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Just finished the chapter.

Chapter spoilers

Hmmmm. The overall feeling of the chapter was too cheery, like everything was going so well and perfect and everyone was thinking already about how life is going to be great outside of the loop. It kinda felt evident that we’re being set for a twist, obviously it was not going to be this easy, we have chapters to fill after all. Again a mention of 探し女, and this time finally acknowledging that she does look a little bit like ミア (I was not crazy with my theory! :joy: ).

Now, that ending though got me off guard. What kinda looked like a love confession, ended up feeling much more like something is definitely wrong with ミア and she didn’t say anything about it. Her telling タイラ that she wanted to continue treasure hunting forever kinda tells me that she’s suddenly not going to be around. Add the crying too :sob: , ミア why would you cry in such a melancholic way? What’s wrong with you, don’t go ;-; .

Also by now I think I can officially say that タイラ, ミア and サイモン are my favourite characters. タイラ and ミア is a hard number 1 spot to decide. Their interactions are great, and this chapter was super nice for them. Great backgrounds and BGM too.

Taking what I came up with in the previous threads, now my theory looks like this: 探し女 has once again repeated directly to タイラ that he was right and she was wrong, and that she has to find “it”. I’m thinking that that “it” is something related to the story in the prologue that mentioned to never find the treasure again (or maybe disobey the advice of giving it to another person?). タイラ told ミア in the hospital about it if I remember correctly, that’s why he told her to give it to someone else. Maybe she never did, or perhaps it’s another treasure of hers, or it simply came back to her somehow. Because of that something happened to her and that’s what made her 探し女. Now, how is that related to the loop is quite hard to think about. Perhaps it’s a loop within a loop? That would be trippy :joy: . If she ends up disappearing next chapter(s), then she certainly knew it would happen because she was crying about it beforehand. If she already knew, does that mean she was reliving the past or simply knew somehow? Was she a memory or a vision all along? What does that mean for the rest of the cast? Supossing they don’t disappear as well D: . Questions :exploding_head: . Imagine サイモン disappears too and suddenly there’s no one to deal with クロ and カイ :joy: . That would be a savage introduction for sure, ahhh, would be interesting. I don’t think we have enough chapters left for such a dramatic twist… unless?

I’m hyped for the next chapter.


I just finished the chapter.


It was another rather cheery chapter outside of the ending I suppose. I was glad that the 探し女 did appear again. If タイラ didn’t say anything, I’m not sure if I would have thought she looked too much like ミア but after he said that, I think its rather obvious foreshadowing that ミア is her.

In the moment I was thinking she was getting emotional about being more or less rejected but now that you mention it, it wouldn’t surprise me if she goes missing here soon or something similar. I am guessing something bad is going to happen in the next chapter with her that ends up relating to 探し女. There’s only a few chapters left so I’m interested in how the rise to conflict and resolution happens here. I kind of wish the conflict would have started sooner but its too early to judge if it will feel rushed or not.

If I’m remembering correctly, I think in an earlier chapter they said when the opening to leave the loop happens, there’s a chance you could miss the opening or something similar? I can’t remember the exact thing that I think サイモン said but it makes me wonder if as they’re getting ready to leave, if ミア somehow misses the opening and gets stuck in the loop and becomes the 探し女 due to that or something. :thinking: The next chapter or two should definitely be interesting


I’d say it will be interesting right to the end :slight_smile:


Still a week behind, but I’m here; I managed to do the thing. I logged about 7500 characters if this helps anyone remaining :slightly_smiling_face:

A little off topic health rambling

It’s always something with me – the past several weeks I’ve had various issues arise in both hands, things somewhat mimicking De Quervain’s, trigger finger, etc. Basically, various instances of what looks like tenosynovitis. Would consider that a mild thing that just happens (and couldn’t get much more out of a doctor) but it’s occurring around so many different joints near the same time and is completely unresponsive to not just NSAIDs but even some corticosteroids. Plus there’s more going on but this is the main one preventing me from doing things. So I have some thoughts on the origin but… I am seeing some improvement right now, whether coincidentally or because I’ve been putting a lot of effort into rehabilitating both hands (rice bucket and other exercises). Longer term rest was seemingly making it worse but I have splints just for sleeping, have tightened my already good diet to be even more anti-inflammatory (and added a lot of collagen since there’s some evidence in that direction), etc. Happy this is improving but annoyed that the pattern for a few years now has been for something to get dramatic and limiting, then improve in a month or two, then be replaced by some new awful thing. I’m trying though. More than anything it’s just the mental toll this stuff takes making it so hard to do something mentally demanding. :person_shrugging:

About the actual chapter

Pretty much the usual feelings about the early parts with the side characters, but I always enjoy more ミア. When you all talk about “something wrong” with her it makes me think back to her probably being in the hospital and we better not be leading to the end of the loop making some illness she has worsen when time actually moves. It’s probably something wilder than that given 探し女, but it would be pretty sad.

Either way, yeah, looks like we’re leading into the juicy stuff now that they had their final pre-exit party. Since it’s Key I mostly expect the sadness to be ramped up considerably (but probably ultimately be cathartic, I mean that’s their whole thing). Seconding that I loved the backgrounds, especially the ferris wheel stuff.


Finally got around to finishing the chapter.

off topic

Uggg, so getting into crazy stuff. I was already behind, but then my dad had some stuff happen and went through two unexpected surgeries 6 days apart. He’s fine, but now that things are settling down it’s kind of a pain getting back into a good rhythm.


I’m so glad they did that alley scene with the illusory bits. The prior explanation when they talked about the 探し女 was little hard for me to follow and seeing it like this really helped break it down. It was also fun seeing Tyler make the comparison to Mia like that after all of those theories from the past.

Thinking a bit on that myth what about intangible treasures? I should probably reread the prologue at some point since it’s been… well, just about forever and honestly I don’t remember the story book segment, but it does seem like everything is coming together finally. Honestly, I kind of forgot there was other plot. The Leona events were pretty satisfying on their own and at this point Hilda/Leona seem like they’ll be happy no matter what so Imma call it a good ending already.

Oh, seriously? I’m not really knowledgeable on the devs for this industry since I’ve really only played a few games. Not sure I can handle getting another Angel Beats situati- Hmm, Key did the VN adaptation of that too… F.


Key is famously known for making/popularizing the 泣きゲー genre and almost all of their games follow the same formula. They do some anime originals like Angel Beats and almost all of their VNs get anime adaptions too (Clannad is probably their most popular - I highly recommend it!).

short genre description of 泣きゲー taken from VNDB if you're interested on their structure

This type of a story is designed to have an emotional impact on the player and make itself memorable, crying is usual but mostly optional.

It’s explained in wikipedia article about KEY like this:
The developers at Tactics created a simple formula for a game: a comedic first half with a heart-warming romantic middle followed by a tragic separation and finally an emotional reunion formed what is known as a “crying game”. The main purpose of such a game is to make the player feel for the characters and make them cry due to emotional scenarios which serves to leave a bigger impact on the player after the game is over.


Getting there… this took 1h.

Bracing myself for impact because the 探し女 is back and it seems unavoidable that something really bad is going to happen to ミア any minute now and she’s one of the best characters so it’s going to be tough. I’m scaaared.