文豪ストレイドッグス わん! – Volume 6

Chapters 87 and 96 contain spoilers for people who have only seen the anime.

This is Bungou Stray Dogs comedy manga spin-off Wan! reading club.
This thread is for discussing Volume 6.
Home Thread is here.
Everyone’s welcome, but knowledge of the main series is required to enjoy this spin-off.
(Bungou Stray Dogs itself is not comedy manga. Wikipedia lists it as action/mystery/supernatural.)

Week Goal Start Date
Week #1 Chapters 84-90 April 5 7 chapters
Week #2 Chapters 91-97+extras April 12 7 chapters+extras
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Week 1: Chapters 84-90 (7 chapters)
Start Date: April 5
Previous Week : Volume 5
Next Week: Week 2
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There’s something weird with the poll’s size :thinking:

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It seems I’m confused a lot this week.

#84 (3 questions)

Awww, Atsushi accidentally made Ranpo sad :frowning:

Pages 4 & 8.

  • Is the prize the gold buddha, or can you trade the buddha for a prize? Dazai says something about gold = 1, silver = 5 and I’m not sure what he means.
  • Also Dazai says it’s not lottery, but 必ず? What is certain? :thinking:
  • Second image: what does コーバイイヨク mean?

#85 (2 questions)

Cooking with Atsushi! :plate_with_cutlery:
It’s not the first time the existence of hot cake mix amazes me. I would understand if it would consist of 100% of ingredients. Like powdered eggs, powdered milk and so on. Just add water. But you have to add everything manually anyway. So what’s in this mix? Just flour and baking powder? Why not just use flour and baking powder? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The thing they used to fry the pancakes was interesting too. At first I was thinking it’s for the oven, but it looks like it’s more of… big frying pan?

And flipping the pancakes using chopsticks was an exotic idea.

…Just a simple episode about pancakes, but I was fascinated every step.

  • Did Kyouka even comment on how this episode doesn’t have a punchline (page 20)? :grin:

  • And how did we suddenly ended up with wieners? What… lead to that point? (page 17)

#86 (3 questions)

Ughhhh, Mori/Elise relationship chapter. :face_vomiting:

I wanted to skip questions, but Kaiji was being too weird.

Page 27 - does he say he doesn’t use umbrella because it’s not… scientific enough?

Page 28 - Is he suggesting taking… spindle-shaped​ shower? What is spindle-shaped​ shower?!

And what does the title even mean?
On the other hand, Chuuya used an umbrella? :dizzy_face:

Chap 84

Took some time to understand the lottery thing. Ranpo was so cute.

Chap 85

This chapter was so wholesome. Now I want to try these crepes. They look so good. So many cute pictures of Atsushi.

Chap 86

That one was funny. I like the bomb drying techniques. Good in theory but might not be in practice.

Chap 87

To be honest I have no idea what was the link between this story and the series sinces the characters are completly different. Is it a other serie from the same author or something? Just because they are called 猟犬? my favorite is 条野. I like his power and reactions.
I looked and it seems like a fake serie. I just don’t get the why. It was fun anyway,

Chap 88

A beach episode. I don’t know how he could not die under the sun with the futon blanket. He even named it.

Chap 89

Odasaku man :joy: I heard somewhere recently the story of the crab and monkey but not the end of it. I can’t remember where and it’S driving me crazy. Anyway here you can see it. I like these kindergarten stories. The guild looked so evil when they first appeared.

Chap 90

Interesting. Atsushi had some free snacks and drinks. How can there be another ghost Dazai and Kunikida? I don’t get why they appeared and called Atsushi. But I mean if I was a ghost I would also like to drink tea with Atsushi so…

Answer to Aislin

Lots to do today. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yes. It took me time to understand it but Dazai described it like that. 1 gold or 5 silver against a prize.

Probably that it’s not a lottery. Once you have the tickets you win. Probably.

so… this one is really hard because I could not find any ressource on it. I needed to try to break in as i could and here is the result I found.
Basically, a product to sell to kid’s greed. Probably refers to a product made to be sold to children.
The google translate of the sentence is: “It ’s a strategy to increase the childhood deception.”
Does it make sense?


You are talking about Atsushi the white tiger. Remember last book? He just love eating meat. He now have something to cook meat. At first I thought he wanted them into his crepe but thank to your question I now get it.

No idea how you can flip something that big with chopstick.

No idea.

Still no idea

Yes kinda. Technology always advance but the technologie of umbrella haven’t. Don’t use something that haven’t change for year.

I found it funny.

no idea. My best guest is that he want the boss to try is drying technique. Mori is saying that he doesn’t want and that he is not wet. The rest is beyond my field of expertise.

Seem like it. Maybe refer to the end of the story where Chuuya speak to him about it. Again out of my expertise area.


These are characters that are not in the anime yet! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: They are in the original Bungou Stray Dogs manga, and are the current bad guys
I also love Jouno and Tecchou

Close! 購買意欲 :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :heart:

On topic of the thing they use to cook the pancakes: Hot plates are actually something I only learned about recently! It’s like a mini stovetop that you plug in. (So basically yeah like a big frying pan). Looks very useful but I’ve never used one…

I was actually curious because we used to buy pancake mix but we just make them from scratch now because they taste better…
So I looked it up!
Flour, baking power, salt, and sugar are generally all that’s in the packet mix apparently :thinking:
Here's Exactly What's In That Store-Bought Pancake Mix | HuffPost Life
I suppose it just saves on having to buy separate ingredients that you may not need for anything else.

“I am
du du duuuuuh!
A man of science!
So naturally, I can only use scientific and evolved techniques”
“I could never use an umbrella, it’s old and hasn’t been improved on in years!”
Terrible translation as usual :joy: The easiest way I can think of to describe it is phones. People want only the newest and updated phones. He wants only the newest and updated technology and products, so since umbrellas are old and nothing “new” or “improved on” he won’t use them.
紡錘形 specifically can refer to things that are shaped like lemons.
So basically he’s saying he’s going to set off his lemon bombs as a “shower” that will dry them off :thinking:

It can also mean “meanwhile”
everyone else is being chaotic and Chuuya is just being normal and dragging out the umbrella I guess :joy: :heart:

Answer to Whologist

I see. Well I now know my next thing to read then.

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa so close. I mean I got the meaning so give me my point. I don’t know how you can find these things. Google for useless for me. Maybe you need a specific website.

Oh! that was the ラララ stuff. I just thought he was crazy. After hearing about the lemon story from the real one.

What the … Why do someone need a counter for lemon shaped object

well normal. We all know he can get pretty violent at a moment’s notice.


Thank you both for your help as always :sparkling_heart:

But it’s still a lottery to get the tickets :joy: That’s why it was confusing.
It would be pure evil to make the consumers gamble twice, though. :smiling_imp:

It does!

I didn’t ever see a pancake mix in a shop!

I guess, but flour/baking powder/salt/sugar are the long-lasting ingredients, whereas milk or eggs are not.
I’m often complaining myself about products being sold in too big amounts, but flour is just something always sitting somewhere in the back of the shelf. :sweat_smile:


#87 (1 question)

Oh no, so it finally happened, we got into post-anime, manga-only territory. I was afraid of that happening since the book club’s started. I hope that they won’t spoiler too much for you… or that you’ll really catch up with the manga, that works too :upside_down_face:

:exclamation:I’ll post a warning in the first post.

I just read this one chapter today, it was exhaustingly word-packed.

I have one question - did he really close his pores?

Tetchō’s ability, Plum Blossoms in Snow (雪中梅, Setchūbai) allows him to increase the size, shape, and length of his sword. However, this has only been demonstrated with his saber and is unknown whether or not he can do this with other weapons.

^They don’t say anything about closing your pores on wiki :sweat_smile:


Did I overdo it?


It says it is unknown whether or not he can do it with other weapons. So my guess is that he can change the size and length of most things (maybe only if he’s touching them?) but only does it to his sword normally. But he can do it to other things if he wants.
That’s what I assume anyway :sweat_smile: :heart:


I… I see. Interesting power


Honestly could use this power.
I’m kinda short…


oh! yes getting taller could be useful.
Never saw it that way.


Finally finished! I hoped I’ll be faster this week, but oh well. It’s still on time.

#88 (comments)

Both here and in the (main, not Wan) anime episode Higuchi and Katai got screen time together… Now I’m starting shipping them. I’m shipping Akutagawa with Atsushi (duh), but I always thought Higuchi deserves her own relationship. I’m not sure if relationship with Katai is exactly healthy, but it is a step up from stalking Akutagawa…?

#88 (2 questions)

These two panels.
I have no idea what he’s trying to say here (page 45):

And I’m confused about washing the blanket thing. He says he doesn’t need to wash it, because he’s one mind&soul with it, so I assumed that maybe he’s bathing together with it on regular basis or something. But then Higuchi complained about the smell… so… what did he mean by this mind&soul thing? (page 48)


#89 (comments)

Yeah, the Guild was scary :cold_face:
It was already adapted in the anime, but they… only adapted first half of this chapter. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I did think that Odasaku plush attack was suspiciously similar to Rashoumon :joy: Good to know it was Rashoumon.
It’s also good for self-confidence to see how a Japanese child might struggle with hiragana :smiley:

#89 (2 questions)

Or rather… the first one might be more cultural question, again. I was surprised that bringing your own toy must be done in secret. I seem to remember that during my earliest childhood it was absolutely normal for kids to bring toys with them to (pre)school? (page 54)

I don’t understand why showing Dazai’s home clothes wouldn’t work. Unless he’s saying something else and I’m misunderstanding, but then I don’t know what he’s saying :stuck_out_tongue:(page 55)

#90 (comments)

I think they aren’t “another” Dazai and Kunikida, but regular ghosts who have taken the form of Dazai and Kunikida to lure Atsushi.
And it was mentioned they are 寂しがり屋.
Well, Kunikida was certainly acting very suspicious! But ghost!Dazai was indistinguishable for me.

Answer to Aislin

I think the women part refers to the futon. She was born that way. not sure what he means by ちらつく場所. She is flickering?

He basically do not want to get out of the blanket. He he wash it he will need to get out. The smeel thing was at then end. He wanted to wash it after Higuchi complained about it.

Did not saw that one.

It wasn’t for me. I could not bring it. In Japan this is probably to prevent discrimination between children. Maybe.

I think he just want to show his love of Odasaku man and Yoshida find it childish? I think it could be a problem if Dazai, as the teacher, acts too much like a child. Is what is implied here.

I was just wondering why? but yeah I shouldn’t look too deep.

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So maybe he really should just bathe/shower together with it :smiley:

And it seems we both didn’t get the flickering part.

Thanks as always :gift_heart::gift_heart::gift_heart:

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Week 2: Chapters 91-97+extras (7 chapters+extras)
Start Date: April 12
Previous Week : Week 1
Next Week: Volume 7
Home Thread: Link

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Schedule for Volume 7

Week Goal Start Date
Week #1 Chapters 98-103 April 19 6 chapters
Week #2 Chapters 104-109+extras April 26 6 chapters+extras
#91 (1 question)

Akutagawa is causing more problems by trying to be tough than he would otherwise sigh
And I’m surprised Dazai really came, and not only sent Atsushi instead.
I know it was already animated, by I’m still bothered by the yogurt thing.
Why yogurts aren’t good for sick Akutagawa? Because they are too… thick? And the taste isn’t right? Somebody pls explain :frowning_face: (page 80 but also earlier)


#92 (2 questions)

Ohhh, Chuuya is traumatizing Dazai for a change!.. …not.
And it’s always sorta sad that being nice is so shocking in this universe.
I think the ending is very pro-soukoku :stuck_out_tongue:

First question - is the joke here that Dazai is pretending that the hat is Chuuya? (page 83)


Second question - what does マジでキマる5秒前 (MK5) mean? (page 90)

#93 (1 question)

The return of the Fairyland! …They really need to work on properly expressing their wishes. And why do you want to talk to Dazai, Akutagawa? If you got a magic wish, why not wishing for something… more? Even “talking daily”?

Question - is Dazai the only human here? I didn’t see any info about his animal counterpart, I think.

#94 (just commenting)

…Atsushi is really bad at explaining. I was constantly thinking it was my Japanese fault, but nope, he was just being confusing. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Chap 91

This one was in the anime. Nothing much to say other than isn’t Akutagawa always sick anyway? He often coughs.

Chap 92

Dazai using meditation to empty his mind and find new ways to bully Chuuya. Nice try Chuuya I thought he finally had his revenge.

Chap 93

These plushies story always feels weird to me. Not sure why. I know Aislin mentioned it but Why is Dazai still human? His ability is negating the plushie form??? but…but the power is “no longer human” not “always human” T.T Akutagawa’s wish makes him seem so innocent.

Chap 94

The guild just randomly appears with loads of candy. Rampo won at everything. Is the reason he did not seem to care about Halloween because he knew it was coming???

Chap 95


cough I mean an interesting chapter indeed.
I did not know that his power only works when he is hungry. Poor Kenji. I knew it woul be something Atsushi could not carry. Then again his tiger form is pretty strong.

I’m not sure about this one

So the vegetables are old or tax products? He wants to start a special system? Is it close to the good answer?

Chap 96

No idea who the first guy is and how Rampo got his draft hostage but I find it funny. Is it another spoiler maybe? The fourth wall was broken a few times.

He is so precious too. Rampo just wants to go to the zoo.

Chap 97

This was in the anime again but there is a clear difference. Did you guys found it?..
They drew a rabbit in the manga but a cow in anime. The reason is probably that when it was published it was the year of the cow and when the anime was released(this year) it was the year of the cow. Nice attention to detail. Why at the end of these past Dazai short they always bring back the fact they might not always be together. So sad. It’s a funny manga why are you poking my feeling.


Kenji in a suits looks weird to me.

Not sure what Dazai meant by this

I will let Atsushi become heavier in that part?

Atsushi got all his rice eaten T.T

Answer to Aislin

My guess would be yes but not only, he need to stay hydrated so obviously water is best. Yogurt won’t hydrate as well


I believe it grossly means “really it will be decided 5 seconds before”. I guess it like all those books that just throw their sale pitch. Maybe it could also mean everything is decided in less than 5 seconds. Love at first sight stuff.

No idea. I guess 人間失格 but it could also be a random stuff.

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