ロジカとラッカセイ ・ Rojica and Rakkasei 🥜 Week 2

Week 2 May 13 2023
Pages 25-40
Chapter 2
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We’re reading volume 1 of this manga as part of the Beginner Book Club.


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Funny chapter :smiley:
My impression since last week didn’t change. So far, it feels easier than RuriDragon for me.
It seems that ロジカとラッカセイ doesn’t use much of advanced grammar, and the difficulty stems more from not being able to read the Kanji or not knowing some vocabulary.

My favourite panel this week is definitely on page 34 - 永遠(えいえん) :joy:

page 36

Just a bit curious how the いちぬーけた can be broken down. Tried to get a sense with it through DeepL and ichi.moe, but they also get confused. I suppose it somewhat means “I got out!” or “I escaped!”?

page 37 + 38

I don’t get the joke with the fish scales. I guess I’m not funny enough :sweat_smile:
But the joke with the hole covered by the puddle caught me off guard :joy:

page 37

I think it might be a reference to this expression 「目から鱗が落ちる


Yay this chapter went by quickly! Feels like the perfect level for me currently, it’s not really easy but I can still go through it without it being frustratingly slow.

Page 27

Please tell me if I parsed those sentences correctly:

Imitating ancient people behavior?

This behavior led to the death of a great number of humans?


You are

Page 36

I searched for いちぬけた (the ー is just a long voyel I believe, like you would write in romaji ichinuuketa to emphasize) and got this hit on HiNative, the answers say that it is used in games and the meaning is “I’m the first one who did it / won” (so it’s an idiom, hard to translate litterally, the verb is 抜ける)


Trying to do the full translation since I saw it done on the ABBC this week and I thought it would be good to try out!

P. 26

ちょっと川の様子見てくる!! - It’s going to look like a river!!

P. 27

なにそれ? - What’s that?/What do you mean?
古代人のマネ - The ancient people’s behavior…
この行為によってかなりの数の人類が死に至ったらしいよ - A considerable amount of them died in situations like this, you know
->(アイザック調べ - Isac investigated this)
人類ってばかなの? - Is mandkind dumb? (Said rhetorically, not an actual question)
うん。でも嵐の日外に出たいって気持ち。。。 - Yep. But on the day of the storm, there was a feeling of wanting to go out.
正直わかる!!! - Honestly, I get it (their desire to go outside)!!!

P. 28

いやっほーお!!! - yahoo!!!
そういうことするのやめなよ - You should have stopped after saying that
自分を抑えられない - I couldn’t help myself
でもほら。。。危ないだろ?怪我っとか。。。- But look, it’s dangerous, right? You could have gotten hurt.
あい - I think here this is just being used as a cut off version of はい, “yes”. I’m taking this as he doesn’t really want to admit his fault? Or that he’s hiccupping from being wet or something?

P. 29

ヒマだな〜 - I’m borrreeeddd
絵でも描くか - Should I draw a picture?
待って。いいもんあるよ。- Wait, there’s something good we can do.

P. 30

何これ - What’s this?
何だって。確かオイスターソースとかいう名前。- How do I say… I’m sure it’s called Oyster Sauce
人類が作ったゲームだって。アイサックくんが再現したんだ。- Mankind made this game and Isac recreated it.
ほほう - I see
指定された色のところに手や足を置いていく遊びらしい - It seems like you play by putting your hands and feet on specific color spots.
なんだ簡単じゃん!やるやる! - That sounds kind of simple! Let’s do it!
(右手を赤いに - right hand on red)
(2時間後 - 2 hours later)
え〜〜〜。次ラッカ。- eee, next, Rakka
左手みどり - Left hand, green

P. 31

あー。はい - aaa, got it
次オイラ - next, me
右足あお - right foot, blue
なあロジカ - Hey, Rojika
何 - what?
これ面白い? - Is this fun?

P. 32

脳みそが「自分何やってんだろ。。。」って訴えかけてきてる - I’m wondering, “What am I doing here”
分かる - I understand
もう飽きたし終わらせよう。どうやったら終わんの? - I’m tired of this. How do we end it?
えっ。知らない。- Ummm. I don’t know.
嘘だろ!? - You’re lying, right?!
アイサックさんから何も聞いてないの。。。? - You didn’t hear anything else from Isac?
聞くの忘れてた - I forgot what I heard
(ごめん - sorry)

P. 33

そんな。。。終わりがないなんて - No way… to think we can’t finish it
そんなの恐怖でしかない - That fear… it can’t be helped
。。。永遠なの? - (we’ll be here) for eternity?
永遠に続くの。。。? - It’ll continue for eternity?
もう戻れない - I can’t return anymore

P. 35

いやまだだ!まだ助かる道はある!! - No, wait! There’s still a way to get help!

P. 36

いちぬーけた - I’m the first to get out!!
終わらぬものはない - Not sure about this?? Maybe something like “You’re out of the game if you get out”
なぜなら自分で終わらせればいいからだ - That’s why, of my own accord, the game is done

P. 37

天才かよ - genius
再びヒマになってしまった - I’m bored again
なんか外静かじゃない? - Isn’t it kind of quiet outside?

P. 38

晴れてる!! やった!! - It’s cleared up!! yay!!
でかい水たまり - a huge puddle!
深かった - It’s deep!
こないだ掘った穴埋め忘れてた - I forgot to fill in those holes I dug the other day
やっぱ外はいいな - As expected, being outside is niceee
うん - yep

P. 39

オイスターソースは面白くなかったね - Oyster sauce can’t compare (to the excitement out outside), huh?
だね〜 - (agreeing)
でも新な発見はあった。終わらぬものはないという。- But, we made a new discovery. According to you, the game ends when someone gets out?? Same wording as before that I was confused about
そうだね。ちょうど。。。- That’s right. exactly…
やまない雨がないのと同じように - Let’s do the same next time the rain doesn’t stop.

There are definitely a few rough patches, but I think I got the gist of it at least?


見てくる is “to go see”.
So this is closer to “I’m going to go check the state of the river”

It’s apparently considered a sort of bad omen.
「川の様子を見てくる(かわのようすをみてくる)」の意味や使い方 わかりやすく解説 Weblio辞書


マネ, or 真似 is “imitation”. So “[I’m] imitating ancient people”

He’s saying, that a lot of them died after saying that line, hence the bad omen comment from before.

This whole thing is just a modified noun
“But the feeling of wanting to go out on a stormy day…”


の is nominalizing the “sentence” that comes before it. So what he should stop is “doing such things”


ぬ is another negative form.
終わらぬもの → non-ending thing
終わらぬものはない → there’s no such thing that doesn’t end


That’s just “Oyster sauce(Twister) wasn’t fun, huh”

やまない雨 - rain that doesn’t stop
やまない雨がない - fun double negative, “there’s no such thing as a rain that doesn’t stop”
の - nominalizes it
と同じように - it’s the same for…
“And that’s the same for rains (that they eventually stop)”

The rest is fine


Bleeesssss! This was so helpful, thank you!!! :grin:

page 36

Thanks, that’s well explained at weblio.
Though, jokes are usually not funny anymore when you have to explain them :sweat_smile:

page 37

Got it, thanks!
So it seems like a combination of
いち („one“, or better „first“) + 抜けた („pulled out“, or „getting out“)


Cute chapter! Rakkasei had a lot of great facial expressions in this one (page 37 bottom left :laughing:), and I liked the little reflection on impermanence.


I’m finding this manga so entertaining, idk something about it makes me excited. The chapters are smaller than the manga I read previously (ruri dragon), so I’m weirdly finding this easier than that. The katakana is giving me a good reality slap though, because it’s my major weakness :sob:

Plus everyone already asked the questions I had in mind, so this was a smooth read!


I’m enjoying how smoothly it is going so far, but I do have to say that these chapters definitely take a bit longer for me to finish than しろくまカフェ which does make sense since this has a higher difficulty rating. All of the questions I had were pretty much already answered so I don’t have much else to say. I have also forgotten much of the story since reading it 2 years ago, so it’s been fun revisiting this world. Everyone who is still reading 頑張って!


Home thread needs to be updated to add Week 2.

Also I couldn’t stop myself and finished reading, and uh this manga is rad af yo


Haha I like your use of yo at the end of your sentence, very Japanese よ


That’s exactly what happened to me too. I finished the whole manga in 4 days, which was easily the fastest I’d ever read anything in Japanese. Glad you also liked it that much!


Overall manga spoilers

I think it was really the last few chapters that got me, once they got to the story with the monster and from there it was sort of a wild ride, especially the very last chapter

To be honest I was just going two chapters at a time until that last sprint there, but it did really hook me at the last bit

Debating whether to get a physical from Kinokuniya for a wildly inflated price or just wait until I eventually go to Jpn and browse through a bookoff and probably get it for like 500y, lol.

I would join a continuing book club


So glad I ran across this book club a few weeks ago - I think it’s been almost a year since I first started trying to read manga and it was so painful I hadn’t really even tried since :sweat_smile:. Decoding the more complex sentences still takes me quite a while to puzzle out, but thanks to everyone else posting questions/answers here and filling in the vocab list - it’s been super helpful! Maybe next week I’ll attempt to get a few in the thread at the start myself :slight_smile:


And it’s time for week 3!


:white_check_mark: Read this chapter! Rojica is my favorite creature. :heart_eyes: Especially in the first panel on page 28 when he races into the storm.

Btw, do we know that Rojica actually is a he? I recently learned that some grandmothers use おれ … Not that Rojica seems old at all, but just saying… :joy: