文豪ストレイドッグス わん! – Volume 6

Thanks! :notes:

Makes sense! I feel silly for not thinking about it, since I’m always the one going on about proper hydration. But maybe that’s because, I’m used to nobody else caring about it :grin:

Well, “no longer human” isn’t a perfect name for nullifying abilities, either. :wink:

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Yesss, this is another spoiler :grimacing: Just to make sure: do you want to continue with the rest of Wan! volumes, or do you want to catch up with the manga first? I don’t mind waiting.
I really liked the arc in which this character was introduced, because Ranpo was being very cool there. The character name is Mushitaro Oguri, another mystery novelist.


I did remember his power only works when he’s hungry and I was always fascinated if they are trying to manage it. Well, according to this episode, Kunikida at least tries to, with emphasis on tries

I also don’t understand the tax part :frowning_face:

My only theory is, uh. In Beast light novel, Kenji was helping with farm work (while simultaneously working in ADA) and farmers gave him some vegetables afterwards as a thank-you. But… this isn’t what taxation means :confused: And I’m not sure he was ever working on a farm in the main story.


Wow, zebra in Japanese in literally horse with stripes :rofl:

Happy Poe is melting my heart a little too :upside_down_face:

@Whologist, I remember you bought main manga volumes, did you buy the older ones too? are you able to check this reference?

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Nan I will continue reading wan. I think we have 2 volumes left anyway. Just wondering should I read the manga entirely or just continue after the anime. I heard the anime skipped lots of stuff. Then again if I read from the beginning I could do it all in Japanese.


I think he did because I remember that but like you said it doesn’t feel like tax.


I’m not late to the party what do you mean


I think (I had trouble with this too) What he’s saying is
Well first I think the 女子 is referring to his blanket. The “skin” he’s talking about his blanket.
So he’s saying
“Her skin…it’s the firstthing I touched when I was born”
That’s my guess anyway. He’s saying this to explain that he feels safe in there and won’t come out.

Yoghurt has a really thick consistency and strong flavour. When you’re sick things like that can easily make you puke, I think. When I’m sick at least, I can only drink water and eat tasteless things like crackers, so maybe that’s what they’re referring to.

Yee lmao. His hat is his 本体 so might as well treat it like him Ig :joy:

“You can really become stylish in just five seconds!”
きまる can mean “to look good in clothing” or “to be stylish” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Yep \o/

Sorry for the bad photo, LOL
It’s in the second bubble, he says 僕に友人ーーーポオ君に目を付けた


True, but it’s not like new chapters aren’t coming out every week :smiley:
After 8th volume, we have two options:

  • Read one chapter each week after it’s published. They are available for free before they are put into a volume.
  • Resume the book club for a short time after the release of each volume.

Or of course just discontinue the book club entirely, but… I enjoy reading with you, and it’s really useful to be able to ask questions not only about a language, but about the jokes too. Some people think that jokes shouldn’t be explained, but I like hearing different explanations/interpretations and having my attention brought to elements I might have otherwise missed. And since with jokes there is a cultural gap too, it is especially useful to hear other people’s opinions. :smiley:

I think I mentioned it before, but I continued after anime for now (and switched to Japanese only since volume 20). I plan on rereading since beginning, but maybe in 1-2 years.

Thanks for help, @Whologist! Ohhh, I totally forgot this 友人 scene. So it really happened :relaxed:

As for yogurts, I started to think this is a good example of the stuff that varies between people and it’s fascinating to read different interpretations :upside_down_face:
For me, yogurt is a plain, tasteless food. And aside from stomach flu, I don’t really think I associate flu/influenza/fever with feeling nauseous. You can have a sore throat, yes, so trouble with swallowing, but yogurt is easy to swallow.
I even asked my husband, and he confirmed that for him, yogurt is something you would absolutely give to a sick person.
And after all this time I spend on thinking whether yogurt has a taste or not, I now have an urge to eat/drink (?) soured milk (or kefir, alternatively). :smiley: I agree this two products may seem a little too acidic and in their case they’re not tasteless, but they always tasted so refreshing for me :smiley: My only problem is that recently I got bad with digesting milk products, even lactose-free ones.

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#97 (1 question)

Yes, I noticed the animal switch! But you said “rabbit”? I’m pretty sure it was a mouse.
I felt the urge to see if my attempt at drawing a mouse will be worse than Ango’s and hmmm. It’s hard to judge my own work.

I love how Mori is getting all these throw-away cards.

I had a problem with this panel:

描き下ろし (answering icefang's question and asking 1 own question)

They got very philosophical at the beginning of this chapter. Just what exactly was in their food/drinks :sweat_smile:

I think Dazai was making fun of Atsushi for eating so much and Atsushi was using a weak excuse that he has to eat, because all this food is heavy and the ship may sink because of it.
Dazai noticed that if Atsushi eats this food, he will become heavy instead and it won’t help the ship in any way :smiley:

I didn’t understand this part about the grease on the glass (?)

あとがき (1 question)

Is Kunikida here having problems with his interface switching itself to English?

red pages (just commenting)

Well, since I saw this plate balancing on the rail, I thought it looked risky, but I suspected it will just lose its balance and fall into the water. I didn’t expect the birds attack :laughing:

Answer to Aislin

My mistake. I write fast,

“Our prank/bad work just came back in a calm way” Not sure about it but it seem to me that the meaning is close to : Dazai just calmly return to us our bad work" or something like that. Maybe…

Dazai want to 乾杯/cheer but think Atsushi have no glass. Atsushi have one but said that he doesn’t mind doing 乾杯 with rice or with a glass. Dazai probably find it bad/unclassy/unelegant and says that his glass just tast worse because of it. Atsushi just destroy the “meaning” of 乾杯 is how I get it.

seem like it.

It was so sad for Atsushi

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