よつばと! Vol 12 Discussion Thread (Yotsuba&! Reading Club)

This is why we keep paint out of reach of kids. Still, I’m fairly impressed with her logic, here - using a spoon as a lever, actually thinking to put newspaper under the tin. Also impressed that she managed to get a fairly even coat. At least, it looks even from here. And somehow she managed to paint the legs all the way to the floor without getting a halo of blue paint around them.

Page 41, I assume とんな is some sort of negative imperative of 解く, but what on earth kind of slang is that?

This might be what Yotsuba is singing on page 53, but I’m not hugely confident of that:


I’m weirdly excited about having learned the difference between ペンキ and 絵の具 :laughing: Thanks Yotsuba :+1:

Isn’t it a slang-y version of the negative imperative とるな? Seems like it would be logical to respond with a form of とる, since Yotsuba used とれる (取れる) initially. (Although I’m not sure why she’s using とれる instead of 解く, I feel like that could be chalked up to little kid-speak and equating the shoe being removed with untying the laces?)


When she discovered the cans… “oh no… no no no… what will you do!!!”
I love his reaction though, best way tp deal with it! :rofl:

It wouldn’t be right to scold her anyway. She didn’t know better. I would sit down and have a talk, and say if you do it again I’ll get mad, cause now you know it is wrong, but I’m not mad this time.


I mean, blue table. :stuck_out_tongue:

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できちまった feels weird.


Beef overlaps with the night? :thinking:

しかくくて, too. :0


:open_mouth: Yotsuba knows how to use tools! Stone Age unlocked! :pick:

I mean, I know, but I still find it funny that Yotsuba gets scolded all the time for doing things she’s not supposed to do, but still does them anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

Could someone share with me their version of the page where she dips the brush in the paint?

Well, that kinda explains it. :laughing:

Also, ペンキ. :weary:


:rofl: :rofl:


Chapter 79! :rescue_worker_helmet:


Because he’s planning to make beef for dinner, if they have beef curry for lunch, they’ll be doubling up.

You… you don’t have it?

Isn’t it usually できちゃった is what I mean.

Figured, but I wasn’t sure of the meaning.

I mean, I have it. I just wanted to see how other people have it. :eyes:

I… don’t really understand the issue here. Maybe you go first. :slightly_smiling_face:

Welp, onto the next chapter.

Honestly pretty straightforward. Page 71, they’ve gotten the paint off her face, but her hands are still blue?

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I'm guessing someone doesn't have the "high def" version of Yotsuba (that's what I'm calling it now)


Page 82

Can anyone help me with the grammar at the end? I understand the sentence is Yotsuba’s dad asking her to take off the helmet, and I’m guessing 脱いだら is in the conditional form, but I don’t really understand the use of そこの afterwards.

Page 98-99
Does くらげ here mean jellyfish? Does this not make sense to anyone else? :confused:

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I’m fairly sure this is an abbreviation of something, but I couldn’t really say what. The gut feeling is that it’s along the lines of “take your helmet off indoors”.

This is what she means:


And yeah, “jellyfish” is the correct translation. I’m reasonably confident we’ve seen his m4d skillz earlier in the manga.


I love how they left one of the footprints :laughing: Also, I died when Yotsuba asked if celery just came out :joy:

I got the sense that he was telling her, when she takes her helmet off (the conditional 脱いだら), she should put it “there” (wherever he’s pointing, somewhere by the front door presumably). So I think そこの is referring to whatever he’s pointing at (like そこの shelf or something, but he leaves the name of the thing off because it would be obvious from where he’s pointing). I think he assumed she was going to take it off, since they were inside, which explains why he seemed a little surprised/confused when she said she wasn’t going to take it off. (Then he was just like “well, ok, whatever”)
…I don’t know for sure if that’s right though xD

I was also confused, so don’t feel bad! I just kind of assumed she was talking about something that happened “off-screen” and let it go, tbh. I don’t remember the “jellyfish” thing coming up before, but we’ve been reading this series for like 2 years at this point so it’s definitely possible that I just forgot xD


Ok, I’m having trouble finding any scene where it’s depicted in Yotsuba, so maybe I’m just thinking of other media. There might have been an example in Totoro, maybe.


What is this? Being on time?
It’s more likely than you think.

Do they do this in Japan?

Considering Yotsuba seems to be surprised as well, and the fact that I’ve never encountered it anywhere else (that I remember), I’d say no. But who knows.

Or is it supposed to be something that stands out?
Like she’s reading them because she’s new or something?

I think I’m already in reading-too-much-into-it territory.

I’m missing the meaning here.
Ok, I got it in the next page. It was mostly the くらい messing with me.

I really like this sentiment, though.

I guess it can be summarized to my usual, “That’s life.” comment.

That’s what I got from it, too. :+1:


I was like, what’s タノール? エタノール :weary: I don’t know chemicals in any language.

Yes! :blush:

She remembered! :smiley:


Do what? Read out the prices? Pretty sure that’s a thing. Though come to think of it, I’m not sure I’ve seen it myself.

Depends which supermarket you go to. Some do, some don’t. I can’t remember which do, but when I’m in there I always feel sorry for the staff… yet another pointless and painful bit of “politeness” rigmarole to go through.

(I’m miles and miles behind on Yotsuba… but one day I’ll catch you all up!)


Chapter 80! :woman_mage::broom:


Is it going by too fast, or is it just me? We’re already halfway through. :open_mouth:


I say. It’s a ふらいんぐうぃっち.