よつばと! Vol 11 Discussion Thread (Yotsuba&! Reading Club)

Page 146. I’m having trouble with Yotsuba’s final line. I think I understand the gist of it, but I’m missing some nuance on the やがる.


The parts I do understand:

  • こいつは: She’s talking about the camera.
  • いそがしくなってきた: The camera has come to become busy as it will be taking pictures of so many people.

What does やがった (past tense of やがる) bring into the meaning? Japanese-to-English dictionaries note this auxiliary (which attaches to the い-stem, here き from くる) as meaning to have the nerve to and go on to say indicates hatred, contempt, or disdain for another’s action.

So, is Yotsuba basically saying, “This one has the nerve to come to be so busy”?

The descriptions I see for やがる make it feel out of place here to me, but that may be because I’m looking at it with an English language lens. For Yotsuba’s use here, is this common for Japanese children to say, or is this an example of where she’s mimicking the type of thing she’s heard from adults, such as her father, Jumbo, and Yanda?


It does seem to be pretty harsh, so I imagine she heard it from one of the adults.


Ah, this is the camera he’s been planning on buying for several chapters. When did he actually get it?

Here’s Yotsuba’s camera in real life: Linky. That thing’s teensy.


With Thing from Addams Family for scale:



This chapter is so cuteeeee! :smile: I died when she finally remembered to ask permission from the bike shop guy (after making him do that super かっこいい pose xD)
Honestly, Yotsuba is me as a child, when my parents got me a camera I took so many pictures of random things. (A tendency that still comes back sometimes LOL) Cameras are so much fun.


:eyes: メリークリスマスみんな!:christmas_tree:
それに、あけましておめでとう、今年もよろしくお願いします. :grin:

Cameras are a thing of the past! :movie_camera:

What better way to spend the holidays than with friends (and family)! :people_holding_hands: :partying_face:

Give it up for Chapter 75!



Me before:

Me this week:

Ah, what’s the usual start date again? =P


I changed the next start date to one week from now. :slight_smile:

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Is it typical to toss fully-sodden stuffed animals directly into the dryer?

Never mind the bear, though - I want to know the mystery behind the chestnuts spontaneously generating grubs.

Love how she perks up at the mention of croquette curry, though.

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I’m trying to figure out who sniffs a teddy bear after it’s been in a dog’s mouth.

(Same dog from chapter 5? Different wall and gate, but that can be due to updated art experience/style.)

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Perhaps more to the point, who would be the second person to sniff a teddy bear after it’s been in a dog’s mouth, and the first person has sniffed it and exclaimed it stunk of dog?

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Chapter 76.


Throughout this volume, I can’t get a grasp on whether I think Yanda’s a bad guy or a good guy. Having been around my nephews when they were younger, though, I think mostly I understand him more than back when I read this series in English.

Asagi, on the other hand… Mention the bugs a little sooner? And maybe when your little sister is actually paying attention? (But I guess she does get a point or two for the whole doctor routine.)

And…I didn’t even notice until the last time Yotsuba uses the word, that she’s saying しゅづつ. I read it as しゅじゅつ every time without realizing it…

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Ah, Yanda’s trying as best he can. :stuck_out_tongue:

She did kinda make a point of mentioning them last chapter. Also, extra protein. Yum. And I presume Ena checked for holes.

Aww. The English version translates it as “surgemy”, so I specifically checked like three times to see what it was Yotsuba was calling it, and I still read it as しゅじゅつ.

Oh, Fuuka. Juralumin’s a girl, right?

Nice little callback to the camera chapter there.

So, cup noodle is a fruit. Good to know for future reference.


Chapter 72 time! (‘better late than never’ edition)

Page 60 (I think): Is うまあじ just うまい味?

おなかいっぱいマン sounds like something out of One Punch Man. :joy:
(Probably the guy who eats everything.)

みんなかくれて! :rofl:

image :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahahaha, やんだ!

I almost expected him to take out a bubble rocket launcher or something.

I spoke too soon.

Dang. I felt that.

Chapter 73 now!

:blush: It feels weird to have just one big kanji in a speech bubble. :thinking:

よつば so cruel! :sweat_smile:

Another 2 done! :eyes:


Probably. :eyes:

Yanda best big brother.

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Meanwhile I’m sitting over here Googling しゅづつ like what the hell is this :woman_facepalming: I may have definitely forgotten that しゅじゅつ is even a word between last week’s chapter and now. It’s been a busy week ok

Wow, absolutely no reaction to Yanda coming in the house :o That’s when you know it’s bad.
Also I want some of whatever Yanda’s eating, it looks yummy :drooling_face:
I’m glad the surgery was a success :smile: Wow, another volume down already!


No, there was definitely a reaction, albeit rather brief.

Yotsuba grimace


I also wasted some time Googling that. I knew that somehow she was meaning しゅじゅつ, yet couldn’t make the connection that しゅづつ was just her mispronouncing it. :man_facepalming:

I love Yotuba’s blank face. Especially when she’s sitting/lying under the desk. :neutral_face: Gives it a perfect balance of feeling sad for her and laughing at the same time.