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We’re reading ルーパーズ as part of the Visual Novel Book Club!

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Chapter 9

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My brain has apparently decided we are just not going to sleep so I’m running on about 2 hours of it after tossing and turning all night (and the previous night my cat was noisy so I probably haven’t had 8 hours of sleep the last two nights combined). As of now naps aren’t working either… point is, I only have a few things I need to swap, but tell me if I messed anything up cause I already had to edit it once, heh.

And I’ll certainly be taking a little while before I can read, debating if I can even manage reviews or if my WK + anki piles will just be hell tomorrow. If anyone happens to have the chance to post the character count for us whenever convenient, that’d be much appreciated!

:sleeping_bed: :exploding_head:


oof, I hope brain decides sleep is a good idea sooner rather than later. Take care when reviews and stuff becomes too much!

I’m a bit unsure about the chapter end image because if it is correct, then this week’s amount is episode 9 and 10 in the youtube version (22:41 + 16:23), which is longer than week 7 in terms of time length (35:51) :eyes: :sweat_drops: (dunno about the character length though).


Oof alright, might have to strap in for a long one. I double checked and this image does match what I was provided for 9.


We only have 17 weeks/chapters, but the YouTube playlist has 20 episodes. It’s likely that 3 chapters are split into two episodes each on YouTube. There goes my dream of catching up and keeping up. :cold_sweat:


To be fair, two of the later episodes are 6:12 and 14:06 long which (except for the very first episode) are the shortest episodes in the playlist.

I don’t know what your pace has been like so far, but if the majority of participants think the pace is too fast or don’t mind going slower, we could take a week of break to let people catch up or split up the workload across more weeks, so to speak, that’s not unreasonable, you know :3


You know that might not be a bad idea. I myself am having a rough week so far (struggled hard to sleep last night either…) so I wasn’t sure how well I’d do with this week myself as my life crumbles into a mess until I can somehow relearn how to sleep. With how many posts we’ve had about falling behind, maybe expanding chapter 9 to 2 weeks or something would help everyone.

If people want anything more complicated feel free to post; I just wanted to throw out this poll as the most quick and easy solution that immediately comes to mind. I’m not opposed to reordering pace all around but it’s not easy to split finer than 1 chapter per week unless we make every chapter 2 weeks or something?

Would you like to temporarily slow our pace?
  • Make chapter 9 last for 2 weeks
  • Keep current pace
  • Either is fine
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I had a bit of a hectic week too (wedding of a sibling) and didn’t have much energy to put into Japanese lately. I had plans of resuming everything on Monday onwards, but since I’m a couple chapters behind I wouldn’t mind an extra week to catch up, personally :slight_smile: . I was hoping I had time to catch up this week if I focus exclusively on this, but since Chapter 9 is as long as you say, it might be more realistic for me to catch up over two weeks instead of one.

Ultimately it’s on me that I fell behind so I’m interested in knowing everyone else’s opinion.


It happens! We’ve all got things that interfere like this. Ultimately I want this to be accessible to whoever’s interested and to relieve any pressure people might be feeling so with 4 yes votes at this point it’s very likely happening. I don’t in any way think delaying is particularly undesirable; I’m sure people can handle waiting a week. More than anything I wanted the poll/discussion to demonstrate that enough of us think the week is likely to actually help; we already know plenty of people are a little behind.


Thanks for the extra week. I’ve had a rather busy week too so I haven’t had a chance to finish the chapter yet (I’m around 7k characters read so hopefully near the end?). I’ll post thoughts on the full chapter later once I’m finished.


I finally finished reading! Recently has been a little rough and… highly unusual for me. Might expand in my study log eventually but the short version is I took the hardest break I have since starting Japanese and kind of just completely, knowingly dropped SRS and let them spiral. Just didn’t want to do them at all and I have enough basis that I can force my way through reading so I really don’t HAVE to do anything I don’t want right now. Stopping Wanikani at level 58 sounds really funny to me but I’m fine with it lol, been tired of it through the 50s and continuing would be more gambler’s fallacy and for the forum post than actually learning Japanese. Need to figure out in the future if I want to pick a system (whether anki or something else) back up for a fresh start, or just see if reading/listening only will do much for me.

I can’t say I have a lot of good news on this chapter for the people catching up – I totaled almost 11k characters, our longest yet, and with more activity from the full cast you get increased presence of the harder, weirder speaking styles.

Quick spoiler thoughts

My head has just been in a weird place and with a sizeable gap I’m not sure I have a lot to say. タイラ is a very nice boy, and for the sake of development it’s good to see how talented he is at reading and entertaining others. I knew we were going to go very slice of life and I miss the spookiness a little, but that’s more my own preferences than anything substantial. Good for the other loopers having a good time, but I think this chapter really settles it that they’re probably going to be somewhat underdeveloped side characters throughout. We know more about what they’re into, but there’s still such a divide in how the major players seem vs. their appearances.

More than anything, I’m excited that it looks like we’re leaning into ヒルダ and レオナ time next.


I finally finished the chapter :partying_face:


Not really much to say about this chapter as it was another slice of life episode. I normally don’t mind slice of life, a lot of my favorite VNs are filled with those type of scenes (especially other Key games) but apart from me being a bit busy, I think I took longer on this chapter because I don’t really like the side characters that much lol. I guess this chapter was trying to develop them more but it was hard to really be interested in them, their personalities all feel over the top and I’m not sure I care much for their “quirky” speech styles. Most of these things are staples in other Key titles but feels like it falls flat in this one so far.

I do like the main cast of タイラ, ミア and ヒルダ a lot more though. It looks like the next chapter will be a ヒルダ focused one too, so I think that will be a lot better.

My texthook has the total characters read so far at 62,711 which puts us at roughly 47% done as jpdb has the game at 132,314 characters. I’m guessing we will have a couple more long chapters like this since chapter wise we are past the halfway mark.


I’m all caught up finally :partying_face: .

Chapter spoilers

I agree that not much can be said about these recent chapters so far but yeah, I already liked タイラ and I do just a little bit more this time. I also don’t particularly like ジョウ, ホリー and リタポン a terrible lot… it’s not like I dislike them, but I agree that they seem very secondary in comparison to the rest, at least for now. リタポン is very challenging to understand, she reminds me of some FFXIV characters, but I really like that kind of speech and I hope I can learn some of that grammar at some point. It was a relief when she changed her speech when they were excited visiting that neighbourhood :joy: . It’s also nice that ミア now talks in a brighter way ever since the geohunting episode. Still think サイモン is so cool, and I went back to liking ヒルダ again even if nothing much has happened :joy: . I have hopes that next chapter will give us some development for her, judging by the very first scene.

I miss some plot development already. While I’m enjoying these slice of life chapters, I feel like they’re very clearly filler, which is not particularly bad in itself, but I already want to learn more about what’s going on and how they’re going to get out of it, what happens with the other two unknown characters, レオナ, 探し女, ミア and タイラ remembering each other, … basically where exactly is the story going from now, and so on. We need answers!


The way I see it, the “filler” SoL parts are essential for the formula Key usually aims for to actually work (I’m speaking of “nakige” games in general, not Loopers in particualr). By making you spend lots of time with the characters they’re supposed to create strong emotional bond between you (the reader) and them, so when they (inevitably) go through hardships, you could empathize with them.


I just got started on this chapter, but after all the good feels I’ve had reading this novel so far I wanted to vent about how katakana is and always will be the last boss of learning Japanese:
I will never stop getting frustrated with those kinds of words :anger:


Aaaand finished. That was long, but quite a bit of fun this time around.


I appreciate Hilda a bit more now. She’s giving me annoying parent vibes with how she makes everything weird about the interactions between Tyler and Mia and I love it. That transition into the next chapter was… a bit rough, but I’ll be looking forward to seeing what happens when I get started on that later. Overall I feel like she’s a bit underdeveloped for the amount of screen time she has gotten and hopefully the next chapter gives a deeper diver into her actual character.

It’s a bit of a shame that the side characters are flat side characters. It’s a very anime styled thing to make characters that are more caricatures than actual people and it definitely feels like they’ve left a lot out here. I would have liked at least a chapter getting each one cheered up like with Mia, but seeing that get crammed into one event (even treated as a Mia sub-event going by the title) I’ve pretty much lost all hope on them playing a major role moving forward. It’s kind of sad.

That said, Simon is actually making me happy here. The first time they brought up heso kancho I was super confused, especially since the yomichan dictionary I was using was borderline useless (I wouldn’t really call that an enema, but ok…). Then when I saw the description and saw the reaction of the side characters it all clicked😂I really wouldn’t have expected Simon to be the type to get famous for that. What happened? Why did all of them react that way? Is that セクハラ? I NEED ANSWERS SIMON!

This week I had the most trouble with Holly’s segment this week. I guess that’s on me for shakey grammar, but it was a bit annoying.

Chapter 10 looks normal… I might actually get caught up before Friday. Woooo! I said Katakana was the last boss before, but I’ll give “adulting” a position in the four heavenly kings. Why do we need things like money? Put me in the 渦!!!


This big boi took me 1.5h. This chapter was actually very wholesome, which is nice, but I kinda wasn’t expecting it? I guess I expected to go back to plot and creepy things…but maybe on the next chapter? This game is always keeping me confused about where it’s going.


Hey guys, I’m back to reading this again, hopefully this time I won’t stop after like 2-3 chapters. :joy: Also I have a reading partner now, since @TobiasW and I decided to get back into it together. :blush:

Anyway, onto discussion of this chapter.

Chapter spoilers

The picnic at the beginning was very nice. I liked the backgrounds and such, and it was fun to have Hilda back. My favorite. <3

When I learnt this was gonna be a treasure hunt for the three extra characters I was dismayed, but turned out that part was kinda short, and I’ll admit that once we got into the treasure hunt, I didn’t bother looking up too much. It felt very slice of life, so unlikely anything important would be relayed.

So I didn’t bother with getting all the details if I got the gist. This means I read that part pretty quick.

I can definitely notice that my stamina/speed is a bit higher than when I read this last. Or maybe I’m just better at ignoring words I can see won’t make a difference to the meaning of the sentence. So often I look up words only to realize it means the same as the word right after it, and I knew that word. The double empathize thing that shows up a lot in Japanese.

Next chapter looks Hilda heavy, so that is exciting!


Now it’s my turn: You already finished chapter 9? :scream:

(I haven’t even started :sweat_drops:)