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Really nice chapter so far but I have to add that this warning from last chapter continues:

It’s also more descriptive this time around, so keep that in mind. It’s not long, but if anyone needs I can look up at what character number this happens exactly and post them under spoilers.


Done! I’d say this one is very close to rounding up to 13,000 characters by my count, giving us a new record for longest yet.


It’s the return of the very loud voice acting. Oww.

So happy to finally see レオナ back! Hope the game does a lot more with her. I like how the “treasure hunting” was kind of a misdirect about what they were up to, and タイラ explaining that his plan was actually really goofy did get a laugh out of me, heh. The cheerful partying group sections are always kind of whatever to me. Please give those side characters something more than a singular obsession. Got any loved ones at all or a second hobby? Anything? But the serious first part was good and it’s nice to see us transitioning into tackling the loop head-on. Seems like we’re in for at least one more chapter after this of group shenanigans. Oh, and the bit with ミア’s self doubts and whatnot, anything about her is good. Uhh, other than that seesaw bit perhaps :hear_no_evil:


It’s a good chapter to be on Team Leona and Team Hilda. Everyone wins (except the side characters)!

I still felt like the second half was pretty good. Definitely wasn’t as much filler as I was expecting since they weaved in a bit of the stuff with Simon’s research. They wrote in just enough to give a sense of renewed normalcy and progression before jumping back into that that bombshell of an announcement from Simon. I really wasn’t expecting that to come up in chapter 11, but I guess it makes sense. It’s kind of hard to believe we’re already like 2/3’s of the way through this whole story… but once again did they have to jam all of this into one chapter?

I’m glad they talked a bit about Kuro and Kai (?) I ended up reading this over two days and was curious what would happen with them given Leona’s comeback. With them being faceless background characters it was kind of obvious they would get even worse treatment than Joe/Holly/Ritapon, but I feel like it would have been nice to at least have them show up in a flashback CG or something.

As it is we’re kind of barreling towards what I can only guess is an escape and an epilogue, but I’m really starting to feel like we missed out on a lot of chances to explore the other characters and what happened before Tyler and Hilda got involved. Then again, it is a relatively short VN so I probably shouldn’t be surprised at how much is being left out.

On a different note, I hope I missed things and added wrong because I only came up to about 70k characters so far. JPDB has this listed as 132k. I know we’d have to make up for the short ones in the beginning, but these last few weeks will be a bit long it seems. Being a bit more positive, this is longer than some of the novels I’ve been reading so it’s still pretty good progress. If you’re reading this great job for sticking with it so far!

Comment about Leona

Yeah, this was hilarious play on the tropes connected with trying to wake somebody up from coma. Using the power of cringe! :laughing: :laughing:


Was a pretty good chapter this week.


Its nice to finally have レオナ back. The scene with ヒルダ reading レオナ’s time capsule thing was probably my favorite scene so far in the VN. Its nice to see how close those two are.

On the other hand, I was half expecting レオナ to not wake up and for things to take a dark turn. Maybe its because I’m just used to other Key’s games but I’m still expecting things to go wrong at some point haha. Supposedly they’ll be escaping the loop soon, so I figure something might go wrong there? It’ll be interesting.

For what its worth, I have the total characters read at 83,014 so far. I think I’ve captured all the text at this point but in my experience with past VNs, the jpdb character count and my final character counts tend to be a few thousand off of each other by the end (with my character count having more than what they say).


I’ve been wanting to write here for a few days and I keep forgetting, woops :upside_down_face: .

Chapter spoilers

I really liked the first half of this chapter, the moment when レオナ wakes up was super nice with the background music. I also felt the trio of secondary characters a tiny tiny bit less secondary characters even though they’re still pretty plain, but more interactions between them and the main cast has been nice.

I was also a tiny bit… uncomfortable, I don’t know how to put it, when ヒルダ was telling about レオナ’s suicide attempt. Not because I have an issue tackling such heavy topics, but because it felt a little bit careless. Of course it’s something that at that point has remained a simple memory, but telling it while smiling or giggling… I don’t know, it wasn’t anything super bad but it just felt a tiny bit weird to me, it’s usually not something that you would smile remembering or tell in a super relaxed manner. Also it’s not something that you would disclose freely to other people (let alone a group of people) without the person’s explicit consent or their presence, but I don’t know if the others already knew anyway. I don’t know, it’s nothing more than that, just felt a bit uneasy with how they tackled it. Coming back to it I think it was the overall tone of ヒルダ and maybe the choice of BGM.

Same! I was thinking that everything has been going super well ever since we started the more slice of life chapters, nothing has really happened since the spooky themes of the beginning. There are quite a few chapters left so I suppose something has to happen at some point, we still know nothing about 探し女. I hope we get into heavy details again, if I think about it nothing crazy has really happened so far ;-; . Sure we have some details about the loop but that’s about it.


That was a looong one. I actually read it in several sessions since it seems like a lot of different things were crammed into a single chapter. Took 1h 40min in total.

Things were getting dark for a bit so it was nice to see レオナ wake up for real. I wasn’t expecting that announcement towards the end but there are still a few chapters left and it’s been really long since the creepy ghost showed up so I’m expecting there’s still a lot to look forward to. Can’t expect getting out will be that straight forward. (Kinda weird to write this when most of the group has read a lot further than I have at the moment but… P:)

The see saw scene :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: