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Chapter 31 discussion starts here!


Cute chapter this week! I loved Sakura on the walk home, wondering the whole time when he was gonna prank her. :slight_smile:


This week we’ll be reading chapter 32!

Chapter 32 spoilers

Umeko is something else


Hori: ああ...なんか梅子が幸せならいいよな
This line made me chuckle :smile:


Does anyone know why one of the options is メールでお願いします on the chapter title page? Is this a way of telling someone not to talk to you?


Not completely sure either, but that’s my understanding too - that it’s a way to avoid replying directly to something so you defer to having the conversation via email.


I agree as well. I think so especially if it’s supposed to be the like “Ken-San response” as opposed to the other editors tanuki response haha. Seems like what Ken-san would say to indirectly/softly end the conversation Nozaki’s trying to start lol


Written communication can be helpful in many ways. If you’re dealing with multiple things, you can easily access something you’ve forgotten with just a few clicks. It allows you to take your time and think before providing a response, rather than giving impromptu answers. It can also serve as evidence in case of disagreements. “Verba volant, scripta manent.” I can understand Kensan’s perspective. He is a responsible person.


And we’re up to chapter 33!

By the way, I know sometimes I’m a little late, and I also realized I have no idea what time zones folks are in, so please always feel free to get started commenting/discussing whenever it’s the correct time for you, regardless of whether or not I’ve posted yet! Thanks!!


Here’s a list of things I didn’t really get from chapter 32. Would appreciate any help!

page 25: 落として美味いもん食おうぜ梅子!!!
page 26: あいつは本当でっけぇな!!!
page 28: 桜の清でした
page 29, bottom panel handwritten text?

pg 25

Make him fall for you and live well, Umeko!

落とす is a colloquialism for winning someone over or seducing them. 食う can mean “to eat,” but it can also mean “to live.” Of course, I think 美味い may only be used with food, but the guy’s (they think) rich, so using his money to eat good food would translate over to living well off his fortune

pg 26

I think でかい (⇒でっかい (emphatic) ⇒ でっけぇ (colloquial)) may be being used figuratively here. Like, her spirit or her heart or whatever is so big that she can accept anything if it’s someone she loves/cares about. That’s how I understood it, anyway

I feel like the one on pg 28 is probably a reference to something, but I dunno what. I tried searching it but I have no idea

pg 29

He says, 飛べっかな…, and I don’t know what exactly that conjugation is, but the かな means he’s wondering to himself. Even though he addressed Kashima, he’s still more wondering aloud to himself. “Kashima, what would I even do if I grew wings… (Fly, I guess…)” Or something to that effect, is how I understood it


Thank you! That’s super helpful.

page 28

Did you find this page? I read some of it, but I don’t totally understand it. Other than the part about 桜の精 possibly being a cherry fairy …?

page 29

I had a feeling that I really should be able to read that kanji! Thanks! So 飛べっ is probably just slangy 飛べる – “I guess I’d/Would I be able to fly?” (Amazing how many more syllables it takes in English. :joy:)

pg 28

Yeah, I found that page, but with all the stuff going on, I found it difficult to try and read it. I just accepted that Nozaki meant it, whatever it is, as praise and basically just went, “well okay,” and forgot about it lol

Page 28

Oh yeah, I bet you’re right. Because before the sentence in question, the boys finished the route with that devil character, and are then excited to see what the other routes are. 「そいつは多分マザコンだな」「いやいやストーカーかも」So they were guessing what kind of dude it could be which leads to Nozaki saying to Ken-san:「桜の精でした!」“He was a cherry spirit!” …I’m pretty sure. Hopefully that made sense


Aha! That does make sense! And I love it. :joy:


Been so busy prepping for JLPT and some personal stuff that it took my a while to catch up, but I’ve really enjoyed the past few chapters! The dating otome game one was kind of hard for me to get the nuance of though


We’re on to chapter 34!

I read chapter 33 already, but hadn’t been able to make time to post about it. Meeting Nozaki’s family for the first time!! I got really confused at first when they referred to him using his given name (of course they wouldn’t call him Nozaki as that’s his family name, but I completely forgot about all that). His brother is pretty funny. :slight_smile:


We’re up to chapter 35 now! Only two more weeks before we go back to our previous pace of two chapters a week. Which means only four more weeks on this volume. Polls will be coming soon! (Probably next week.)