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If you don’t have your copy yet:

The first chapter is available for free on Hakusensha’s マンガPark site and app so you’re good for the first two weeks :tada: Hakusensha is the company who owns 花とゆめ which is the magazine that serializes 暁のヨナ.


**first week’s reading stops at the page ending with 雨の音。。。?いや

start date chapter pages count
mar 15 第1話 皇女ヨナ 3-31 28
mar 22 第1話 皇女ヨナ 32-60 28
mar 29 第2話 ちぎり絆 61-100 39
apr 5 第3話 うしろ手の強さ 101-130 29
apr 12 第4話 遠い空 131-160 30
apr 19 第5話 ただ息をしているだけ 161-190 29

Discussion Rules

  • Please use spoiler tags for major events in the current chapter and future events
  • If you have a question, please use the search function to see if your question has aleady been asked and answered before posting.
  • If you have a question, please include the chapter and page title in your post.
  • Feel free to ask questions on past chapters that are in volume 1.
  • Try not to ask questions about future chapters before the club officially reaches that point.
  • Feel free to gush about your favorite moments from current and past chapters :heart:

Read-Aloud Sessions

We will be having weekly read-aloud sessions on Saturday, March 20, 2021 5:30 PM in the discord voice channel. Join the Discord here.

Sign-up Sheet

Read Aloud Character Sign Ups Week 1
name romaji description role part 1 (3-17) part 2 (18-31)
ヨナ Yona Red Princess❤️ read&translate kusuri
ハク Hak Black Haired Swordsman :crossed_swords: read&translate Nana Rain
イル Il The King👑 read&translate sakuchu
スウォン Suwon Blond Cousin :heart_eyes: read&translate beari
ミンス Min-Soo Bandana Servant read&translate caraage
Read Aloud Character Sign Ups Week 2
name romaji description role part 1 (32-43) part 2 (44-61)
ヨナ Yona Hair-Obsessed Princess❤️ read&translate sakuchu Kraddak
スウォン Suwon Blond Cousin :heart_eyes: read&translate Nana
ハク Hak Fake Fiance :crossed_swords: read&translate n/a caraage
イル Il The King👑 read&translate n/a beari
Read Aloud Character Sign Ups Week 3
name romaji description role part 1 pre-soldier arrival part 2 post-soldier arrival
ハク Hak Thunder Beast :crossed_swords: read&translate sakuchu beari
ミンス Min-Soo Bandana Servant read&translate Nana
ヨナ Yona Big Sad Princess :frowning: read&translate deliana88
スウォン Suwon Usurper :person_tipping_hand: read&translate Rain
ユホン Yu-Hon Dead Uncle read&translate n\a
ケイシュク Kye-Sook Suwon’s Tall Hat Friend read&translate n\a
Various Soldiers read&translate n/a
Read Aloud Character Sign Ups Week 4
name romaji description role part 1 (start - peace offering scene) part 2 (after peace offering scene - end)
ハク Hak Yona’s New Bodyguard :crossed_swords: read&translate Rain
ヨナ Yona Not Yet Sad Princess :crown: read&translate beari kusuri
ムンドク Mundok Hak’s Grandpa :older_man: read&translate n/a
イル Il Not Yet Dead King :skull: read&translate Nana n/a
タエジュン Tae Jun Fire Tribe Leader’s 2nd Son :fire: read&translate n/a sakuchu
Various Servants + Soldiers + Suwon read&translate n/a
Read Aloud Character Sign Ups Week 5
name romaji description role part 1 part 2 (after Yuhon leaves)
ヨナ Yona Chibi Princess :crown: read&translate Nana -
スウォン Suwon Chibi Cousin read&translate - -
ハク Hak Chibi Not Yet Bodyguard :crossed_swords: read&translate kusuri Rain
ムンドク Mundok Hak’s Grandpa :older_man: read&translate - n/a
ユホン Yuhon Suwon’s Dad :muscle: read&translate - n/a
イル Il Yona’s Dad :crown: read&translate n/a -
Doctor and Servants read&translate - n/a
Read Aloud Character Sign Ups Week 6
name romaji description role part 1 (before cave) part 2 (before Hak arrives) part 3 (after Hak arrives)
ハク Hak Loyal Bodyguard :crossed_swords: read&translate Rain - -
ヨナ Yona Sad Princess :crown: read&translate kusuri - -
スウォン Suwon Voice in Yona’s Head read&translate n/a - n/a

Vocab Sheet


Note: If you’ve read it before or have watched the anime and don’t plan on reading along, you can still join the discussion.

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@Mods Hello! Can you turn the first post into a wiki, please? :smile:

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The link to the home thread appears to be broken… I get an error message when I click it. Maybe you could double-check?

Strange it works for me, but I think there is an extra forward slash in the link there: t//49483.

Maybe my browser is a bit picky then (Mobile Safari). In any case, it’s probably safest to put something between the slashes, e.g. /x/ - that’s what I usually do to shorten the link, and it worked well so far.

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Whoops fixed. Sorry about that.

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I started reading today and I have to say I was a bit thrown off by the sometimes use of (apparently) outdated kanji. But I hope I’ll get used to it as I read along. :slight_smile:

It’s a wiki now!


Hi everyone,

I have some questions I’ve come across while reading. I’ll start listing them here. Would be awesome if anyone is able to help.

  1. Page: 10
    Speaker: Yona’s dad
    Sentence: 変じゃないとも
    Question: Is とも here と思う?

2)Page: 10
Speaker: Yona’s dad
Sentence: ヨナの美しさはどんな宝石も適わんさ
Question: Is 適わんさ a shortening of 敵わない? I’ve read about さ being a colloquial ending.

3)Page: 11
Speaker: Yona
Sentence: もっと可愛げある人がいい。
Question: What is the function of げある here? I tried searching my dectionary and it said when turning i adjectives into na adjectives/ nouns that you can add げ but it was always listed as げがある is the が omitted here?

  1. Page:11
    Speaker: Hak
    Sentence: 可愛くしとかなくて
    Question: Is しとかなくて a shortening of しておく?

5)Page: 15
Speaker: Author’s commentary
Sentence: 描くのは----だった
Question: Can someone tell me the Kanji in this sentence? I am not sure what it is.

  1. Page: 19
    Speaker: Yona’s dad
    Sentence: 同い年だから気も合うんだろう。
    Question: Is 気も合う the same as 気が合う?

  2. Page: 20
    Speaker: Yona’s dad
    Sentence: あの2人にだって持たせたくないくらいなのに
    Questions: 待たせたくない Is causative plus to want, correct? So here it means I didn’t even want to let those two?

  3. Page: 24
    Speaker: Yona
    Sentence: 思いつきり不審な目で
    Question: Is 思いつきり here 思いつく? How is this being conjugated?

Edit: 8th question added

  1. I’m quite confident to say that’s correct. It is causative + たい + negative.
    aせる + たい + くない = aせたくない
    武器を持たせない = I don’t want to let them hold/use weapons.

For the others I have the same questions. Especially when it comes for the fourth question. Hak says:
可愛いといえばいいんですか? 可愛くしとかなくて。
In the anime said something like: “About cute things, shouldn’t you try yourself to be cute?”
But I definitelly don’t understand the “shouldn’t you try” part.

By looking at Nana’s post, I think there is a small difference of 3 pages between the digital version and the paper version. I tried to subtract 3, but I don’t know if the pagese are right.
I’ve got some questions too.

  1. page: 10
    Speaker: Hak
    Sentence: 姫様の髪が変などと誰が申しましょうか。
    What is that 変などと? Is it 変な+など? The verb conjugation it is also unclear (keigo doesn’t help either lol)
    I cannot breakdown this phrase properly.

  2. page: 12
    Speaker: yona’s dad
    Sentence: 彼はヨナの髪なんて 今更だろうにいとこなんだから
    Trying a Breakdown: [He] [such a thing as] [Yona’s hair] [now] [cousin]
    Yeah I definitelly don’t understand this one >.<

  3. page 19:
    Speaker: yona
    Sentence: 心臓の音がうるさくて余計眠れないじゃない
    What role is playing 余計 here? (余計 = eccessive, unnecessary)

  4. page 19:
    Speaker: yona’s dad
    Sentence: 同い年だから気も合うんだろう
    Apparently also jisho has troubles with 気も合う

  1. I believe so.
  2. Yup, you’re right.
  3. Not sure. I think it’s an older speech pattern like how です→である but I’ll have to check.
  4. Yup
  5. 描く→かく→to draw/paint
  6. Yeah but も adds “also” to the meaning
  7. Mhm
  8. 思いっきり→おもいっきり→With all one’s strength. I have trouble distinguishing っ from つ as well :sweat_smile: They’re so close in size when printed.

It’ll look more familiar if you switch it around.

Speaking of cute, shouldn’t you be making yourself cute?

Or something like that.

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The table of contents lists the first page of the chapter as page 3. That’s the page with Yona’s silhouette. Maybe that’s the source of your confusion? What site did you buy yours from?

  1. I think it’s 変な(の)だと(思う), but I also think I’m wrong.
    申す+ましょう=申しましょう (volitional form)
  2. I’m not sure either. 今更 can also mean “now (when it’s already too late).” I think the overall meaning is that he’s her cousin and he’s known her for years so it’s “too late” to fix her hair cause he knows what it looks like already. For reference, the Viz translation is “What difference would it make to him? They’re cousins.” I’m not sure how they got that from the Japanese line.
  3. Another definition listed is “all the more” so it’s probably “all the more I can’t sleep”
  4. 気が合うbut with も
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Very nice! Thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! For number 5 I used — for the kanji I couldn’t read.

Is anyone able to read this one?

Ooooo it’s 夢

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Thank you! So funny when you know the word but can’t read the Kanji :D.

For 2. If I translate the German text into English you get something like

Why would he care about her hair all of a sudden? He’s her cousin.

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Do we know what day the sign up sheet will be posted? I want to make sure I don’t miss it.

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