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Chapter 5

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Character count for me was almost 8600 characters, so be warned, this is our longest yet.

The transition to ヒルダ blew out my eardrums and I can no longer run this club because I am dead :skull:

Full Chapter Spoilers

What in the world is that calming method? He… shoved his thumb into the bottom of her throat more or less, right? Starting to choke would uhh, not calm me down. That’s awful :dizzy_face:

This is my first time seeing タイムスリップ, what a good word. On that vocab front though, I feel bad for those of us doing manual lookups when they hit the doctor part, haha. The disease names and particularly anatomical words for body parts sure aren’t vocab I’ve interacted with. ミア proving her knowledge of レオナ is a pain too with all the names and whatnot.

As for overall impressions, huge advancements this chapter, and it’s nice to see our leads interacting more. Seems the simplest explanation, that the loop had restarted, was indeed correct. Kinda figured, but it’s fun to throw out every possibility I can think of. Overall I had fun but kind of a less compelling chapter for me – even though there were huge developments, most sit exactly in what I would extrapolate from the very concept of a game about looping. Seems we’re playing relatively close to standard tropes, though the addition of mystery sickness and the suggestion that this thing is something worse than it appears is interesting (and the remaining questions about 探し女).

More than anything, it’s a devastating day to be on team レオナ. Won’t be seeing her for a while I suppose. It seems to be implied that she was looping along with the others, but they said they watched her slowly deteriorating. So the other two in the hospital might also be loopers? I wonder if this inevitably happens after doing it long enough, or if it’s something else.


Headphones are strongly discouraged. :joy:


I do love ヒルダ but she really does need to stop yelling so much, I can’t ever get my volume placement right with her :joy:
I’m still reading the chapter (I’m at about the 5k mark), I’ll probably finish it tomorrow and post my thoughts then.


This was with speakers! Still dead, but yeah, it could’ve been even worse hahaha. :hear_no_evil:


… Oh noes, I’m in for a tough week, I see… :sweat_smile:


Yeah, hang in there! Some parts are relatively easy and repetitive, but also, mentioned it under my spoilers, there are a couple sections I’d consider vocab difficulty spikes. They aren’t too long, but just so you’re aware. You’ve got this though :muscle:


Thanks! I’ll do my best by definitely planing to read over a couple of days.

I look forward to reading your spoiler comments. :smiley:


頑張ってね!I’m halfway through, and so far it is much easier vocab-wise than the last chapter! Less mentally taxing too. (That last one was particularly hard on both counts for me.)


I finished the chapter now. The first half was relatively easy but the second half was definitely a lot more lookup heavy this time around. Also, for anyone that is curious, my texthook has the total amount through 5 chapters at 29,761 characters. So about 22% of the way finished at this point.

Chapter spoilers

When I read that I had take a minute to carefully re-read it. It was one of those scenes that was so weird I couldn’t help but question if I was reading it correctly :joy:

Yes, that part was definitely the toughest this week for me! The first half had a lot of nice parts where I didn’t even have to yomichan anything then that scene came up and it felt like I was yomichan’ing everything haha.

Overall, I thought the chapter was nice. Not too much happened to really determine why these things are happening but at least we are in the looping stages now and all of the characters are aware of it.

Also, ミア said she has spent 5 years with レオナ, right? Was the implication there that they have been repeating August 1st for 5 years now? I think they said for better or worse, her wish came true and that’s how she fell into the coma. So if they’ve known each other for 5 years worth of time, were they looping and then レオナ did something that caused her to enter a coma during it? Guess we don’t have enough info at this time to know but definitely some interesting questions have popped up from this chapter.

I enjoyed this line from ヒルダ as they were explaining the loop. She has her priorities straight, clearly

Big spoiler Azusa response

I don’t think it was framed like that? I went back to make sure I had read it right, and what I get from that bit is that レオナ wanted to add ヒルダ to their group of loopers or something, and it came true only after the coma, but I don’t think it was stated to be a cause.



Oh, good catch! Looks like I misread that part at first but rereading it now, you’re right.

Answers to Daisoujou and AzusaChan

You are right - and that seems to line up with what Mia said in previous chapter - that it would have been better if Hilda entered the loop sooner.

Full chapter spoilers

As I already expected when being halfway in, I liked this chapter much more than the previous one. Character interactions! A few answers/hints! Actual looping! Less angst and death!

I have to admit that in general, all of this is difficulty-wise (vocab and kanjis, mainly) a fair way beyond my comfort level, and I’m only holding on because of Yomichan. It is pretty taxing, but luckily also interesting and fun. And I guess since I have fallen into the 読書の渦 I don’t have a choice and have to continue reading anyway! :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Haha. I know, right? It sounded like it was some kind of… pressure point? But then she was clearly choking, so I guess the pressure point does what pressing at any other point at the throat does :stuck_out_tongue:

And don’t forget the Leona phantom!

Apropos, Leona theories:

  • Her madness and start of coma just coincides with the headbutt - I think that’s pretty much a given at this point, especially since in the second loop she didn’t get headbutted.
  • Her raving complaints at that time about always being headbutted might’ve actually been the real Leona, driven mad by the time vortex.
  • But… why did it happen from one moment to the other, chipper to mad to comatose? Maybe her time loop doesn’t start at 0:00, but right at the moment of being headbutted :stuck_out_tongue: That would also explain why she was chipper right before, but then suddenly super mad a moment after - from her view, 5 years (and at least 1825 headbutts) would have passed between her being chipper and her being mad.
  • If we assume the mad Leona is the real Leona, then what about the Leona phantom that later appears and vanishes multiple times? It might be some kind of hallucination induced by guilt and… entering the time loop vortex? (On the other hand, the 探し女 is also a phantom and was seen by Hilda and Tyler, so there might be actual phantoms.)

Tell me about it :cry:

The bad news: Leona is in a coma. :frowning:
The good news: There’s time looping! :smiley:
The really bad news: Leona is in a coma in every loop from now on. :frowning_face:

(I now want the prequel: Loopers Side Story - 5 Years of Leona Loops.)

reply to TobiasW's spoilers

It seems to be the case - the “respawn point” (place and timewise) seems to be slightly different for each character, and it isn’t midnight. If memory serves, it will be elaborated on a bit in following chapters


reply to adamstan's spoilers

Huh, if it’s actually different per character… I wonder how characters experience each other then. I guess similar to how it happened with Leona, going from “I know nothing about loops” to “I remember” (or in her case, “I’m happy” to “RAAAAARHGH”)? But I suppose they’ll discuss that sooner or later - looking forward to that, then. (No future chapter spoilers, please.)

Little clarification - hopefully not crossing into future chapters

Hmm… I might be wrong about different times - other than I’m sure the loop doesn’t start at midnight. I’m not sure when exactly everything was clarified, so I don’t want to say too much spoilery stuff. But yes - in one or two chapters ahead, the basics of the looping should be clear.

As for places - since this chapter has the screen from Simon’s room (aka Loopers’ HQ :wink: ) I assume Tyler already noticed that he looped back to the street where he found Inoopy mascott in the morning. It’s similar for other characters - they start each iteration of the loop at the place they were on the “original” Agust 1st at the “starting time” of the loop.


Not touching the blurred out spoiler sections yet - I don’t think that part has happened yet :wink:

Chapter spoilers

This was so funny for me too :joy: . And Tyler with the episode of whatever show he was watching if I remember correctly.

Oh, true! Suddenly that sentence makes so much sense now that we have context. I was a bit lost when I read it.

That was a nice chapter! I really enjoyed it and yeah I concur that it was both easier and harder than the last one, but overall it felt more on the easier side this time for me. I actually added some of the medical words :joy: I think diabetes at least was a good one to know.

I love how Simon talks, not sure how to put it exactly. He seems quite nice and polite. He wasn’t as defiant and cold as before, my impression of him has changed for the better.

It’s good to have the characters be together finally, at least it’s not a “AHH WHAT’S HAPPENING” reading festival anymore and they can work things out together. I have a feeling next chapter will deliver a bit more like this one has, I’m really looking forward to it. I wonder what will happen in the next loop.

Length wise I found it pretty alright, took two separate reading sessions in two days. I would be fine with anything twice the length of this so that there’s still time to come here and discuss. If there are any +20k chapters then it might start being an issue for my reading speed :sob: . So far it’s around 2400 c/h, hopefully I can see it improve over time even if a little. It depends heavily on how much vocab I need to look up though, so if it doesn’t slow at some point I believe that will be my speed for this VN. It’s good to have a reference to see more or less how long a chapter would take.

I love Fridays cause that means Loopers day and a good reading injection with fresh vocab to learn :joy: . I don’t know why but restricting it to a schedule makes it super interesting for me. I could read the whole thing and I actually prefer to limit how much I’m allowed to know on purpose :joy: it’s so weird.


I, on the other hand, couldn’t hold myself and binged it :wink: