day. My biggest frustrations are with certain character pairings (以 and 安 lately) and with verbs with transitive and intransitive versions (a very common problem I’ve noticed from lurking).

So anyway, I wanted to join in and celebrate my 100 day streak in this thread! I actually hit it yesterday, but I was out of town for the weekend, and while I did my reviews, I don’t have scripts on my phone, so I couldn’t take a screenshot of the calendar showing my streak.

Thank you, WaniKani and thank you to everyone for being a part of this lovely online community!


446 on WK

and 140 on bunpro


636 on WK
440 on BunPro

767 on DuoLingo, which weirdly I am the proudest of, because that number 1 was the first day I started learning Japanese, in februari of 2020. Not a day skipped.