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Chapter spoilers

Well, we finally get to understand how ミア became the 探し女. One thing I kept wondering, was if the 時の渦 was going to break down eventually at a set time inevitably, or if it was specifically because ミア had finally rejected the wish that had created the 時の渦 in the first place. I am currently leaning on the later theory.

During one of the previous chapters, when サイモン is thinking to himself about the things he wants to do once he leaves the 時の渦, he mentions something about finding out how to trigger one. Initially I thought things were going to go that route - that they’d find a way to get at least タイラ back into the loop and have him change things so that ミア would change her mind, but now that ミア has changed her mind by herself, and that her particular 時の渦 has collapsed, it seems unlikely.

My guesses so far are that the way to reach her will require some kind of interaction with the 探し女, though I am having a hard time imagining how exactly that would work. My other guess is that something akin to what happened when they saved レオナ will have to happen during a long process where タイラ interacts with the comatose ミア in the current world.


Looks like this week is about 8,500 characters! I’ve found it pretty easy to read recently, not sure how much that’s thanks to the repetition in vocab and/or me getting better. I’ll take it though!


I rather liked this one! I think the 探し女 thing wrapped up relatively satisfyingly, and I’m kind of into how much of a misdirect her actual searching was, while those lines are still particularly desperate and emotional to feel worth having that sort of time lingering effect.

The world crumbling I also thought was a nice use of getting by with relatively little in assets to create something pretty impactful all the same. Some VNs are really good at that. Throw on some color filters, shake some things, make some sounds, it all landed surprisingly well in my opinion as an apocalypse. I think I’m particularly susceptible to large scale disaster stuff though.

I think those are really good guesses @2OC3aOdKgwSGlxfz . Personally my theory now is that there may still be a way for them to meet, not in the same 時の渦, but in some other space. Mia did seemingly get sucked into something. This is somewhat borrowing more from general VN tropes than the actual story, though considering that Mia seems to be only responsible for this one 時の渦 instance, and we know there were past ones, there may be some sort of larger space?

Not really about this chapter but still spoilers

It’s been on my mind, but it’s a shame that レオナ didn’t get more space to shine (and maybe more careful treatment) specifically because this author tends to be really good in his bigger works about how he handles really dark, sad experiences. People with trauma, abuse victims, etc. He was apparently previously a social worker and in my experience I’ve found him great at making three dimensional characters who are realistically scarred by their past but not tied down to just being a victim of that stuff.

Chapter spoilers

This one was pretty good, I’m glad to finally see how the 探し女 began. One thing I’m slightly confused on is everyone left the loop but now as ミア is re-experiencing the same day, it is the events of the day they left. Every morning she gets the message from サイモン to meet in the park etc but I was kind of expecting that since they technically left the loop already, サイモン and the gang would return to whatever they were doing on 8/1 before entering the loop and have no knowledge of ミア. I believe they mentioned タイラ and the gang were a 残像, so was that just ミア unconsciously choosing to have them appear?
Although I’m not sure if they explain how the events pile up in the 時の渦. Before タイラ joined, he was chasing サイモン each day thinking he was a criminal but then I wonder what they were doing before even サイモン joined the loop :thinking: Although there was that previous chapter where they visited that area where they did parkour during the chase and they saw like faint images of them.

Anyways, I’m excited to see how they end up solving this. Maybe タイラ will have an interaction with the 探し女 and realize its ミア and do something that frees her.

It definitely would have been nice if they could have fit in more screen time for her. Honestly, I don’t think the 3 side characters (ホリー, ジョウ and リタポン) added anything important to the game. I think if they took those three out to give the main cast more time it would have been a big improvement.

Chapter spoilers

Yeah, I wasn’t sure on how that worked either. My impression is that after the loop “ends” with the gate closing, the remnants of the loop stay on the events of the last loop. The actions the characters took that last loop are actually permanent - like taking the two comatose others (カイ and the other whose name I forgot) out of the hospital (which they mention they now need to take back there afterwards). The loopers themselves start the new day at the park, not randomly teleported to wherever they would have been if they had taken their original actions before the 時の渦 began.

Regarding the 残像, I also wonder if this somehow could be happening in ミア’s subconscious. I guess the other option would be that they are like how ヒルダ encountered the after-images of when レオナ was starting to lose it, just before ヒルダ herself fell into the 時の渦. However, those occurences seemed to appear and disappear randomly, and didn’t seem like you could actually hold a conversation with them like ミア does here.


I was just expecting some time space fuckup after the loop was closed because of the 探し女 was an adult, but I didn’t consider that Mia would get stuck in a day watching her own friends escape. Even worse that they would try to reach out to her when she dipped. It was heartwrenching seeing them repeat the day like that again after the Hilda/Leona sequence.

And the second pillar/gateway… there was no way that was going to work out, but I’d be lying if I wasn’t hoping that Mia got a second chance to leave. Cohesion be damned, I just want Mia to be happy at this point. This chapter was awesome, but so painful to read for me.

While simple, I get the feeling those changes still would have taken a good amount of time. That image of the city crosswalk area crumbling was really nice. That transition from color to grayscale… it was only half a second, but seeing it being an actual effect that spread out from the center rather than just plain filter or image replacement was freaking hot. They probably had a pool of assets to nab for those kinds of effects, but I know if I tried to make my own shaders for that I would probably end up spending a week or two getting things juuuuust right.

This is what I was leaning on as well. They carried their memories through the loops where the morning ended up acting as a new “save point” so to speak. Once they crossed the gate and returned to the park that became their canonical story because no new information was being looped back to day start save. So Mia could interact with her friends as if they were the real deal, but none of the interactions would persist which she realized through the aishiteru sequence… I knew that was coming and it still hurt reading that. Authors are dicks :angry:

Only two more chapters to go, but I know I need to take a break and maybe slow down a bit. My comprehension is definitely kind garbage right now. Thankfully this whole thing is written in a way that’s super easy to understand or correct yourself if something doesn’t quite make sense.


1h for this one. Kinda interesting to see ミア being the focus now, now I’m curious why the 探し女 seemed more focused on ヒルダ than タイラ at the start of the game.