文豪ストレイドッグス わん! – Volume 8

Chapters 112&117 contain spoilers for people who have only seen the anime.

This is Bungou Stray Dogs comedy manga spin-off Wan! reading club.
This thread is for discussing Volume 8.
Home Thread is here.
Everyone’s welcome, but knowledge of the main series is required to enjoy this spin-off.
(Bungou Stray Dogs itself is not a comedy manga. Wikipedia lists it as action/mystery/supernatural.)


Week Goal Start Date
Week #1 Chapters 110-115 May 3 6 chapters
Week #2 Chapters 116-121+extras May 10 6 chapters+extras

Week 1: Chapters 110-115 (6 chapters)

Start Date : May 3

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Volumes 9+ Talk

As I mentioned before, new chapters are available for free on the official website for a limited time, before they are put into the proper volume form.

So after we finish volume 8, we can either meet again after each volume is released or after each chapter is released.

At first I thought new chapters are being released weekly, but now I see it’s not the case - I think it’s more of a irregular schedule instead:

After some consideration, I think I would prefer to read full volumes. I will buy them anyway, because if I understand correctly, extras such as 描き下ろし are limited to the paid release. I also want to support the franchise and well, continue my collection, even if it’s only in a digital form.
I also think I prefer binge-reading to splitting my attention and distracting myself. And I think I need a break after reading 8 volumes of Wan, too :upside_down_face:
@Whologist, since you’re buying physical, I think you’re also more likely to read along when the full volume is released?
So the question is, @icefang97, are you okay with this? Meeting again each time new volume is released?


Yep no problem too.

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Sorry for the late reply I haven’t been able to get online recently :sob:
But yes that works for me! :grin: :heart:

Chap 110

To be honest I was sure the magazine was left there by Dazai. Seemed like his kind of joke. Kenji just exchanges carrots for a magazine.

Chap 111

that cat Atsushi was cute. He may not think he is an animal but he looks close to one. Surprised to see some English in it.

Chap 112

I knew Kunikida would not give break that easily. He knew it was gonna rain. He gets as cunning as Dazai. Or at least I think he knew. The first question about Atsushi getting burn on a cross was funny. #freeAtsushi
I like his quiz but I have not idea the answer for these two.

The only thing I know is the left one 1) is probably どき
Maybe the answers are at the end of the book. I wish they could be. I wonder how they have been translated into English.

Was there a joke I did not get? “The reason Atsushi did not sleep was that he was doing a poem”. I don’t know if real Atsushi was making a poem so maybe it’s that.
I laugh so hard when Dazai said look outside… then it was still raining.

Chap 113

Yeah! another school one. Funny enough Dazai has a lot of limited edition Odasakuman. Scary kids like that. Aktugawa still believing Dazai even after he said it wasn’t true. I swear everything he says やつがれ I need to read it out loud with a deep voice. I always hear his voice. I already said it but I like that word so much. I wonder if real-life Akutagawa said it.

Chap 114

Meaningless competition but so fun. I learn a new way to play jangenpon. Astushi having no shoes is because he transformed his feet while using his power is does he never have shoes? I never realized. I think he has them normally.

Chap 115

Dazai and Chuuya fight never gets old. The controller out of battery was a wise trick. How long did Dazai made that scheme? He just bought it after all. He is always 5 steps ahead.

Only one week left T.T I will probably have to go either read something else or read the main serie.


Yeah, for a magazine he doesn’t even want… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The ending of the chapter makes me want to ship Lucy and Kyouka.


This was one of the abstract ones.

I have some doubts about this panel. I’m confused why Atsushi is saying it’s 墓場 and makes so big deal about this sweets visual:


I’m not sure myself, because in the end he did promise there will be another time. But it’s certainly weird how nobody checked the weather forecast! :stuck_out_tongue:
It was cruel when Dazai made it sound like the downpour ended when it didn’t. #freeAtsushi

About quiz… The Dazai-sending-messages thing is from the main manga :smirk: Again. But I’m honestly not sure about the second one and also I don’t know what the poem writing is referencing to. @Whologist any ideas?


…Chuuya wants to punch ghosts. Of course he does :smiley:

Hmm, that’s actually interesting. I thought it’s there just for the flavor but now I started wondering.
Here somebody has a random interpretation:
Japanese Literature and Bungou Stray Dogs — Curious Fact about Akutagawa

Also, I have a question about this panel. Does it mean Chuuya always wants to be together (with Dazai)???


Yes, I think it’s only because of the transformation. I always wonder how many sets of clothes he ruins because of his power.

I’m not sure why they were moving after each move in janken???


So much this. Now I’m imagining Dazai walking around with beforehand-prepared Switch just so can he challenge Chuuya.
I also liked how Dazai uses the blue controller, and Chuuya probably gets the red one (because that’s the basic Switch color scheme), which are the respective colors of their merchandise usually :smiley:

Kyouka thought that Atsushi/Akutagawa matches were looking fun, but not Dazai/Chuuya matches… Interesting :upside_down_face:

I have doubts about:


Which person did Ranpo receive a punishment from?
A festival an wearing a happi coat
A soldier with armor going into war
or a cartoony poster child
I think maybe this is referring to the time Ranpo trapped Chuuya in the book?
I dunno about who the first two are referring to, but someone dressed like a cartoon character definitely fits the bill for Chuuya…
Perhaps it’s a reference to something that happens in 探偵社設立秘話? I haven’t read that yet

I was confused as well.
This is a popular Japanese game called Guriko.
The basic concept is you have a goal you’re supposed to reach (I.e. a location. Like let’s say "whoever makes it to the bench first wins)
Then you play rock paper scissors. If you win you get to move, and whatever you win with decides it.
グー - グリコ (Three steps for three letters)
チョキ - チョコレート (6 steps)
パー - パインアプル (6 steps)
So they were doing this, but then they started using their abilities to make their steps REALLY big :joy: Then realized they didn’t have a goal and were just moving.

グリコ (遊び) - Wikipedia

Just a fancy way to say うっせぇな! (うるさいな)

Yeah basically it’s “It’s difficult to play games (and enjoy it) together when you become adults”


But he didn’t really receive “punishment” from him, if anything, it was the other way around :thinking:
It’s really weird, since answer to the other question, about Dazai, was so obvious… and here we both can’t think of anything certain. Oh well. :woman_shrugging:

:astonished: :astonished: :astonished: I’m astonished you found it! It sounds like something hard to find when you don’t know what you’re looking for!
It makes so much more sense now, including why they were saying things like “チョコレート” :smiley:

It’s looks much more clear with っ and ぇ :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you! ^___^


I think I literally just looked up “Pineapple Chocolate” or smth :joy:
I was so lost, I wonder what made them decide to use those words in particular for the game.

Answer to Aislin

Kenji is no nice sharing food for no “good” return.

No sure… Because sugar is bad for you? Maybe because some product are not sold anymore… But tapioka is… No idea sorry T.T I’m not even sure why it’s represented in layer like that. @Whologist Help Please !!! T.T

Maybe it the sense you tease people you like? Only a title though.

I was wondering that too but figured it in context. Whologist was faster than me.

I mean we saw him prepare a plan in advance one time. The story with Chuuya trying to be nice. It all went according to Dazai’s plan.

wait was this a choice question? I thought I was a charade(If that is the english word for it) The game where you need to figure out one word by using multiple sounds hidden in a question.
Mi first is…
My second is…
Kind of… That is why I had no idea what was happening.

He is saying it’s hard to do it like ワイワイ. So I suppose it’s hard to be really into it and shout a lot.

Nice to know.

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Thanks for your input as always :yellow_heart:

I… think I never played that kind of game. :no_mouth:
Unless you mean: Rebus - Wikipedia

But it’s more about pictures=sounds?


Maybe I explained it wrong.
You have to find the word that together makes another word.
For example
My first is a serpent,
my next is a rag,
my third
is you and me,
and my whole is a vegetable.

Each of these question make a word and the answer is the combination of those words.
Well anyway it seem I was wrong no don’t mind me.


Week 2: Chapters 116-121 (6 chapters+extras)

Start Date : May 10

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Even if it wasn’t what was meant in the manga itself, it’s still interesting for me :eyes:
Now I can confirm that I never saw that type of a riddle.


Last volume for now T.T

Chap 116

Atsuchi is just too precious making all those cute poses. He manage to make Ango the weird one.

Just to be sure, Ango used to say 「ンゴ」at the end of sentence for his character ???
Dazai could be a secret spy. He can hide everywhere. Remember when he disguised himself as an old woman?

Chap 117

Lots of things I did not get in this chapter Especially the end of the jokes.

I get the first part as he explains the expression. Funny that in english we say rotten apple but they say rotten mikan. I just don’t get what he said after that, I miss the explanation as why they are not mikan.
Second one is…

Does he sad that bad money is not the extermination of good money?

His haircut is the result of children at the orphanage pranking him and he wants a new style?

The RPG one was funny because he was right about the sword thing. They all fight barehand anyway.

I don’t get what Dazai is saying. They buried a 生体信号 living signal/traffic 検知器 light detector and then they speak with it?

Atsushi can distinguish truth smell?
Sorry I know it’s a lot of questions in one chapter.

Chap 118

No really a huge fan of Katai to be honest. I just had no idea Atsushi was so good in fashion. I guess he does often have the wild look.

Chap 119

This one was funny. The Akutagawa destroying the building was predictable. Poor 立原. He looks like the Atsushi of port mafia. I don’t know why but I love of look of Akutagawa when he looks scary.

Chap 120

Dazai did successfully slow down Atsushi. It’s still sad that Atsushi brings the stuff for his own party. Dazai really wanted that catch ball.

Chap 121

This one was really funny. I did say the same thing to a friend once. I told him he makes me do more healthy things and I hated it. (As a joke) Now I see how Dazai could fill 9 book of things he hate about Chuuya.


I know that feeling. Something I’m the one doing it. When something is too popular I either try it to see why everyone likes it or I just back down. Spoiler destroys my interest though.

Why is it the last volume??? T.T Welp more free time to read another book then. In the meantime how about we do a Dazai book club? What do you mean I always push it every chance I get? You got no proof.

Thx for the help and sorry for the tons of question this time around.


Unfortunately, my life still doesn’t want to calm down. Maybe things will finally calm down now, but in meantime my schedule ended up in tatters and I’m busy trying to sew it back up, so I’m definitely not making any promises about anything right now. Actually, if it wouldn’t be final volume, I might be tempted to stop with this book club, too. …And anyway, like I said, I prefer reading BSD authors in translations, at least for now. :sweat_smile:
But but but if you’ll read/listen (because I remember you were listening to audiobooks) (to) anything connected somehow to the BSD universe on your own, please share your impressions! I think BSD misc thread is a perfect place for this ^ _ ^

I’m after chapter 118 for now, I’ll clear up what I can:


Uhhh, I didn’t get this one too! :neutral_face:

I feel like there is suddenly more rōmaji since few chapters ago. I wonder why.

He’s too perfect :roll_eyes: Perfect strategist, perfect hiding skills…


I think the explanation is really only just “you’re not mikan because you’re human”.
That’s why Chuuya is saying it’s obvious :smiley:
Teacher!Atsushi wanted to be nice to “bad” students, saying he won’t give up on them, but… eh. Didn’t work :sweat_smile:

Kunikida I also didn’t get.

BSD wiki:

His hair is short and swept forward in loose spikes with a lock left long on the right side of his face. This uneven style is the result of bullying he suffered at the hands of other orphans in the orphanage, and he never fixed it.
Bungo Stray Dogs Manga: Volume 6, Omake

But I also wasn’t sure if he wants to change it or was it more:
“What haircut do you want?”
“I want a hairstyle like something that other kids at the orphanage do to you when bullying you”
“Wow, that’s dark”

He needs Hero Fighting Gloves rather than Hero Sword…

You cannot get this one yet. Main manga spoilers :grin:

I wanted to ask about this one, too! :laughing:


I have a soft spot for any hikikomori character :wink:
And actually Katai was looking quite interesting after Atsushi’s… remodeling.


I don’t remember mentionning this… I prob did but I often forget what I say. Maybe in the near future I will finally tackle 人間失格 In Jap

It is pretty dark. #FreeAtsushi

Damn it. I guess it just after Fidior get arrested. I need to read the BSD manga at some point.

I don’t know. For me I like them but not when they are too much into it. Like never leaving one bed is pretty intense.

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Same. As someone who’s working 7 days a week I can’t promise I can keep up with any book clubs :sob:
That being said, we can always read the original BSD manga together and just post whatever we want in the BSD Misc. thread. Same with all the books associated with the characters O:


Well, Dazai claims he used to. As to whether or not he actually did… :thinking:

“Um well
It’s like how a rotten orange will make the surrounding oranges rotten
But that example doesn’t fit you guys
because you’re not oranges”
He’s basically saying they don’t have to be bad just because someone around them is.

That’s a Japanese phrase ^^
悪貨は良貨を駆逐する - Bad money drives out good money.

He wants to keep the style.
He’s saying “I want a unique, messy haircut that looks like the result of children bullying me from the orphanage.”

I think they’re saying that they have implants or something on them to track their bodies (Literally “lifeform signal detector” and that he wants to talk lots with them so that they may suddenly say the passcode by accident and free them.

My guess is either it’s a phrase (Similar to English when you say you’re “following the scent trail”), or they’re saying he has tiger abilities and actually literally smelled him out, because tiger’s have a good sense of smell I think.

Honestly I wanna read 人間失格 soooo bad. And the rest of Dazai Osamu’s novels. I probably couldn’t keep up with a bookclub but I’ll tag you and post if I ever get around to it :eyes: :heart:

I didn’t like Katai originally but I honestly wish he had his own spinoff or a story about when he was in the agency, because Wan has made me grown to love his character.
Honestly the only character I now dislike in BSD is Kajii. I’ve grown to love all of them, but something about Kajii really just irks me. :laughing:
Actually that’s a lie. I really dislike Mori too.
And Ace…
The rest are cool though-