文豪ストレイドッグス わん! – Volume 7

Chapter 104 contains spoilers for people who have only seen the anime.

This is Bungou Stray Dogs comedy manga spin-off Wan! reading club.
This thread is for discussing Volume 7.
Home Thread is here.
Everyone’s welcome, but knowledge of the main series is required to enjoy this spin-off.
(Bungou Stray Dogs itself is not a comedy manga. Wikipedia lists it as action/mystery/supernatural.)


Week Goal Start Date
Week #1 Chapters 98-103 April 19 6 chapters
Week #2 Chapters 104-109+extras April 26 6 chapters+extras
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Week 1: Chapters 98-103 (6 chapters)

Start Date: April 19

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Chap 98

Dazai has good persuasion power. He is usually teaching him fake things after all. +1 for the cat mat. Kinikida is super stingy with money.

Chap 99

I looked up the story of the old man selling hats for context. Chuuya did not get that hat. I knew the second one but do not remember the name of it. Princess something. He opens the box and he dies of old age. I did not found the third one but I suppose it’s the story of a guy who start with a small thing and through exchange gets riches. But the simping appeared and he suddenly got rich. さすが芥川先輩.
I do not know the 4 one but it seems like Kunikida wanted to pass a message. Poor Atsushi again.

Chap 100

This was Atsushi 100 serialization as the MC, right? Or is it just the 100 bungo wan? So many expressions with 百.
I should not be surprised port mafia has powerful guns but the one she just got out of nowhere seemed dangerous.

Chap 101

This one is nightmare fuel. What is all these weird things? Kenji with skin color tights, Dazai a hat like his own hair? Wool bandage? Everyone using cats? Rampo’s hat? The good thing is that he was soooo nice to Atsushi for a change… wait nevermind.

Chap 102

This one was in the anime. Never knew you had more chance to fall through the floor than for the rope to rip. Chuuya’s power can be very handy in that case.

Chap 103

This one was kind of weird too. So many complicated names to look up. The Dazai-Kunikida reaction was well made.


I seriously don’t know how Kunikida is still falling down for this persuasion power…
But well, in Storm Bringer Chuuya said this about Dazai so maybe I shouldn’t be that surprised:


I have a question about this panel (page 7 I think). Kunikida seems to criticize Tanizaki’s idea for being too… simple(?) and asks for more grandiose, dream-like ideas? But it isn’t like Kunikida, so I’m lost. :thinking:


I only found the story about exchanging things to reach wealth:
Straw Millionaire - Wikipedia

It’s funny because on Wikipedia they are comparing it to RPG quests. They even mentioned FE ^^

  • In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the player has the ability to complete an optional quest for Catherine or Shamir that involves a series of trades to obtain a two-toned whetstone. The player can give this to Catherine or Shamir for a Silver Sword or a Silver Bow respectively.

I didn’t find the hats one. Why “Chuuya did not get that hat.”?

Also Chuuya is 地蔵 there, which apparently means “bodhisattva who looks over children, travellers and the underworld”. Was it chosen because children = Chuuya is small?
Fyodor as Kannon… I cannot even begin to guess the reasons behind that one.


I think it’s just about 100th Wan chapter, but also the first series with Atsushi as MC to reach 100…?

Yes, there were so many expressions! I was astonished they got so many.

The one with hiccup was really scary. And butcherbird was creepy too.
And 百年目 apparently means both “out of luck; (at the) end of one’s rope​” and “rare chance; unusually good fortune​”. These definitions are contradicting themselves!

And the cord came back. See, that’s what happens when Kunikida doesn’t know which purchases are important.


I’m happy you agree this was a nightmare fuel :grin:

Does anyone knows what the ヒート :black_circle:ック is supposed to mean?


I wonder if it’s true. Sounds like weird urban myth.
Also why Atsushi is so scared of Chuuya, he is dealing with Akutagawa regularly :smiley: I think Akutagawa is more scary.
I think Kenji should hold a training for ADA about dealing with Chuuya, because he definitely was the best with it.


Yes, this one was also very weird! I didn’t look up all the pollen names.
It sort of reminds me of these series for children which teach you how the body works - for example

And there was this manga somebody recommended some time ago in extensive reading challenge thread:

I didn’t read the manga, though, and while I think I saw some fragments of Once Upon a Time… Life as a child, I never really liked the idea of anthropomorphized body elements, too creepy :smiley:
Anthropomorphized pollen, too :stuck_out_tongue:

Week 2: Chapters 104-109+extras (6 chapters+extras)

Start Date : April 26

Participation Status

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I did forget to answer you right? my exam are almost all over so now I have time back.

Answer to Ainslin last week comment

I think he just said that he does not really need it. He just wants to spend money. They just want money to realize their dream.
In my opinion, he just wants to save money. He only wants to buy ABSOLUTE NECESSARY THINGS probably.

For the joke. He wanted it so bad then get trolled instead. The story needed a funny punch would be my answer.

That and for the hat. Knowing Chuuya like hats, not having one make the joke funnier.

Some nice chekov’s gun here.

I suppose it is isotermic cloths. he have. Heat something. If it’s blurred it’s probably a brand name. The thing under his bandage, he now have sleeves and turtle neck.

Now for this week content.

Chap 104

That air Akutagawa :joy: Is that what we call withdrawal syndromes? poor Tachihara. I liked when Atsugwa entered and she said"It’s the real one!" The Akutagawa was confused.

Chap 105

Weird chapter. Either I did not get all the jokes or I did not liked it that much. Although I now want to see if her power work if someone is spying on her. If I put a live camera in the room and look at it from the outside, will time go slower in the room any? If so how will I see it from my camera? So many theories, no way to test them.

Chap 106

Tanizaki’s power is broken in that. Just make yourself and the ball invisible and you win. He is not the best at fighting but his power is pretty strong. like when in season 2 of the anime he tricked Chuuya in the hospital.
Dazai as referee seems to not care at all then at the end call every fault in one go.

Chap 107

“Work is the reward for work” How about no. Even his vacation looked tiring. Poor Atsushi. #freeAtsushi
That couch flip though. Kunikida does not joke with work.

Chap 108

This one was kind of hard to get with the 筋肉 thing. I think they rewrote scenes from the original manga but if they were macho. Am I right? It was confusing.

Chap 109

I knew I hate when people do not huge kanji because it’s so hard to read but all in katakana is worse. had to look up some easy word because I had no idea what it was. My eyes are bleeding bring back the old Dazai. I found it funny that he used kanji when his evil side showed up. His evil side design was so good. (Not the last form but the one when he starts to use kanji) I thought at first that the robot was always drooling.
Funny that like last time everyone except Atsushi wants the new Dazai instead of the original.


This is from “Scary movie” right? I know these movies although I barely watched them because I hate scary movies. Dazai being evil was a surprise. If the door is anti-power then is the wall a good escape path? I mean again in anime s2 The Akutagawa/Atsushi space-cutting attacks were pretty broken. I’m speaking about the fusion part.

Well, another book finished. only 1 left T.T

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Yes! I’m glad you answered after all, because I was worrying what has happened! Especially since it was actually a second time in a row, my last post from the previous volume didn’t get any reply too :no_mouth:

I thought that time “oh, okay, maybe nobody knows the answers” but when it happened again I got concerned :sweat_smile:

Meanwhile this week I am very busy with some personal stuff, but I hope to finally start reading tomorrow, so I should still finish within schedule.

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Oh! on it.
Sorry I was si busy I remember reading it but I don’t have to time to answer so I think to myself that I will do it later but then I forgot.

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Oh, I also loved “it’s the real one” :heart:
I appreciate someone questioned Tachihara wearing the band-aid on his nose all the time. Then again, compared to Dazai… Anyway, you get a background behind this band-aid in the main manga :wink: Tachihara gets a lot on screen time in the most recent volumes.


I don’t really think there was anything to “get”. There was this anime episode about Alcott and Fitzgerald and I think it was basically the same plot, just rewritten in a more wacky way.
I also didn’t like this much… I especially don’t like jokes about Fitzgerald being addicted to promos after becoming “poor”.
And Alcott’s ability also bothers me, but for a different reason. She is basically only able to slow time, which gets her time to think, right? I don’t think it’s that useful… I think her exhaustion would become too much of the problem. Unless she basically lives an alternative life for some time and also sleeps in her room? If so, what about hunger, body aging and such? Wikipedia says she was preparing ~80 plans for one occasion and that her ability doesn’t include being especially smart - if so, making 80 plans repeatedly must take a lot of effort!
But your questions about camera are interesting, too. :thinking: Technically maybe it wouldn’t work when somebody would be looking at the recording? But work when nobody is paying attention? Then again, what about watching a recording afterwards?


Me: oh no a football/soccer episode

Me: …oh

You should be a team strategist in this episode :smiley:

I was wondering about the ??? floating above the ball. Was the ball confused, too?


I think Kunikida would love this quote.
And yes
very much.


Yes. Atsushi finally gets some revenge in this one :wink: and makes-up a story about what happened at the party - that is, drunk Kunikida becoming obsessed about everyone becoming muscular, which apparently was supposed to help with their work. And then we got a rewritten flashbacks - how an original story could go if all characters really would be physically strong.
But Atsushi story has to be fake because Kunikida’s clothes aren’t torn… but if so, what really has happened at the party? We’ll never know!


I was embarrassed with how much I was struggling so thank you for bringing this up now I feel less stupid :joy:
I also appreciated the switch when his evil side showed up :smiley:
Thankfully, an android in Storm Bringer (yes there is one) is talking more or less normally. :joy:

Atsushi is just too pure and precious.


I don’t know! I thought it’s from Saw??? But there is no death match in Saw, I think. But I’m not sure, I also didn’t watch this series.
I Want to Play A Game | Know Your Meme

Good catch!

You reminded me how sexy it was :sob:

Also, Chuuya finally sort of tricked Dazai here…?

Orange/red (?) pages:
And here Chuuya and Dazai are basically in agreement to do 先輩風 :grin:
And I’m amazed mini characters from the cover are supposed to be canon :laughing:

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Answer to Aislin

I always seem to find some plot hole in stories like that.

Never realised it. Maybe they are always missing the ball.

It’s a real one T.T

You do it too sometime so we help each other out.

oh! Yeah that one. As I told before I’m bad with scary movie.

I saw that one somewhere before.

Not sure I follow you. Aren’t they the main character?

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They’re chibi even within the chibi world :grin:

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It seemed I read it too fast I did not understand it.

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