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I’m still in the midst of reading (~2000 characters in), but just came across something I wanted to share:

There’s a section that is presented differently from the usual text boxes that at first I thought might not be hookable, but I just had to search through more hooks and found one that worked for it. It’s entirely possible that you might be on one that works for the normal boxes but not this. Thought it might be useful to mention.


Good to know, thanks! I’ll try to read a bit later, now you got me curious :eyes: .

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Chapter spoilers

That was unexpectedly short :o . Does that mean next chapter will be massive? :joy:

Well there it is. I don’t want to @/mention people inside spoilers obviously, but you were spot on. She is indeed sick :frowning: . It’s a very little touch but when they learned about her being sick, I really liked that リタポン changed her speech to a normal one, that was good. Like obviously in such a situation she’s not going to act quirky. ホリー still talked as always, I wonder if her speech is not that strange? I still have difficulties with how she speaks though, I can’t make sense of those であります after plain verbs, uh. Ultimately I get the idea of what she’s saying, but it’s so weird that であります can be attached to verbs in plain form. It’s also not the first time I see it, I saw it a lot from soldier type characters in both FFVII and FFXIV.

Anyways, other than the disclosure of the sickness and the surgery not a whole lot has happened but wow, this chapter got me sucked into it with its tension. I can’t believe how much I needed the plot to move forward. I think I’ll need to come back and reread some parts though, perhaps because it’s late and my brain is a bit slow.

So the idea is that because she was close to stage 4, she lost every bit of hope towards any kind of recovery. The surgery was a complete mystery and it didn’t guarantee that she was even going to wake up. No wonder she lost hope. However, I don’t think I understood correctly what they said about her “soul” not wanting to return, that definitely needs a reread, but let me know if I got it right. Because her soul doesn’t want to return, that means she ultimately can’t wake up in reality even if the surgery was a success? And タイラ was regretting not forcing her to cross the portal. So now they’re in reality with her but they can’t reach her, and they’re (especially タイラ) hoping that she gains hope back? But how is she going to return either way, if the portal is closed now? I guess that was left unmentioned. And even if she comes back, it’s not so sure that she will be fine. タイラ believes she’ll be fine, and the rest don’t seem so sure…

I was expecting this chapter to be long but I guess the next one or two will be the ones that will deliver. The actual last chapter I suppose won’t be very long, but just taking a guess. I hope two chapters are enough to sort everything about 探し女 though, now I’m a bit worried with big questions still in the air :sweat_smile: . I want them to hop into 時の渦 again and do a massive treasure hunt :eyes: .

Also still no appearance of クロ or カイ. At this point I’m not so sure about them fitting in the story :joy: .


This one is only about 5300 characters long, one of our shortest! Right after I said I thought they’d be long, heh.


Yeah I think that’s basically it. The way I read it is that the doctor says the surgery was successful, but for some reason she’s still in a coma. Leading them to the conclusion that it isn’t the disorder at fault anymore, it’s the fact she is locked away in the time vortex, leading to her body just sleeping. And they themselves acknowledged they have no known way to pull her out. Which I suppose is obvious enough but was the exact theory I was gearing up to post before they made it explicit.

Agree on this being a solid chapter! Personally had never heard of this disorder, has anyone here? It does seem to be real, though I didn’t look into how accurate the description of stages or the surgery was.


Nope, not at all. In fact I read a little bit about it superficially on Wikipedia afterwards. Doesn’t sound fun at all, I’ll tell you that :frowning: . The alternative of a perpetual limbo in which you relive the same day over and over and over doesn’t sound like an amazing alternative either. Terrible situation to be in either way. Hopefully they find an alternative that fixes both problems. I’m still hopeful for a massive treasure hunt :eyes: I want them to team up and search for hints that lead for other hints and mysteries and whatnot. I’m high on copium because we don’t have many chapters left, but hey, maybe!

Edit: just rereading a bit the Wikipedia page, it doesn’t mention anything about the surgery or the stages sadly. I’m not sure how accurate that might have been in the VN :thinking: . A quick search in the web doesn’t mention about the stages, either. Not sure how accurate I’m being with these searches, though.

Chapter spoilers

I was also quite curious about this disease. The latest research article I found on this disease was from 2016. The section about the treatments doesn’t mention anything related to brain surgery as possible treatment - largely because the underlying cause of the disease remains a huge mystery, with theories both proposing issues at the brain and hormonal levels.

The theories related to the brain concentrate on the hypothalamus and thalamus area, so I guess that could be the target of the surgery, but I can’t find any evidence that it’s ever been proposed, much less performed. Patients with this disease very often go through brain imaging MRI (mostly to discard other diseases), but it seems no alterations or abnormalities are detected there, so it’s hard to imagine what the surgery could do exactly.

I also cannot find any reference to the 4 stages, but there’s mention that the episodes tend to become more frequent and last longer as the person ages.

It also doesn’t appear to be deadly in most cases. Some people suffer from it in childhood / adolescence but turn back to normal around their twenties. Others continue to experience episodes from time to time (an average of 6 months) and episodes can last for 6 ~ 80 days. During episodes these people might sleep 20+ hours, but most of them still wake up every day even if for a little while.

So there does seem to be a few tweaks made to the disease for the sake of this story.


This chapter ended up being shorter than I expected, especially since last week’s was short too.


Like everyone else, I had never heard of this disease until now. I didn’t really do any research on it though, just a small google search when it was mentioned cause I was confused.

I am going to guess that somehow サイモン finds a way to get the gang (or maybe just タイラ) back into the 時の渦 by the end of the game and then have some huge emotional scene with them saving ミア. Since the surgery was a success, I think they’d only have to convince her to leave the 時の渦 and then she can live her life again in the real world?

When I read Monkeys there was a character that had a speech style similar to that. I don’t know why but something about that style annoys me :joy:



I definitely started to read this as “Akuma de kanousei…”
I’m really not sure if that’s Street Fighter rotting my brain or too much anime in general, lol.

I thought this was a little weird. I’m assuming it was not an easy surgery, but it seems they were done within a day and were not expecting someone to be out afterwards? Not that it matters in grand scheme of fiction, but… well, it seems with the rest of the comments they’re taking liberties on the medical stuff. It’s an enjoyable read regardless.

This was kind of the same as the prologue, but in my case it broke text hooks so after that section I had to save and reload the game. It’s not to say they were completely broken, but something was going on that it was generating new hooks every so many characters (even mid lines).


Hahaha that’s a great way to parse that actually. Feel like I probably would have too but something I’ve read a little while back liked to use あくまで enough that I’ve got it pretty ingrained now. Can’t remember what…


As usual with VN’s and anime. It’s still better than the ubiquitous “mysterious unnamed terminal disease” :smiley:


35 minutes for this one. Some things were clarified but it was as I expected so not much surprise there. Curious how they might try so solve this though. Getting (slowly) closer to the end!