文豪ストレイドッグス わん! – Volume 9

:exclamation: Some chapters may contain spoilers for people who have only seen the anime. :exclamation:

This is Bungou Stray Dogs comedy manga spin-off Wan! reading club.
This thread is for discussing Volume 9.
Home Thread is here.
Everyone’s welcome, but knowledge of the main series is required to enjoy this spin-off.
(Bungou Stray Dogs itself is not a comedy manga. Wikipedia lists it as action/mystery/supernatural.)


Week Goal Start Date
Week #1 Chapters 122-128 March 7
Week #2 Chapters 129-135 + extras March 14
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I couldn’t find exactly how many chapters are included yet, but since I guess it’s only me and @icefang97 now, I decided to again chop it into two halves. I’ll update the table when the volume releases.

@icefang97, do you want to add/remove/change anything?

EDIT: added chapter numbers to the table

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14 chapter plus the after.
oh you just changed it ha ha ha
I have no problem with the schedule

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Chap 122

The classic Dazai makes everything worst ha ha ha.

Chap 123

A really actual chapter. I was hoping to see the karaoke contest in the next chapter ha ha

Chap 124

I have no idea who this character is soooo…

Chap 125

The classic Mori joke. Nothing much to say

Chap 126

Ninja Akutagawa was funny. Atsuchi saying “I did not heard nin-nin” And that “羅生門忍術” ha ha

Chap 127

Curse takoyaki. I don’t wanna know what happens to the people who eat those. I also never knew about the tree guys having wine grabe blood or something like that.

Chap 128

The 羅生門 umbrella. Pretty good idea. Funny that both of them were worried about arriving wet to their party. I still wonder how that coat works with his power.

The best chapters for me are the Atsushi/Akutagawa or Atsushi Dazai ones. The Dazai/Chuuya ones are also good.

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Eh, out there, there’s war (reminder: I live in Poland, so we have a border with Ukraine, so even if it’s safe for now, there’s crazy amount of tension and 100,000 refugees daily)
on personal level, I just had 3 problematic wisdom teeth removed at once (there were two surgeons involved and one of them usually deals with jaw reconstruction) and it hurts but I’m happy it’s finally done

but I’m gonna がんばる anyway. Still, I’m gonna divide my reading&commenting into more parts than you, as usual!


And Atsushi is once again very pure.
what was that phrase… #saveatsushi I think?


Yeah, the chapter is very actual, but does that mean they got covid in BSD universe too? :frowning_with_open_mouth:
I want a karaoke scene too. Preferably in the anime adaptation :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t understand what Dazai meant here:


Oh, they even put up their own spoiler alerts!
I knew the character and yet I already forgot details about him, so i had to check wikipedia anyway :smiley:

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Yep it was. He’s so pure.

I’ll look into it more later on but it sounds like “Dead people don’t go out” I migh need to look back at the context

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I still don’t know how to interpret it, so let me know if you got any ideas :stuck_out_tongue:


…I liked Fukuzawa’s scarf.
I still don’t like loli jokes.
At least this chapter reminded me to preorder Mori’s book which is coming out soon in Polish (three short stories).
I was surprised about the medical cases, aren’t people too afraid to go to Mori with such trivialities? :smiley: Even young Mori?


I think until now I’ve only heard about ninja doing “nin nin” in Disgaea games…? I didn’t know it was a popular joke!
Also yes 羅生門忍術 :two_hearts:


I think it was just a pun about wine/grape juice looking like blood, but I’m not sure…
He’s got grapes because of his real life counterpart’s book “The Grapes of Wrath”, if that’s what you’re asking.

Anyway, yay! Cthulhu takoyaki!
…I still don’t like the Guild :stuck_out_tongue:


The mood here was just like in the main manga, I don’t see any differences :grin:

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for the record

Week 2 starts here
Chapters 129-135 + extras

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Kyoka is the only one who believes in Dazai :sob:


I want made-by-Chuuya shaved ice too ;;
Also, I never experienced a brain freeze. We don’t even have a word for it in Polish. It’s just some strange phenomenon only-in-fiction for me. You? :thinking:

So cute:

I think I don’t understand the remark about the 良い子の漫画:


I consider dreams within dreams to be a creepy concept :grimacing: I experienced it sometimes and didn’t like it, so I feel sorry for Higuchi!

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Chap 129

Nice twist. They saw what they wanted to see Dazai doing. Sometimes this concept applies to me when I read something in Japanese. I read what I believe it is. Made some weird understing something haha.

Chap 130

Shaved ice is really good and light. I like it. I was sure Rashoumon was gonna make the shaved ice ha ha ha.

Never experienced it too.
Chuuya has some… strange skillset ha ha ha

So, they talk about wearing something “ligther” because it is hot. Dazai says that, Wan is not that kind of comic. Atsuchi is saying on a monotone tone “Why are we a good boy manga now?”
Bungou is prob a mature manga cause of blood and stuff. Just the funny double standard.

Chap 131

I agree it is kind of annoying to dream of dreaming. A meh chapter for me

Chap 132

yeaaaaah… not my favorite one. The relationshipo between Naomi and Tanizaki is kinda unsettling for me.

Chap 133

I was sure Atsushi would hate dog cause he’s a cat(tiger) The Shiba is so cute.

Chap 134-135

Everyone counting so much on Ranpo is funny. The ending was so predictable. Chuuya solving it was funny ha ha ha.


Nothing interesting except chuuya. HA HA HA. Such a fitting name indeed.

Sorry I was busy so it took time to respond.
I think it’s because Atsushi is scared of the meeting and Dazai just ask why because there is no death this time. (Because it’s only@ but Atsushi is scared BECAUSE IT IS ONLINE. He can’t find the button or smth. If I understood it correctly.

Welp that was a fast but fun bookclub see you in another few months for the next one ha ha ha

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Eh, it would be fine and fitting with real Tanizaki’s books, but I don’t like that they are brother and sister here.

Btw, it’s interesting that Tanizaki is using “boku” in katakana and Atsushi in kanji.

This made me laugh, actually.

And I liked the 一肌脱ぐ word.


I also thought Atsushi won’t be good with dogs. And that Dazai would complain more, because in previous chapters there was established that he has a phobia (just like real Dazai).
But it seemed like he just thought it’s too much effort.

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same. The Wan manga stretching the lore ha ha

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Have a problem with Dazai → call Chuuya → problem solved :smiley:
Of course, they could just call Ranpo… or check if Dazai’s breathing… :face_in_clouds:

Btw, did Chuuya said he doesn’t 恨み Dazai? Aww.


I also liked the backstage of setup of the cover (colored pages) :upside_down_face:

Thank you for reading with me :heart: See you! :wave:

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He doesn’t resent him but he has lots of feeling about him. Probably hatred ha ha ha

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