ロウェナの学習ログ・(Rowena's Study Log)

The WK reviews ‘odometer’ ticked over past 40,000 during my evening review session tonight. That’s a lot of typing.



I progressed to lvl 17 in WK this morning, and to lvl 5 in Kitsun (whatever that may mean) yesterday.

Things went askew earlier this week with a puppy recovering from surgery and an elderly dog taking a decided downturn in health, so にゃんにゃん探偵団 was essentially dumped from the schedule and I fell behind on Genki but managed to power through this weekend to get Lesson 6 completed.

We’ve got property fire safety inspections at the end of the month and I’ve got a lot of work to do to be ready, so にゃんにゃん探偵団 is being pulled from the lesson plans until next month - I’m nearly finished the second case, so I won’t fall behind.

Next week’s pared-back plan:


Things are going much better for the time being with the reduced workload.

The new Kanji workbook proved interesting, with a selection of exercises ranging from easy (done in a couple of minutes) to quite challenging - what sounds to me like near-native-speed audio for a page-long written piece with comprehension questions. All in all, I’m very pleased to have added it to my routine for some real-world applications of what I’m studying.

Back to Shin Nihongo no Kiso this week:


I just moved up to lvl 18 in WK in the last hour. This is virgin territory for me - I got to lvl 17 before resetting to lvl 2 and it has taken over a year to get back to where I was. From here on in it will be true progress :confetti_ball:.

Next week is the last week of my にゃんにゃん探偵団 break - part of me has enjoyed the relaxed workload, part of me has felt insufficiently challenged (how nice that reading books now makes me feel challenged instead of frustrated and defeated :grin:).

The plan for next week:


I’m very happy to say my WK streaks are continuing - today marks 150 days of reviews and 100 days of lessons :tada:


Your study plan format looks fantastic! Very motivating to look at, I’ll probably copy the template for my own use as well if you don’t mind :smiley: Keep up the good work! :smiley:


I added Bunpro to my SRS repertoire last Monday, as grammar is clearly holding me back in my reading comprehension. As with Kitsun I’m limiting myself to the minimum 3 lessons per day (I would have selected a batch size of 1 if it had let me!).

I’m just over halfway through the Genki I & II vocab in Kitsun…
…(and waiting with bated breath to sign on later today when it has it’s offical launch :confetti_ball:), so I hope to have much of the vocab at Expert or even Master level by the time I start the Genki II books. That will make all the lessons go much more smoothly!

I’m looking forward to being back to にゃんにゃん探偵団 studies tomorrow; I have squished all my text & workbook studies into the 1100 slot to make room for にゃんにゃん in the evenings.


This past week was a bit rough. I managed to keep up with my 3 SRS routines, but the book work slid mid-week. I caught up this weekend on the textbook work, but still have most of the workbook sections to complete, and I only did 3 pages of にゃんにゃん探偵団.

This coming week’s schedule with げんき leftovers added:


“来週の計画の準備" sure sounds ominous :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, 頑張って!

Sorry - how could I better write “prepare next week’s schedule/plan”? There are so many Japanese words for plan, and I’m not far enough along to appreciate the nuances.

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I’d go with 日程 or スケジュール :slight_smile:
But I do like the idea that, every weekend, you are hatching a new plot bringing you closer to finally taking over the world!


Clearly it needs a する at the end to make it a verb.


(I’m not certain if this is serious response on my part.)

Edit: Forgot to mention, I swapped a の for a を to mark the object of the verb.

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World domination by SRS intervals…


Still not there yet.
My SRS must be broken.


Another rough week with me doing half of my textbook studies just this weekend to catch up and keep to my schedule.

I only got 2 pages of にゃんにゃん done this past week, but have greatly improved on how I do my digital note-taking which should save a lot of time going forward, especially as regards the 2nd edit (redacting) before posting to the forum - the previous method was so onerous I didn’t bother posting the 2nd half of my notes for last week :tired_face:.

Next week’s plan:


Current SRS standings: WK lvl 20; Kitsun lvl 6; BunPro lvl 17

I have pulled back on my BunPro and Kitsun SRS studies to just one new item on each platform per day, but may increase again if my brain feels like it is handling the workload better once more.

I got all of my textbook work done last week, but only managed 4 pages of にゃんにゃん探偵団, so will need to pick up the pace soon to not get left behind but am only planning a page per day next week (which will still nearly double what I got done this past week).

I had a grammar ephiphany this past week: I have known for years (decades, cough, cough) that there were two groups of verbs referred to as ichidan and godan, and I have to confess that I have been waiting all this while for the other grammatical shoe to drop, for me to be far-enough-progressed in my studies that I finally get introduced to the much more complex nidan, sandan, and yondan verb groups. I got tired of waiting on Monday and Googled the ‘why’ of the names ichidan and godan; I feel a little silly, but also relieved to know that there aren’t any more verb groups lurking in the shadows :sweat_smile:.

Next week’s study plan is the last for the year:


Current SRS standings: WK lvl 20; Kitsun lvl 6; Bunpro lvl 20

I have reached the 2/3rds mark in the Genki I & II vocab deck, and am hoping the keigo and long set phrases are coming to an end soon so I can increase my lesson load again:
Annotation 2019-12-29 081424

After several rough weeks, I finally returned to enjoying studying Japanese again on Friday :grin:. It has been very much a case of ‘must do’ rather than ‘get to do’ for more than a month now - what a difference it makes in getting stuff done and in retaining lessons now that I’m back in good health and good spirits!

I have devised a new way of doing my native reading material studies:

  1. Type out the whole 2-page spread word for word, allowing the IME to insert kanji where the book has none. This removes a lot of ambiguity and makes me realise I can actually read much of it.
  2. Copy and paste the whole lot into Google translate and see how badly mangled it is - so far, not too bad, but there is always some weirdness. This generally just gives me the added confidence that I am on the right track.
  3. Now that I have it typed, it is easy to copy and paste unknown bits into Jisho / ichi.moe for further clarification/anaylsis. These bits get highlighted and defined as before.
  4. Type out a reasonable transliteration/translation below each line of typed Japanese text. This last step has really pushed me to do a better job of coming to grips with the grammar.

A sample page (with redactions to protect copyright):

It’s not quite the New Year, but it is the beginning of a new quarterly plan for my textbook studies:

And the Week 1 study plan for the new quarter / year:


Ack, who revealed my super-secret technique to the world? The one thing extra I’d add to your list to properly reflect how I’ll use this technique is if there are multiple possible kanji listed in the IME, and I don’t recognize the correct one from context, I’ll leave it hiragana. Then, hope that either Google Translate will suggest the correct kanji, or that I’ll be able to figure it out from what’s listed in ichi.moe.


I only initially did it to make a line-by-line transliteration, but then saw that the IME was subbing in kanji and the lightbulb went on :bulb:. And yes, if there are multiple possibilities suggested, I do leave it alone 'til I better understand what it all means.


Current SRS standings: WK lvl 21; Kitsun lvl 7; Bunpro lvl 22.

In WK, I’m using the seanblue’s Lesson Filter script, and after running out of vocab lessons 2 months ago, I adjusted my lessons ratio from 3 rads/kanji : 8 vocab to 4 rads/kanji : 7 vocab. Well, I now have the opposite problem; because I was levelling up 3 days faster and doing less vocab overall, I’m now in the situation where I have just started lvl 21 but am still finishing off lvl 19 vocab. I looked at the numbers again and taking my surplus vocab into account, the ratio of 3:8 should work for me now for some time to come, and if/when I run out at some point, I’ll just take it easy for a couple of days!

I am deeply grateful that the lovely group of people with whom I am reading にゃんにゃん探偵団 have accommodated my need for a slower pace for the last case - I think I would be panic-stricken trying to keep up with the originally proposed reading schedule of 12-13 pages a week.

I fell behind a bit on textbook work, so I’ve got a bit extra to do today to catch up, otherwise things are going well. Here’s next week’s study plan: