ゆるキャン△ Vol. 13 🏕

Alrighty, adventures of Aki this time.

The first panel of page 107 is here. The fourth panel is here, though it’s not possible to get quite the same angle as in the manga. In between those two panels, though, she would have walked through this tunnel which somehow fails to rate a mention. I bet Nadeshiko would have noticed a tunnel.

In any case, she spends the majority of the chapter camping at Sanogawa Kasen Park (which is near enough to 50 minutes’ walk from the station), before backtracking to Sanogawa Onsen on page 126.

This is so much easier when they stop racing around everywhere.

Page 110, hidden among the sakura photos of this place on Google Maps is a photo of a sign saying it’s not a free campground, just a park, though I confess it’s not completely clear as to precisely where that sign is located.

Page 111-112, the Japanese wikipedia (though not the English one) has a recipe for the Saratoga Cooler - it’s lime juice, sugar syrup, and ginger ale. I did find a recipe in English dating from 1917, which uses lemon juice, powdered sugar, ginger ale, and angostura bitters. I guess Aki is making… flavoured sugar syrup?

Page 114, if anyone is like me and strugging to understand these instructions (at the very least, I feel like steps 4 and 5 need to be switched), here is a video, albeit only in one colour:

Page 130, just what is Aki reading out?


Well, one chapter and then the 番外編 (though flipping ahead, some of those strips look to be quite a bit of fun).


I was a bit confused by that too, but my best guess is that results from the Health Checker print out with an old-sounding ういーん that prompts Aki to crack a joke about getting a telegram instead of her health results.


Yeah, but what’s it say? “DAD STOP. GO HOME”?

Also, what’s the small text in Aoi’s reply? 切れ待て?

Side note, I looked into the paracord bracelet a bit more, and learnt two things: (a) it’s actually not too hard to find people making a two-colour bracelet, though I’ll let interested parties look for those on their own to avoid cluttering up the thread with videos, and (b) a lot of places are calling them “Mad Max bracelets” because, as it turns out, they’ve been popularised a bit by Tom Hardy’s Max wearing one in Fury Road. One wonders if Aki saw that movie. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, sorry, you meant the message. It says:

父 切れ痔 すぐ帰れ

Dad (has) bleeding hemorroids. Come back immediatelly



Are vocabularies still added?

I never know what clove means, until I search for translation in my native language (กานพลู), still just a herb I don’t really know.

()(しょく)(コブラ)()み seems to be two-colored braided bracelets, but is it 二色(ふたいろ)?

What is アルスト? Some kind of game references?

Quite. I’ve definitely seen it mentioned many a time, but I couldn’t honestly say I actually know what it tastes like.

にしょく gets 13.8 million results on Google; ふたいろ gets 2.4 million results. I reckon I’d go with the former.

I figured it was short for アルコールストーブ. Can’t remember if they used that abbreviation when they made the things (though I sorta feel like they did), but you can see it most easily at the top of page 111.


Last chapter of story before the long break™

75 - 自転車に乗ってちょっとそこまで

Start date: April 30th

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Regarding アルスト, I looked at page 111 (where Chiaki is holding a cinnamon stick, and wondering about clove’s smell), I can’t find anything resembling アルスト or アル・スト.

Regarding 二色, The number of Google search results don’t appear on mobile, only on desktop; (and I rarely use Google nowadays, mostly DuckDuckGo - and DDG never show number of results). Not sure how you did it.

Of course, searching for merely “二色”, most search results will be without a reading at all.

My Google search terms

4.5M goes to ふたいろ, and the images look delicious.

921M goes to にしょく, and the images are bruh.

Now, にしき and ふたついろ just appeared in latter.

So, I look at furigana.info.

読み方 割合
ふたいろ 91.7%
にしょく 8.3%

Not to mention Goo Dictionary results. Standalone vocab is given the reading ふたいろ despite having no-Kanji にしょく in the explanation.

That Goo Dictionary result




Trying to find 二色コブラ編み on YouTube - it’s full of subtitled BGM videos, without actual speech. (And it failed to search on YouGlish).

Not the word, the thing itself. It’s sitting on a rock underneath her tray of cooking ingredients.

And they do use the アルスト abbreviation when they use them for the first time - way back in volume 10, page 60, panel 3 (it’s possible they used it earlier than that, but I was just skimming through the dialogue and didn’t spot any).

If I’ve understood that website’s “about this website” page correctly, it only counts examples when furigana is explicitly included - which means it’s entirely possible it mostly counts cases where the reading is unexpected. Dunno, though.


Even though I don’t have vol 10, yet; I think I can trust that, based on the sentence meaning.

That’s absolutely the case. Except if anyone wants to argue that the most common reading of 女性 is にょしょう (じょせい has only 2%, by the way)

Also, the color counter is read しょく
From wiktionary:

( ショク)色彩の数を表す助数詞

So i would go with にしょく indeed.


Alrighty, this week’s chapter!

I don’t think it’s ever been definitively established where Aoi lives, so I’m not sure I can place the first few pages. That said, we do know where she works, and looking at the map, I noticed there’s a konbini not too far away, and, well… page 145 is here. (I thought I remembered seeing Aoi and Aki get off the train at Hadakajima Station in one chapter, but according to the forum search, the first mention of “Hadakajima” in any thread is this thread, when Ena got off the train there a few chapters ago. Maybe I misspelt it. Or didn’t mention it in my post. This does, incidentally, mean that Ena and Aoi are currently about a kilometre away from each other.)

On page 147, Aoi is now at Eishodo, near Minobu Station (we’ve been here before) - it’s eight or so kilometres away, or 12 minutes at 40km/h. We don’t specifically see her do it, but from there to where Aki is, it’s another 17-20 kilometres (and since she probably didn’t attempt to reach 40km/h again, that might have taken her up to an hour). The sum of those two distances is certainly in the ballpark of the 30km that Aki mentions on page 148, especially when you add a bit more for getting from home to the konbini.

When auntie showed up on page 134 just holding the bike, I briefly thought she’d ridden all the way it from Takayama, but I guess not.

Page 150, I honestly thought that when the scene cut from Aoi’s flat tyre to Toba-sensei at the shops that they were about to call her for help. (Though it certainly took me a while to work out why she was thinking of buying rum for the group. ラム is also “lamb”.)

Proper nouns
Page 136
達雄=たつお (Aoi’s father’s given name)



The bonus comic was hilarious. I didn’t see it coming. That family, I swear.



Wasn’t there an Inuinuinuko-san strip about how she hates April Fools’ Day because she’s such a pure soul?


I remember a mention of either April’s fool or the aunt. I can’t remember how they were connected though :sweat_smile:


Oh no we have reached this point. I really look forward to next volume and the inclusion of the hopefully new members.

She will for sure buy some rum for herself!

Lol I had the exact same thought. Seemed a bit weird to have that scene there to be honest

It took me a solid 5 minutes to realize what you were talking about…


Toba-sensei needs to appear in this volume somehow, and it did act as a sort of “time passes…” interlude for the main plotline in the chapter. Also, some foreshadowing for next volume. Just what has she found?

On a vaguely related side note, the travel section of my city’s newspaper this week had an article titled Mindful travel, Japan: A guide to relaxing onsens, food, accommodation and nature. Item three on that list is doing a shukubo at Kakurinbo, which is here in Minobu. :slightly_smiling_face: (I’d actually already considered doing it myself.)

Done some sums on this. The median separation between two successive volumes of this series is 205 days - on that basis, the next volume could be coming out around October 1st. On the other hand, the gap between volumes 12 and 13 was 332 days - the longest between any two releases, beating the second-longest by a month, and third longest by two-and-a-half. But the second- and third-longest gaps were followed by the third- and first-shortest gaps respectively, so perhaps we could be seeing the next volume as early as late June? Fingers crossed.

(Volume 11 apparently came out in English last week, though it hasn’t shown up at my local Kinokuniya yet.)


I keep doing this with other series I follow as well, especially with stuff that get published ahead in web novel format (because I can see when the author has put up enough content for a volume, and then try to guesstimate how long it takes from draft to publication; I am extremely wrong usually)

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I can’t totally get passed 岐阜(ぎふ)(べん). Gotta learn a lot more…

And the Sensei got a font with mashed-up small Kana, like ㌔ or ㌘ - somehow I came across that small Kana in my IME… - After searching (with 単位(たんい) ユニコード), it exists - 【みんなの知識 ちょっと便利帳】使いたいときの HTML特殊文字 & 機種依存文字 - 単位

I wonder if her dad was a cyclist, although didn’t commute to work?