ロウェナの学習ログ・(Rowena's Study Log)

Thanks, but luckily there was an MP3 disc tucked in the back, but good to know in case anything else the library has available is older. (Still took an age to get things sorted - I’d not used iTunes on this computer, so had to download and sync everything).

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I’m one week away from my 2-year anniversary of being on Wanikani, and there have been hiccoughs, long breaks, a reset… But I’m happy to say that I seem to have found a good rhythm finally, and tomorrow will tie with my longest ever streak of doing reviews every day :partying_face:


I reached level 14 in WK two days ago.

にゃんにゃん探偵団 is going well, with me needing to spend far less time to decipher the bits I don’t understand, so I am only studying that in the evening now instead of across two or three study sessions. It feels really good :grin:

I have done two of the 8 sessions of Pimsleur available in the goJapanese audio pack the local library was able to track down for me, and they are really basic so it looks like I’ll be finished with those by the end of this week - despite the fact that I probably won’t learn anything while using them, they have led to me actually speaking aloud much more Japanese than I otherwise would have done, so I’m happy.

Today is the start of the fourth quarter of the year, so here is my Week 1 study plan:


So, I learned of the existence of these today:

They are the workbook companions to the Basic kanji textbooks I’m using, and I have been thinking a little more writing practice would be good, so I’ve gone ahead and bought them. When they arrive, I will have the task of reconfiguring my study plans (I had them sketched out to the end of 2020 :crazy_face:) to spread out the added workload so I don’t fall in a heap once more. Challenge accepted :exploding_head:!


Well, things fell apart a bit towards the end of last week; terrible sleep hygiene, fighting some virus, and the mental gymnastics of knowing that my overall lesson plans will soon be significantly altered due to the post above.

I think I’m over the virus now, so this week will be maintaining my SRS and にゃんにゃん探偵団 routines (including a bit of catch up on the book) while finishing up last week’s schedule for textbook studies.



I have decided to continue with my にゃんにゃん binge until the kanji workbooks arrive. I also realised that an alphabetised (あいうえおised??) list of the words I’ve looked up would be handy, so I’m going back through what I’ve already done to compile that.

I’m finding the book a bit of a roller coaster - sometimes I only have to look up one or two words, and am able to guess at the meaning from the context of the rest of the page, sometimes I’m looking up most everything. Despite the latter-type pages, I’m still feeling more competent this time than with any of my previous attempts reading a book for native speakers.


My Kanji workbooks arrived today :closed_book: . I had assumed, not unreasonably I thought, that they would be paired lesson to lesson with their corresponding textbooks. How naïve I was! :rofl: Have a look at this unholy mess of what lessons you have to have done in the text “BK” to be able to do each section of the workbook:-

So, naturally, I’ll be doing sections 2 through 5 before thinking about tackling section 1, and I won’t be able to do 6 of the last 7 sections until I have completely finished the text!


Well, at least the last one requires everything, soooo that makes sense.
Also, it could be a conservative estimate? For instance, maybe the first lesson focuses on kanji for chapter 1 to 4, but also has a random kanji from chapter 13 they couldn’t work out?

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Your comments prompted me to actually examine the contents and they are indeed a selection of kanji from many of the lessons 1 -13 - nothing I don’t recognise, and as I have done most of the text before (twenty years ago, cough, cough) I have even had a hand at writing them 昔。

Now that I’m over the surprise of the organisation of the workbook, it is actually serendipitous, as I had already completed the first 10 lessons in the textbook, I will be able to progress through the workbook systematically, albeit with a bit of hopscotching about, without having to wait to complete any particular part of the text. :smiley:


I just noticed that tomorrow I will tie with my longest ever streak of doing lessons. I do have a couple of ‘cheat’ days in the last fortnight where I only did my 3 radicals/kanji and not my 8 vocab as well (needs must when you’ve slept in), but I’m satisfied with my consistency :blush:


Ohhh I’ve been looking for a good way to make study plans and routines in my pc and this looks really good. I’m gonna learn how to use onenote now haha thanks! :smile:


The にゃんにゃん探偵団 binging is going well, so even though I’d only planned to do this until the kanji workbooks arrived, I’ve decided to continue for the next four weeks or so until I’ve finished the book. To do it in that time, I’m picking up the pace slightly by sometimes doing two pages together when one of the pages is quite short.

The book club discussions start today :partying_face:. I’m looking forward to learning and helping where I can!

It’s mid-spring here now, so I’ve juggled my schedule to let me have more time in the garden in the relative cool of the morning.


I have just had my first page in にゃんにゃん探偵団 where I could read the whole page (p59 for those others who are reading along)! Admittedly, there were few words on it, but a number of those words are ones I have learned in the reading of the book so I’m going to go ahead and pat myself on the back anyway! :smiley::confetti_ball:


Such a nice feeling, right?! Congratulations! :partying_face:


After this morning’s lessons I am now 1/5th of the way through the Genki (I & II) vocab pack in Kitsun. I’m at the tail end of Lesson 11 vocab cards, so well ahead of my progress in the books (I’ve completed Lessons 1 - 5), so that should make the work in the books go much more smoothly from now on.



Well, the two days since the book club discussions started have been quite enlightening :flushed:.

For a start, I had completely forgotten how very time-consuming it can be to read the comments and questions, follow and learn from the links provided, and look up stuff to try to help answer questions - and this all coinciding with my foolhardy decision to greatly increase the number of pages I intended to get through each day :sweat: . It’s only Wednesday morning and the weekly plan is already blown.

It has also reinforced how basic and fragmented my grammar is, so the decision to set aside all grammar studies while reading the book seems equally foolhardy.

My everything-other-than-Japanese to-do list has also blown out considerably so, as I shove the last forkful of a generously-sized whole humble pie :pie: in my mouth, I present to you my thoroughly revised study plan:


I levelled up to 16 in WK yesterday evening.

I am finding the amount of info posted in the book club a bit overwhelming sometimes (waking up to 17 new posts was a shock!), but it’s not going anywhere so I can refer back from time to time as my grammar improves and it all makes more sense.

My lighter schedule posted on Wednesday was a sensible move. This week’s is a bit more work as I ease myself back in to my text and workbook routines.

@Chopped - how’s your OneNote study planning going? :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey @Rowena I’m honestly loving it so far, thanks for asking! Here’s my first week using it, I kinda copied your formatting since it’s so good :sweat_smile:

I’m still trying to find the way that works best for me in terms of organizing, but this is definitely a big step forward!


Gak! I ran out of vocab for this morning’s WK lessons and clearly hadn’t had my eye on the ball enough to not have seen it coming.

I have been using the Wanikani Lesson Filtre, doing 11 lessons (3 rads/kanji, 8 vocab), a number and ratio which I had decided on after crunching numbers but clearly I need to adjust my ratios :anguished:. Once I’ve guru’d a few more kanji and have a decent supply of vocab again, I’ll be trying out 4:6 or :7 …


にゃんにゃん探偵団 has been going really well this week - the second case is much more of a domestic, day-to-day occurrence, so the vocab is less challenging and I have had 3 pages where I didn’t need to make notes :grin:

I’m back to full textbook and workbook sessions this week, and back doing grammar after an unexpectedly long break: