紡ぐ乙女と大正の月 (IMC) - Week 1

紡ぐ乙女と大正の月 1
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Week 1 June 8th, 2024
Chapter Intro + 1
Start page 0
End page 16
Next week week 2


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Please let me know if I messed anything up in the formatting, it’s my first time doing this…


You got me there :joy:


I hate Japanese names so much…

Time to get a Post It I guess.

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Tell me about it. At least we have the four character introduction pages as a handy reference.

It feels already a considerable jump up in difficulty from とんがり帽子.


Oh, I believe I suggested this already, but I would recommend a table of names, their readings, and what chapter they were first introduced to be added to the home thread. This has been done for some intermediate and advanced book clubs with confusing names.

I do think the names of the main characters are mostly straightforward, but some of the secondary characters’ names are harder.

Everyone was saying とんがり帽子 was too easy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

handwritten text on page 11


The character intro gave me a significant amount of trouble but the story part so far flows better. A lot of new concepts to discover however like JKライフ.

It’s certainly a big step up from atelier.


Yay! Finally! I confess I read this week’s reading selection during the break. :slight_smile: Based on the character profiles I think I am really going to enjoy these characters (especially 初野)!

I believe it’s actually ナウいファッション

Yeah. So many lookups!

Question about the last page: Did 唯月 call her Miss Wanton? (蓮っ葉さん)


Woops, I knew it was a weird spelling but was too tired to figure it out.

That’s how I understood it, in a playful/scolding tone. From what I can tell she’s supposed to be a noble/high class citizen so I presume she has to acknowledge the inappropriateness of tsumugu’s outfit otherwise the cop wouldn’t buy that they know each other?


Impressions for this week:

I’ve already read through a couple of manga at roughly the same level of difficulty so I knew what to expect but I still had to look vocab and kanji up at a fairly alarming rate early on.


I expect that as the story gets going it’s going to get better though, we just need to familiarize ourselves with the peculiar vocabulary used in this story. The last few 4koma of chapter 1 felt noticeably easier to read through, probably partly because the action is more concrete and easier to follow.

Regarding the story itself the character introduction was cute and while the character archetypes are not exactly ground-breaking it’s effective. Chapter 1 only sets up the premise and we have yet to see how the situation will develop so there’s not much to say about that. I’m happy that they didn’t waste time setting up a complicated justification for the time travel: I want to see tsumugu in the past, not be fed esoteric nonsense. I’m curious to discover the significance of this obscured photograph however.

The art is serviceable but not really amazing. Feels very generic to me. That being said Atelier put the bar extremely high in that area so maybe I should recalibrate my expectations.


Yeah, Tongari is probably the best drawn manga I’ve read. Generally it’s best not to expect anything close to that level from another manga.


I find Akira beautiful too in a very different genre.

Maybe I should nominate Akira in the IMC now that I think about it.

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when a Japanese learner has to look up a ton of vocab and kanji


I enjoyed the art style so far. The colourful character introduction pages were nicely done. And I like the panels where two panels cover one larger picture, like this:


Regarding the story: while we didn’t get any explanation for the time travel I wonder if more will come in the future. There were some interesting clues, an old photo album/yearbook, a loose blackened photo.

I was interested in the idea that she was able to carry objects from the future back with her. I presume she can’t have brought much, I couldn’t see her carrying a bag with her back in time. In fact I don’t know if those uniforms have pockets, I’m not sure where she pulled that coin from! Whether she had her phone and AirPods with her I’m sure we will soon find out!


My (general) understanding is there is a pocket on one side.


Finished the week’s reading! Very manageable (with lookups, obviously), which I’m happy with.

Bocchi face


Wow this format is very surprising.

P. 8

Somebody saves me, I’m even sure in which direction you are supposed to read this format :smiling_face_with_tear:
Like this?

Or like this?

And the first chapter ends at page 16? Can’t see anything saying end of chapter 1 on page 16 or chapter 2 on page 17.

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Like your first example, one column at a time. I’m still not used to it either, I found myself reflexively reading in the wrong order several times over the course of this chapter…

Indeed, that’s also a bit weird but that’s what’s written in the 目次. Imagine my confusion when I was preparing the schedule for this post…


Yeah I got a bit tipped off when they basically repeated the same thing on the two pages, but wow it’s an easy one to miss, that’s going to make it hard to stop at the right time!

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Yeah you can tell that they’re expecting that there would be a gap between the two pages due to the repetition but it’s a subtle cue.

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