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Start Date: 26th March
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Start Date                   Chapter                                                        Page Numbers   Page Count
March 26th 70 - 3月31日 3 - 26 24
April 2nd 71 - 各務原姉妹の桜めぐり 29 - 52 24
April 9th 72 - 春ツーリングと盆地の景色 55 - 78 24
April 16th 73 - 富士川公園にて 81 - 104 24
April 23rd 74 - 千明のソロキャンプ! 107 - 130 24
April 30th 75 - 自転車に乗ってちょっとそこまで 133 - 156 24
May 7th 番外編 - へやキャン△ 159 - 176 22


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A bit early, but lessgo.

70 - 3月31日

Start date: March 26th

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Man, camping in one’s car does sound good… if you have the right kind of car.


It’s a deal! (Wrong, but hey).

Also, more メシテロ. Why is she trying to say garlic in English, though?


When I went to Iceland a few years ago I rented a car in which ein could sleep in the back. It was a great experience though the camping was more a necessity than the attraction of that trip. But can highly recommend!

I hope no italians are reading with us

It is great to be back. Even though the break was short I missed this manga!


Rin starts the chapter at Oyanagawa Keiryu Park Campground. Unfortunately, street view is fairly lacking in this area, so I can’t really plot her route on pages 5 and 6, but here is the first and second panels of page 5. Here is the gazebo at the top of page 7

Page 12, that… construction is the Ryujin Bridge, and oh boy do I want to cross it now. I guess one side of the river is higher than the other? There’s some really nice-looking walking paths in the area (one of which is… sorta Street Viewed, except it’s got a weirdly large blind spot covering most of the ground). The onsen Rin is thinking about at the bottom of page 12 might be Yama no Yu, except that’s behind her, back across the bridge. I can’t spot any on the same side of the river as she is. The bridge on page 13 is here, though it’s not marked on the map.

Page 25, Nadeshiko is looking in this direction - unfortunately, none of the three Street View images at this location were taken in spring, so I can’t tell if those are sakura trees. Probably a spoiler for next week, but what she’s looking at is Utsubuna Park (which does have photos of sakura in bloom on Google).

Page 3, Rin: 長い冬は終わって - I’ll say it was long, it lasted for twelve volumes.

Page 10, heh, Rin is still a 中学生. Though she’s become a 大学生 by the top of page 11.

Page 17, is that ジョン・ウィック in the background?

Page 19, am I misreading something in the second panel? She’s making 朝食 after 1pm?

Weren’t they planning a hanami camp trip with the whole gang?

Maybe we should have started this next Thursday. :stuck_out_tongue:

I camped in my station wagon once. Folded the back seats down, stuck an air mattress down. Downsides are (a) I need to invest in curtains (somehow) so I don’t wake up at dawn, and (b) if I stretch out too far, my feet come in contact with the cold metal underside of the folded-up seat cushion.

In New Zealand, I rented a sleepervan instead - fairly large-ish but still regular-sized van with a bed and cupboards in the back instead of seats.

I vaguely wondered if it was some manner of advertising slogan, and indeed, not all of the google results for that particular phrase are about Yuru Camp. Just most of them.


I was thinking about doing something like that. When I fold the back seats down, I can fit my snowboard in there (which is ~10cm shorter than me). If I sleep diagonally, I think I would fit myself… but I’ll probably be miserable. Also it means I have to go alone :sweat_smile:
Renting an appropriate vehicle is probably a better option.

A much cheaper option is to use one of those masks people (including me) use on planes. I don’t know what they are called, but they are pretty good at blocking light.

We time-travelled!


Eye mask. Or sleep mask. I can’t really sleep with those on, though.


Taking advantage of a rare moment of Internet.

71 - 各務原姉妹の桜めぐり

Start date: April 2nd

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As I commented last week, Nadeshiko and Sakura visit Utsubuna Park this chapter. The first panel of page 29, in particular, is here. I’m pretty sure these are the stairs to Naisenji, though I’m not too sure that’s actually where Sakura has parked - Utsubuna Park has a parking lot, but Google’s only got two good photos of it (and a photosphere), but none of them particularly resemble the panel.

Actually, Utsubuna Park is largely lacking in street view or photo spheres entirely, but there’s lots of photos - here is the gazebo on page 32, and here is the viewing platform on 33 (ooo, look at that view). Here is the park map. Not entirely sure why Nadeshiko thinks it’s a bit of a drive to get there - Google’s telling me it’s only a ten minute walk or so from the station, though with the caveat that Google doesn’t actually know where the pedestrian entrance to the park is.

As mentioned in dialogue, their next stop is Mount Minobu. The top of page 34 is the main gate, and they make it to here before the guy stops them at the bottom of the same page, so she turns off here on the following page. Bottom of that page is here. I’m admittedly not too sure where the sakura tree they had been intending to visit for is located, but Google does have this photo. Page 36: first panel, third panel. Page 37 is a bit too nondescript to place, especially considering the Street View wasn’t done during sakura season, but it’ll be along that road somewhere.

On page 38, Rin is still where she was last chapter.

I… can’t work out where they are on page 39*. Page 40, though, they’re parked at the Wanizuka no Sakura Parking Lot, because in the next panel, they’re at… Wanizuka no Sakura, logically enough. (This place actually come up before - way way back in chapter 55 (volume 10), it was Saito’s suggestion for somewhere they might go for hanami.) On page 41, Sakura is taking her photo from over there.

* It’s actually an hour’s drive from their last known location on page 36 to where they are on page 40 (in the process driving past the turnoff to where Rin currently is), so finding where they are on page 39 isn’t really as straightforward as just driving the distance in Street View (though there are a few vague possibilities, like Yamanashiken Fujikawa Craft Park or Oboshi Park). Hmm.

On page 41, Rin… is still where she was last chapter. On page 44, though, she arrives at Yama no Yu (here is the second panel of 44, and here is the bottom panel of 45, albeit from a different angle). And she stays there the rest of the chapter, until she rides off into the sunset in the final panel… on a road… somewhere.

Whew, this one wound up quite wordy.

Page 47, aha, there’s the all-star hanami camp. I see. Rin’s just getting in some extra me time beforehand, I guess?

Page 54, omake panel, today I learnt about the unit PS, which is essentially the metric equivalent of the horsepower (1 PS = 0.9863 hp). The name comes from the German pferdestärke. Which means “horse power”. (The rest of the world has just used kilowatts to measure power since 1972.) 20 metres per manju doesn’t seem like particularly good fuel efficiency, mind. Though, if she can produce the power output of forty-three metric horses…


It is great to see Rin’s development to now actively thinking about inviting Nadeshiko on her own!

I just hope the hanami camp ends this volume otherwise we have to wait a long time Oo.

Most people still use PS when talking about vehicles here in Germany, but you also get the KW conversion when buying/searching for cars!


No Discourse, my question hasn’t been answered yet.

72 - 春ツーリングと盆地の景色

Start date: April 9th

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The chapter starts here (and I feel like I may have linked this place before many volumes ago, because I thought it possible that Rin might have passed through… or some spiral road like it, anyway). The sign in the first panel is back here, and facing the backwards to the way Rin is travelling. Sakura tree in the park.

Title page will probably come up later, so I’ll come back to this…

Page 59, Rin mentions three roads, which are a little bit difficult to properly mark in Google, but they’re the Western Line (which she’s been driving on), the Kayagatake East Regional Agricultural Road (though the “East” is omitted from the road’s name on Google maps… so maybe it’s a different road?), and the Shosenkyo Green Line. As for where she’s standing in these panels and following pages… oh boy, did I have to do a lot of research to find this place, because it’s nowhere near where I expected - it’s Yagihako Park.

Page 62-64, we get a brief cut to the Kagamihara-shimai, who are eating lunch in Dragon Park. Then it’s back to Rin again, who is now on the Fruits Line, specifically here (and I only just noticed that Google’s spelling the name of the road as “Furits Line”). Bottom of page 65, she appears to be here, though I’m not 100% certain on that. We’ve been to this place before - way waaay back for Nadeshiko’s first camping trip with the Circle. By the bottom of page 66, Rin is here, though the place where she actually stops to admire the view is here (how convenient there’s a marker there).

Back at the top of 66, she mentions the Shiroi-Koshu Line, the Miyasaka Road (made all the more hard to spot because there’s also a Misaka Road intersecting it), and the Kanagawa-Sone Regional Agricultural Road. And oh boy, finding all these roads is quite fiddly and a little bit not-fun. Partly because everyone seems to call the roads by different names in different places. I… think I’ll leave it as an exercise to the reader to determine whether these roads mentioned actually form a loop as shown.

On page 69, Nadeshiko and Sakura are now at Sakura Onsen Street (and I feel like I’ve linked this place before too). The cut-out that Nadeshiko is playing with is here. Here is the torii-like impression on the mountain - there are better angles, but this is the one shown in the manga. I can’t work out what it’s for either - you can just make it out on sattelite view here, so I’d hazard it’s related to Yamanashioka Shrine at its base, but further information is lacking, both from Google and the shrine’s own website. Maybe my search fu is weak.

Page 72, Rin is now at the Former Katsunuma Station. Which is literally adjacent to the current one. And in our brief moment of distraction, Nadeshiko and Sakura have teleported to Jinrokuzakura Park (pretty sure I’ve seen this place on an NHK World program). And sharp-eyed viewers will note, as Rin did, that these are in fact the same place. (I can’t work out exactly where in the park the train is, but here is a photo of it with sakura.) The retro train museum in Gunma Prefecture that Sakura mentions is the Usui Pass Railway Heritage Park (the (current) lead photo of which is a train which appears to be exactly the same model and livery as the one in Jinrokuzakura Park). It’s located in Yokokawa, so searching 横川鉄道博物館 also brings up this place (can’t work out if that’s also a former name for it).

And now for something completely different! Ena is at Hadakajima Station. Bottom of page 78 is here. Where’s she going? Find out next week.

And oof, this one took me literally hours to research…

I didn’t read two chapters by accident, did I?

Total travel today (so far): Nadeshiko and Sakura, Rin (this one’s something of an estimate - it’s not entirely clear how much she made a point of sticking to the roads she listed).

Page 61 final panel, excuse me? Come back here and say that again.

Page 62-64, I feel like this is the first time we’ve actually seen Nadeshiko and Sakura just plain having an idle conversation.

Page 76 first panel, I’m not sure I get Nadeshiko’s pun. She is making a pun, right?

Proper nouns
Page 59
茅ヶ岳=かやがたけ (and I definitely read that as ち at first glance, as in 茅ヶ崎)
昇仙峡=しょうせんきょう (feel like this has come up before)

Page 66

Page 73
甚六=じんろく (on sign)



There. Now it has been answered.


I kinda forgot what happened last week already :joy: なでしこ likes trains and リン did a merger?
Also we switched to… black-hair dog girl what’s her name again *sweats profusely*

73 - 富士川公園にて

Start date: April 16th

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Well, this chapter spends almost the whole time in the same place. Be nice to have a break for a change. :stuck_out_tongue:

As the chapter title implies, most of it takes place in Fujikawa Craft Park. I’ve actually linked this place before, as one possibility for where Nadeshiko and Sakura might have visited (though I no longer particularly think they did).

The first panel on page 81 is taken from the Information Centre attached to the Michi-no-Eki, looking south - there’s no street view available at that specific location, but here is a fairly close image. After that… well, I’m not entirely sure on the specifics, but they’re in the park somewhere. The dog run mentioned in the park regulations on page 84 is here, though.

On page 88, Aki is at Ide Station. She shows us where she’s heading on page 104, but perhaps I’ll link that next week. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, I’m guessing we’ve just met some new first-year students for the club. (I did briefly wonder whether this was a mono crossover… probably because the perspective in the picture she’s drawing is extremely reminiscient of it, though there’s the slight issue that mono is about cameras rather than drawing, and contains no characters that look like this.) Kinda think having a girl who likes drawing named 真 to be just a hair on the nose, though. Assuming that’s her name and not a nickname.

Took me far too long to work out that she’s using the pad thingy to draw on the phone. Thought she was using the phone as a reference.

Proper nouns
Page 99

Ena. Saito Ena. Though her hair’s getting kinda long, which makes her oddly difficult to recognise.


I guess Afro wanted to give you a break from last weeks heroic efforts!

I really like what we have seen from the new characters so far, looking forward to the whole process of them joining the club (if that happens). Sadly slowly the dread of having to wait for volume 14 is creeping up


One question please

Page 86


What’s ダウンなし in this panel? I am not sure what it means in this context…


“Without a down jacket”


Aaaaand I got too focused on reading other stuff again and got behind.

74 - 千明のソロキャンプ!

Start date: April 23rd

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Only two chapters left after this :frowning:

I remember a trend when I was a wee lad where we would make bracelets very similar to this. Brought back some memories!