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We’re reading ルーパーズ as part of the Visual Novel Book Club!

As of the time of posting this, reading is scheduled for 1 chapter per week. But feel free to jump in and ask questions or give your thoughts later! There are always people watching these threads :eyes:


The current chapter can be seen in the menu, and you’re encouraged to keep an eye on that if you wish to read at the club’s official pace! To make this easier, the following image also marks the end of the chapter. While the image may not necessarily be a meaningful spoiler, it’s collapsed by default as there’s no reason to immediately display the images to anyone who crosses through this thread. 用心するに越したことはない

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Chapter 1

Discussion Guidelines

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  • When asking for help, do your best to provide context. Pasted text, screenshots, descriptions, etc. Unlike book clubs we can’t flip to relevant pages, so we may need a little help identifying exactly what is being discussed.
  • Feel totally at ease to ask questions or give your thoughts, any time! Clubs live and die by participation, and asking whatever question you have, no matter how silly it may seem, helps others who are reading it and even the answerer themselves.
  • Have fun, and do your best to interpret anything said with as much good faith as possible :slightly_smiling_face:


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I did it! I hope. It’s now a real thing, unfolding right before our eyes. Posting this just after midnight my time so I’ll get to reading “tomorrow,” but I was excited to get it officially up there. I’m never entirely sure with the participation poll stuff; I see multiple ways some clubs do it. I remember reading part of a thread discussion where it seemed like multiple people interpret and use that differently, so I just copied the options from another club and moved on, heh.


I’m still undecided if I’m going to fully participate or not, but, uh:

Typo? :sweat_smile:

Welcome to the initiation of running a club. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’d say that’s a stylistic choice. In favor of keeping it. :raised_hand:

I’m looking forward to getting into loopers! I had originally planned to finish the last route of nightshade first, but life has been happening a lot lately. So whatever, I’ll get to that eventually. :upside_down_face:

Thanks to our schedule, I should be able to fit it in no problem. :slight_smile:


I voted for reading along, although technically I read all of week one yesterday, so I could conceivably vote “I have finished this part” (but I only read early because busy weekend ahead and I didn’t want to wait). Also, I like your placeholder text for the I’m still reading option, I didn’t do anything similar for Orange week 1 and it is kinda weird to have that option for the first week. :joy:

You and me both @Daisoujou!

Now on to commenting on the chapter. I didn’t really have any big reading difficulties. Sure there wasn’t vocabulary I knew, but then I have to look up stuff in everything I read if I want full understanding so no surprise there.

First things first, if you want chapter 1 to show as finished in your chapter menu, you do need to click past the image shown in the OP, but you won’t get a spoiler for next week, and also that is how you learn the title of the first chapter.

I’m curious to know how many characters chapter 1 is, so I’d appreciate someone updating us on that. Because if it actually is 5% / ca 1/17th of the whole VN, then each chapter is much shorter than I expected them to be. I’d judge the length as about a normal manga chapter (in manga with long chapters, like 40-ish pages). (Maybe I’m overdoing spoilers and the length of a chapter isn’t that important to people, but as Daisoujou said: 用心するに越したことはない)

And a few more non-spoilery comments before I have to go into story spoiler hiding territory… I totally forgot to check which buttons opens the menu before starting the game and when I needed the menu and the two normal buttons that might have menu wasn’t, I got a bit :sweat_drops: because I didn’t want to accidentally fast forward or something. I ended up screenshooting every relevant key bind so I could go into the Switch album and check if needed. :rofl:

Happily like all the other media I’m reading right now, Loopers is synergizing with my other books and also with what I’m learning currently in WK. Honestly didn’t expect there to be so much useful vocab here in the late thirties considering so many different threads about WK vocab :joy:, but I see several vocab from these levels all the time right now. :smiley:

Tried to use the English language option to help understand the Japanese text, but... (I have hidden anything that could be considered some kind of spoiler)

I don’t know how it is on the PC version, but on the Switch you can assign a button to switch between languages and I was like “cool, this can help when there is only one vocab I don’t know or so, and that way I don’t have to look it up”… … …

I was wrong. The first couple of times I looked, the smaller detail (that gives flavor!) wasn’t in the English translation at all. But later, I also noticed that the English translation would sometimes rearrange text between boxes (I’ll get into the specific time in a bit), so maybe it could have been hidden in the previous or next text box, but unlikely for the specific instance I’m thinking of (however I didn’t take pictures and it isn’t important).

Then later, there is an outright wrong translation. I’m spoiling it just in case, but there isn’t any spoilers in it.

JP: 少年はベッドを囲うかテーンを、勢いよく閉める。

EN: The boy rushed to the window and closed the curtains.

I guess bed = window nowadays. :joy:

By this point, I was getting quite disillusioned that the English text could help me understand this at all. The nail in the coffin came at the very end of the chapter where the last two text boxes where swapped, which at first glance possibly isn’t a problem, but it certainly changes the intended end note of the chapter.

So, I might still at times do a quick check over to English in the vain hope that it might enlighten me without a lookup, but I expect nothing from it, and I feel poorly for those reading the English translation because it seems to not be up to a standard I’d find acceptable.

And I think that is it for non-spoilery comments. If you venture past this point into the detail tags below you will find spoilers for chapter 1. So read on at your own risk if you haven’t read chapter 1 yet.

Talking about chapter 1

So the reason that I think this chapter might be shorter than the other chapters is that it is named プロローグ (and they are often shorter than regular chapters, although JRR Tolkien is an exception :joy:) and from ChristopherFritz (see no reason to tag them to here) I learned that volume 1 of Orange is around 13’800 characters. 1/17 of Loopers estimated 132k is around 7’800. So it should have taken me about the time it would to read half a volume of Orange (plus a bit more), and my less than 2 hours is probably about half the time or less of what I would expect that to take.

Now to be fair this first chapter had kid characters and Orange do have longer sentences in their dialog, but even that doesn’t account for the difference.

Therefore, I’m super curious to learn the actual character count of chapter 1.

So on to talking about the chapter.

First, I must say that the pictures/CGs (that is what they are called right? If not can someone enlighten me to the VN terminology and how it is used) of the girl are so cute. Her sad face that we see super early just broke my heart. And then when she looks happy later. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Also that boy, :joy: can’t be left alone for a minute, huh? His previous escapades as quickly summarized sounds hilarious, but super dismaying for the adults having to deal with it. One would need a strong funny bone to have that boy for a son and survive with one’s sanity intact.

And then he turned so sweet. I hope his mom turns out to be all right.

Predictions: guesses, observations (and what they might lead to), that sorta thing

So I just realized we never see the boy, do we? So the likelihood of him showing up again is fairly small, isn’t it? Unless they want that to be more of a surprise. Meaning we might never learn if his mom was very sick or not. I personally hope he got to grow up with his mom. I know what it is like not to.

Now I wanted to separate out the predictions for this chapter, because I noticed something potentially big (which you might be expected to notice but trust me, I’d usually miss this sorta thing).

The little girl in the bed looks an awful lot like the pale haired girl on the title screen, doesn’t she? Well, hair color and eye color match. Since I’ve never read a VN before, I don’t know how all the elements might signify importance. But I assume that seeing someone in the pictures/CGs makes them likely to be important for the story. And someone you don’t see is either (a) not important beyond the present moment or (b) hidden for some future plot reason (like not knowing who the villain is because we have met them, stuff like that).

Also that story book beginning. :eyes: Is the whole time loop thing gonna be related to that in some way? I don’t think it will just stay as a fun little thing for the prologue, not with the additional picture/CG related to it. (Picture/CG is a bit annoying to type :joy:, I look forward to learning what to call them by more veteran VN readers.)

So we have a sick little girl, a spell method, and absolutely no idea how it will be used in the story, since in a very real sense, the story hasn’t started yet.

At some point in my life, I will learn how to be brief and still get all my thoughts across. I’m not there yet. :rofl:


I haven’t heard many good things about this vn, but this first chapter at least was very cute. For now I’ll probably read along with the clubs pace while also reading my other vn (midori no umi), but at some point I might start reading ahead since the chapters are so short.


So far not too many difficulties reading. Although the kids speaking almost exclusively in hiragana always makes me pause a bit to make sure I understand. It really makes me appreciate kanji :sweat_smile:

When I got to the end of the chapter my texthook had it at exactly 2,800 characters and 125 lines.

English language option

The PC version actually only has a Japanese option right now. I think the English TL has only been released on Switch but they are going to port it over to PC/steam later on. As for the mistranslations, that has generally been my experience as well in any game that has dual-language options. I think it’s an okay option if you’re completely lost in the story, but I never use it to understand the jp text itself if that makes sense :sweat_smile:


I thought the CGs were very cute as well! I love how quickly the girl went from being lifeless to all energetic after they started on the 宝探し. It was a bit sad when the boy had to leave her behind but at least she got his treasure as a memento.

I did read a little farther ahead after ch1 so I won’t comment on the predictions, but I can say that the next chapter is definitely longer. I’m not sure how long the second chapter is, I stopped somewhere in the middle(?) and will finish it once we’re onto next week’s reading but wanted to let people know that it is a decent amount longer.


Awkwardly phrased as it is, the others are right, totally intentional :sweat_smile:. I figured if I dropped the option entirely I’d look back at this thread when making the next and just forget it, but it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense week 1.



I know the prologue probably isn’t going to be the best representation of writing for the rest of the story, but that went well enough I’m actually pretty confident about keeping up. Clicking through the next chapter I came up to 7,247 characters / 347 lines. I guess the character counts will be ramping up a bit, but that just might make this a really good VN for beginners.

Reading that put a big smile on my face and made me feel like a kid again. I thought the hiragana speak was going to be a pain, but it actually went smoothly and I noticed quite a few of those words were also used in the non-vocal narration(?) bits which helped a bit with my confidence.


Well this is very cute so far! My biggest struggle thus far has been with my laptop apparently not having the font it wants to use? :joy: But there are about a billion settings for this VN including font customization which is kind of wild actually?? So I’m just using another font for now but it keeps resetting in the menus so we’ll see I guess :man_shrugging:

Anyway I’m definitely intrigued! After seeing your discussions maybe I’m thinking about it too hard (or not enough) but I really assumed the boy and the girl from the hospital are the main characters (タイラー and ミア I think? I think that’s what it said in the menu haha) but who knows :man_shrugging: there’s no confirmation either way yet as far as I could tell.

But yeah prologue is prologue so don’t know much yet, but I enjoyed it and I’m excited to see where things actually go :eyes:


You might have done this already but just in case, have you installed supplemental fonts on your laptop? I believe it should have the font for the VN in there.


Yeah haha, based on how people talk I keep waiting for that to happen, and at level 50 now… I don’t think it’s ever going to if you keep regularly reading. I can say the 40s are loaded with good words for sure.

That’s unfortunate to hear about the translation, but I guess not that surprising… with the niche that VNs are, translation quality regularly suffers. It’s certainly not a well compensated thing to be doing, sadly, for such challenging work. So this is kinda what you get. Wouldn’t surprise me if they have to work unreasonably fast, too.

Yeah basically whenever it’s a full picture, not like one of the reused depictions of a character on a preset background, that’s a CG. I guess people call the “generic” character images sprites. Whatever you want to use works, haha. Also just learned the term for those character images in Japanese is 立ち絵 apparently.

@natarin I think @AzusaChan 's got you covered but yeah, font issues are kind of a common thing with reading Japanese VNs if you don’t go to a bit of effort to set up for it. Should definitely be solveable. Maybe something I should add to the VN Club main post sometime later.

Stylish opening! And we’ve still ended up with a VN involving people in the hospital and treasure hunting. My nomination and planned but cancelled nominations both have heavily connected elements to this haha.

This is a very tiny thing, but when his dad talks, he REALLY swallows the second half of 病室. This is why some people are so hard to understand in listening! :sweat_smile:

Very glad to hear the pace is working for people so far. I sat down and finished it in one pretty relaxed reading session, but I’m juggling like 4 things so I’m happy to take it leisurely (and as people said, this is probably a bit of an exception week).

Thoughts on the reading and more responses

It’s very possible you’re right we don’t see him again, yeah. It’s pretty common in VNs for small side characters, and often the main protagonist to go without being shown, but I kind of doubt he’s going to take the latter role, particularly since it was all describing him in 3rd person and didn’t enter his thoughts.

I sure didn’t figure out 教育委員会 on my own in kana, haha.

Anyway, yeah, that was super sweet! Such a nice little troublemaker. Loved the storybook intro and the little theme about giving to other people and sharing your pleasures within it. Not a ton more that I can say that hasn’t already been covered, but I’m liking it. The visuals are so striking.


Hmm, looks like I already have them so that’s interesting :joy: I don’t remember what font it said it wanted so I guess I’ll just see how it goes haha


Hmm, the only other thing I can think of is to make sure you have the normal Japanese language pack installed Language packs for Windows

If you’re trying to use Font A or B in-game, I believe they are common fonts so I think they would be in one of those two packs. If not, I’m not sure how to fix it other than maybe googling the font name directly to download it? :sweat_smile:
I also have my locale set to Japanese since some visual novels do require that but I don’t think that would effect the font issue.


I’m pretty sure they are the main characters. They would not have so much focus if they were just some random side characters.


The little alert popped up again and apparently the font it wants is モトヤLマルベリ3等幅 which I really don’t have the mental energy to explore much right now :joy: but it doesn’t seem to be readily available from what I can tell? It all seems unnecessarily complicated lmao but it’s working just fine with other fonts anyway, just sometimes the menu gets wonky unless I go select the font again :man_shrugging:


Certainly feasible! My thinking right now is leaning towards the girl being a main character but the boy not, since I don’t think they would likely hide him, with the third person narration, if he was similar importance to her. Might be wrong though!

The wildcard choice is for the entire thing to be a sort of framing device around the idea of giving away one’s treasures and neither of them will appear again. Perhaps the real main character, the dinosaur will :wink:. But I doubt that one given the seeming importance of the girl. Pretty sure she was in the opening video too.


That (combined with utter lack of translations) was what made me start learning Japanese after all :wink:

Also, the posts in this thread are tempting me more and more to read it. I was unsure if I should get PC version or Switch version (for added translation), but after hearing about poor TL quality, I’m going with PC :slight_smile:


So I did a bit of digging and this font was actually included in my game as <installpath>\LOOPERS_DL版\StartData\GameData\data\datfont01.ttf (and a similarly named one as font002.ttf) Try seeing if those files are missing and if they are not try manually installing them (right click → install, or open the file and it should show a window with sample text and an install button at the top)


I’m reading along! I’m currently waiting for a bank card and will get the VN at some point next week. But I downloaded a few days ago the trial version from DLsite and judging by the chapter division images, I’ve done up until somewhere in chapter 2. I’m guessing the trial version will go up to the end of chapter 2, hopefully, so I can follow along for now until I get it.

Now that it’s official and not just me trying it for fun and science, I will re-read with the club’s pace. It didn’t take long at all after all. I’ll read properly now with textractor hooked, anki cards and so on. Proper reading mode, engage!

Also it’s still too early to judge but honestly I had so much fun. I’m super new to VNs and I had a really positive impression. The language level was also comfortable so seems like a good first VN to me, hopefully I can still learn a good amount of vocabulary and/or grammar. But I really hope I end up liking VNs because seems like a wealth of language learning and practice.

The visual aspect is so stunning I was surprised, though I guess that’s a given in many VNs. Though I’ve noticed, perhaps only the trial version? The quality suffers significantly in window mode; it seems that only 75% of the screen is available and not 100%, so I played it in full screen. Does textractor work in fullscreen?