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Chapter 2 (1/4)


Start Date: July 20th
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Week 4 Reading: Chapter 2 (1/4)
Until p.65 ([…]命の雄叫びを上げたのだった。)

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Oh god why. It feels like week after week I just keep complaining, but the scene @riya (and others, including me) were worried about is finally here. It was worst than expected, especially the skirt bit.
Let’s hope that with that done, from now on it will be smooth sailing.

I did enjoy the randomness of Haruhi up to that point, though. *sigh*


I was really uncomfortable with that scene as well. I think the worst part was when she asked if he wanted to have a feel too. Like no. It kinda turned me off more than I expected it to. Alas I did promise myself not to drop any book at the moment, so I’ll keep going, but I gotta be honest, it’s not making me feel great reading stuff like that.

That being said, I don’t know whether I actually enjoy the writing style past it being a challenge for me due to the tendency for long sentence structure. I find myself getting quite distracted while reading and wanting to put it down. Hopefully it’ll keep my interest a bit more as we go forward.

In terms of this week’s part, I actually found it much easier to read than any of the previous weeks and I’m not sure if it’s because the initial shit-this-is-so-hard-and-the-sentences-don’t-stop-shock is wearing off or because it’s actually just an easier portion. :thinking::man_shrugging:


That was compounded by the fact that Haruhi had just locked the door. That’s… really not cool.

There was also the part where Haruhi just tells her to quit her current club and join hers. Urg.

In terms of difficulty, I don’t think there was any hard sentence this time. Plus, the single-word answers from (I forgot her name already, the book club girl) made page turn at a much higher pace than usual.

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Yep, she literally just did not give her any chance to defend herself and even talk or just generally be a fellow human being. I think what got me isn’t even really the act itself, but the way it was staged in the scene.

Good point about the dialogue. When I first saw the page count at almost 20 pages, I was like, well, count my weekend out, but those short answers really helped keep it, dare I say it, light.

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After not reading all week until yesterday, I finished last week’s portion today just to click that ‘reading along’ option. :smile:

I’ll try to be a bit earlier with it this week so I can discuss with you all!


Reading this is making me kind of sad in light of the fire.


Did Kyoani do the anime?

You didn’t ask me, but yes

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Yeah. And the scenes are super faithful, so as I read some of the scenes I see the anime in my head.

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The stop this week is weird, just before announcing the name. Had to read ahead a couple sentences, the acronym is hilarious!

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I also thought it was unfortunate. But I stopped myself. (Anyway, I assume it’s going to be the name we can see on the page between chapter 1 and 2 :stuck_out_tongue:)


I know I haven’t been active on this thread, but I have been reading along and reading comments. Since our numbers have thinned a bit, I wanted to chime in that I haven’t disappeared. Let’s keep going until the end of the story!



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Considering people keep having reading out loud sessions, I have good hopes that we’ll remain a reasonable until the end :smiley:

I’d kind of like to read aloud but no one is allowed to hear my voice.


I know… I feel exactly the same.
I wonder how hard it would be to use software to alter my voice? :thinking:


For the sake of contribution to grammar discussion, and maybe for the sake of revealing how much I actually don’t know to people who might think I’m really advanced, I was 100% unfamiliar with this や until reading this book:

In the book:

I also wasn’t that familiar with やら


Do ittttt.

One of the two main reasons I don’t participate in the reading sessions(the other being that there often are people nearby so I don’t want to bother them, and that I’m not particularly confident in my skills at reading aloud)

Unrelated to that, I read this week’s part. I really don’t like how Haruhi is forcing the other girl into joining/doing stuff she doesn’t want to, but I… guess there maybe won’t be as much of that after the club actually gets formed? Well, I guess I’ll find out myself when we get there, so nobody answer that. That part was also pretty much the main thing I disliked about the (very)few episodes I’ve actually seen of the anime too.

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