アオハライド (Ao Haru Ride) book club [now reading volume 9]

I would reread it but I no longer have my books anymore after moving back to Japan.

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Fun fact: as far as I can tell, the kindle versions of volumes 1 and 2 were free to buy and not just read until Jan 28. At least, it’s not free in the eshop anymore but I can still read it (might give it a couple days until I’m sure though). And I might buy the physical books anyway :woman_shrugging:

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My “free” copies from Kobo have turned back into pumpkins already. But I have room in my manga budget for some spending later this week.


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Ah, as I suspected, I spoke too soon. Can’t read the free versions anymore :frowning_face: But that means I have an excuse to make a trip to the japanese bookstore! :star_struck:

What’s confusing is that some of the kindle ebooks have a “無料版” label on the thumbnail, but others don’t. So I’m not sure how people are supposed to know which ones will disappear, and when. I guess if you get a free manga volume and are fluent you just read it in a couple days no problem :thinking:


Aaaand its April so its time for Volume 2!


Yup :smiley:
I kind of forgot our scendule and finished volume 2 evening 31., making sure to be done before April :sweat_smile:

I kind of struggle with some of the conversations, when they talk about less common things, and especially Kou tend to use difficult words sometimes. I have to check Jisho a lot on those xD

But most of the time is easier, I think, because they talk about more everyday or common things. Then I can understand most of it without having to look up words.

What are your experience?

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Hello, Ohaiyou,
I have been following this book club since February, but really gave up on reading, simply because I had no time. Unfortunately, we all have to stay indoors now… on the plus side, this leaves me much more time for reading. So I would like to join^^. I will try and catch up volume 1 and then enter the volume 2 discussion. Volume 3 starts in May or June?
I am new to reading and I struggle a lot with the spoken language at the moment, but I guess that will improve :smiley:.


Welcome :smile:
Let’s improve together! Think of how good we’ll be at reading when this stay-at-home period is over xD Maybe we can start vol3 in May, if everyone finishes early.


Hi, how is everyone doing?

I’ve spent ~2 months without touching アオハライド, some people seem to have more time with the lockdown, I somehow have less time :frowning_face:

I did a quick look through volume 1 to refresh my memory (I forgot a lot of words and grammar, but I remember the story), and plan to start reading volume 2 (which luckily I bought before the lockdown started) throughout this month :smile:


This month, I’m trying to read a little bit every day, but I’ve kept myself too busy with research and programming projects so far this week… (Need to get back on track with reading tomorrow!) My goal is five pages per day, or if a miss a day, then recalculate daily for 30 pages per week.

I’ve been enjoying the artwork as I slowly work my way through. When I read a manga in English, I try to look at the artwork, but always end up missing a lot. When I read a manga in Japanese, I try to focus on reading, but often end up looking at the artwork.

Some faves from Volume 2, Pᴀɢᴇ.4:

Page 13


Page 38


That one mostly I took a liking to it because I spent so long thinking 「先こされちゃった」 didn’t look like proper Japanese (not that I’d know all properly formed Japanese).

A Google search for it turned up 「(さき)()される」. (Turns out the missing を is why it looked “off” to me.) I’m not at WK level 30 yet to recognize 越, but ichi.moe gives the meaning of this whole text as “to be beaten to the punch”, which certainly fits the scene.

Page 43: I can't see this one and not laugh.



I’ll try taking more time to just look at the artwork too, it’s so nice and funny :smiley:

I have the same reaction :laughing:

I haven’t had much time for reading the last month, but I’ll get into it again now. I hope to have more time these next months.


Hello everyone! Sorry I’ve been kind of MIA, I already read the first 2 volumes and have honestly been a bit lazy with the rereading :sweat_smile:

But volume 3 starts in June (I believe someone was asking about this too) and I’ll be more active then! And I’m so glad you’re enjoying Ao Haru Ride! Its such a funny and sweet manga :blush:


That’s amazing! I made a reservation for the comic (Vol. 1) and I’d love to join the discussion, but since I live in Malaysia (and due to COVID-19), the comic will presumably arrive in around a month in store :persevere:. Oh well, at least I can brush up on my reading skills first and immerse more


Two days in and I seem to have completed the first Page in volume 3 =D Looks like I’ll be typing up some minor bits and pieces in a text editor while waiting for the thread =)

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Wow its June already - this quarantine is really messing with my sense of time :sweat_smile: heres the volume 3 thread! I may have already started volume 3 a bit early since the last volume stopped mid-arc :eyes:


Definitely understandable, I say. I started up volume 3 yesterday, and it took a few pages to remember, “Oh yeah, that’s what’s going on!” I think that’s partly due to having watched the anime a few months back (wait, has it been nearly half a year since I watched?! Edit: Well, maybe a third), so my memory of the anime kept me from recalling where things left off at the end of volume 2.

Oof I got way behind on volume 2, I need to catch up :disappointed:

But I already bought volume 3, and volumes 1-3 in English so I can check, so I might just read volume 2 in English for now and circle back to it :sweat_smile:

Let us know when you get volume 1! Happy to go back and reread it, I’m sure I missed a bunch of things :grin:


Hey there! The book has arrived in Malaysia. I’m quite excited actually, and I’ve started reading a couple of pages haha. I understand some stuff, but I think it’s a little heavy? Love how many of the words are repeated though, so that’ll drill them into my head more. So far, loving the story and experience :two_hearts:


On the volume 3 thread, I pondered on whether we want to keep the same pace or change it. Since I’ll be assisting with thread-making, I figured I’d put out a poll on pacing as well.

There are ten volumes left. At a pace of two months each, the series will be concluded in March of 2022. If we switch to one month per volume, we’ll reach the end in May of 2021.

What’s your pacing preference?

  • Continue with two months per volume for now.
  • Switch to one month per volume starting with volume 4.
  • Switch to one month per volume starting with volume 5 or later.
  • Either way is fine for me.
  • Other (specify in comments).

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