Watching the reviews count decrease

TL;DR: I just (well, when I started writing, 3 hours ago ^^') guru’d the last batch of lessons from lvl60, next step is burning everything \o/

It feels weird to wake up to no lesson (but a lot of reviews T_T) and finishing my reviews for the day earlier than ever before.

What? You want to know more?
Hmm… let see…

Some stats; you’re here for that, right?

Current status

Taken right after the review of the last level 60’s apprentice items.

Some explanations (please don’t read, it’s embarrassing >_<)
  • First few levels, I did all available lessons on the first morning after unlocking them. What a bad idea ^^’ (I soon stopped doing that)
  • Around level 10, I started using the reorder script to do radicals then kanji then vocab. (Only in lessons, never reordered reviews!) After some time, I was a level late when doing vocab lessons… then two…
  • At level 34 (the one that took two months), I decided to stop this madness and catch up with the vocab before doing anymore radical/kanji. But because my accuracy had been bad for a little while, I had a lot of apprentice items… I had decided early in my WK journey to limit myself at about 100 apprentices, so for this level I had to play catch up while only doing 5 lessons per day at first (went to 10 after a while then 15 more than a month into the level, I stayed at 15 items/day after that instead of the 20 items/day I had settled on before this level)
  • Not wanting to repeat my previous mistake, I did not skip the vocab of level 34 before starting level 35, nor the vocab of lvl35 before lvl36.
  • But I had a new problem: I had days with no lesson, which felt… wrong… Especially since I was afraid that I would simply stop WK if I lost my momentum :x So I started reordering again… but only for doing the radicals as soon as possible! Also, I would cut my lessons short after the last kanji of the level and keep the few vocab items unlocked from the start for the next day so that I would (on most levels) be at 0 lessons in the morning after these items and have more lessons in the evening when passing the first kanjis of the level. (I did not get to 0 lessons on all levels though)

If I could do it again (not planning to reset anytime soon :stuck_out_tongue:), I would do as I did until the end: do the radicals first no matter their level, then do the lessons in order, 15 max per day and try to not wake up to no lesson.

Never skipped a day of reviews!

As bad as it is now, it was worst a few days ago and can only improve, right? … :eyes:

Boring old me and how I ended up here

I never did introduce myself properly so might as well try now :thinking:

So… Hi! I’m koalou! Nice to meet you o/

I have tried many times to learn Japanese over the years (for the fun of it, really), using apps, textbooks, even an actual teacher once (with other people from my school, great person but we only had a few classes at the end of the year and I am bad at learning languages…). But each time I gave up after some time because I felt like I couldn’t remember anything…

In 2018, I started reading a fan-made translation of a story I came to like a lot: 本好きの下剋上Ascendance of a Bookworm.
Until, one day, the translator decided to stop, partly because the novel got licensed for an English translation. I could have waited for the official translation to come out but instead I decided to try learning Japanese, once again.
Since my goal was only to be able to read and “traditional” paths of learning had failed me (or me them, depends on how you want to see it), I though of starting from “the end”: 漢字 (fortunately, my previous attempt ended about two months prior and I still remembered most kana)
After some time on Google, I found WaniKani and gave it a try… 596 days later, I’m still here :slight_smile: (And, quite frankly, I did not expect to last this long but I don’t regret it!)


I lived in China (Beijing) between September 2014 and July 2015; because of that I had to “unlearn” the readings of some characters that I learned in Mandarin :stuck_out_tongue:

And now, what?

Sure, I am not finished with WK but I won’t improve if I simply wait for everything to be enlightened or burned…
So, in no particular order, I want to:

  • Learn more grammar, quickly (already working on it)
  • Actually read 本好きの下剋上 (probably too much for my current level but the book club is here so I’m trying (and failing) to keep up…)
  • Learn more vocab as I basically only know what WK taught me ^^’ (and a few other words I picked up here and there)
  • Start to write in Japanese, maybe find a native to speak write to at some point (I’ll wait to be better at reading first)
  • Try to understand spoken Japanese (the hardest thing in this list for me… speaking probably won’t be for this lifetime :stuck_out_tongue:)
One last thing



:cake: :crabigator: :confetti_ball:



And you even got an actual cake. This is great!


No, it’s a real (and good :yum:) cake and the photo was (badly) taken by yours truly =)


Great! I have edited my post accordingly.


But now my reply doesn’t make any sense :stuck_out_tongue:




Explanation: I have doubted that the cake maybe only a picture but I don’t anymore.


bow haikyu

C-congratulations Kopp s-senpai!

edit: I should have wrote @koalou-先輩 instead, :sweat_smile:


Congratulations!! :tada: :tada: :partying_face: :confetti_ball:


You got the cake! It does exist! (so how does this work do you send it to the next person??)


Everything is explained once you reach level 60, look forward to it :3


Except for the paticles…


You get the paticles lesson once you work back from 60 to 1, so the legends say.


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