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Week 1 April 20th, 2024
Chapter(s) 1 part 1
Start page 3
End page 35
Page count 32
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Well I guess I should get around to buying this then…


Temporarily free for two more days.

More than enough time to start week one =D


Got about halfway into this week’s reading tonight and it is BEAUTIFUL! Can’t wait to continue.


yeah the art is pristine man. Love how the mum just completely shuts down the kid’s dream though :rofl:


Finished this week’s section and I’m already in love with this omg

pg 21 joke?



is this just a joke for the benefit of the reader or do we think doujin exist in this world and he’s confused thinking she got her hands on some magic porn mag :laughing:


Is this a spoiler for later in the chapter? We’re only reading up to page 35 this week. If so can you make it clear please so people don’t read it this week.


My bad, I had thought it was in this week’s reading, but I seem mistaken


I’m also not sure if this is supposed to be a pun or if it’s just meant in the straightforward, literal way (thin book). Then again, she also got an omake, so there seems to be a bit of a shout-out to the Japanese publishing industry(?)

Anyway, this is gorgeous and the story just sucked me in from the start. I’d half expected the fast pace to be a problem for me, but half an hour later I was halfway through next week’s portion.


oh the omake is a good point too! I didn’t connect that, but that makes it feel like even more of a lil nod


I got through page 12 today, loving the atmosphere!

pp 4-10 comment

Just a thought / reaction. I’m guessing the book we see on pages 4-5 is the same one she is carrying with her on pages 9-10. I’m interested to find out what significance it will have later…


Just started reading. I love the art!! Didn’t even have kanji troubles until the fifth page or so!


It did feel like a personal attack that said troubling panel gives furigana for something that to me felt very elementary like 貰う but not for 恵む(めぐむ). Thanks for nothing, book!!

Is 貰 somehow a higher school grade than 恵 or something?

…oh, I looked it up, and it’s actually Jinmeiyo. No way! Such a common kanji!


Wow, the art in this manga is gorgeous. I’d already checked out Enidevi, so I had high hopes, and it sure doesn’t disappoint!

Also it looks like my tradition of lacking the self control to actually stop where I’m supposed to for the book club’s pacing continues, I finished chapter 1 :rofl: The story’s definitely plenty engaging, even at the beginning.

Gotta say I expected to struggle more, considering it’s supposed to be quite a jump up in difficulty from other stuff I’ve read. I’m looking up tons of words still, because my vocab is… lacking, to say the least, but overall it’s pretty smooth sailing.

Though it may or may not have taken me embarrassingly long to figure out ココ is the girl’s name, and people aren’t just saying “here” in katakana

pg 21 joke

I didn’t even catch that, wow :rofl: yeah, between this and the オマケ there do seem to be a few manga-related jokes here and there.


In @taiyousea 's review on natively, they mention it reads more like something in the 24/25 level range, and so far I think I agree. Even taking my sweet time and looking up almost every new thing I came across, it still felt about the same level as some of the harder BBC picks to me. Definitely a more comfortable read than many of the orange level stuff I’ve tried so far and from what I expected going in.

Of course, the difference is reading speed for the club. We’re doing this almost twice as fast as we’d probably read this with the BBC! Not to mention, by nature of the fantasy setting, could suddenly become much harder at basically any point :sweat_smile:

But if anyone was hesitating on joining because of the orange level 27 tag, so far it’s been a pretty smooth read!

also forgot to share my favorite panels!



I’ve mentioned before, but I do think it gets harder in later volumes. Not crazy hard, but definitely harder.


Yeah that tracks. It’s slightly harder than 気になってる人 (level 23), but not by much, and most of it comes down to vocab and kanji I’m not familiar with rather than sentence constructions or grammar I don’t know how to interpret.

Though funnily enough I’d also say it feels a bit harder than Frieren, if only because of the lack of furigana for the most part, and that’s level 26 on natively - while I’d say that was roughly on par with 気になってる人 in terms of how much effort it took me. Goes to show natively ratings are quite subjective.


Read to page 22 and-

Why he kinda🥵

p 22

I get it though :joy:

p. 22



Whew, Koko sure is getting a workout for her feelings. Both in the flashback and in the present story she went from “Today is the best day ever!” to “Why are we born just to suffer” in minutes :laughing:


Is it so common? I usually see もらう written in kana.

Gotta agree on the difficulty not feeling like L27 and more like L24 so far - pretty smooth reading. Even if it gets harder in later volumes, most gradings for the series probably come after reading volume 1 (which is when Natively asks you to grade the series, and I don’t think many people would deliberately delete their grading to correct it later). So I’m a bit surprised how it got that difficulty grade, but… well, I guess it’s not perfect.

PS: I'm not in Japan after all due to an incredibly mistimed cold, so instead of hiking Fushimi Inari Taisha and looking longingly into the distance thinking "I could be reading とんがり instead" I'm actually reading とんがり :P