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Look what I just got. Even if I am mostly talking to myself these days.


Just because you are the only one talking doesn’t mean you are talking to yourself.



So I’m telling you all a story instead. Got it. :slight_smile:

Well since I’m telling a story, a chapter I read last week from volume 6 involved a spirit, which was pretty cool. It felt so out of place though, until the manga reminded me that there’s been a supernatural aspect to the manga from the very beginning (revealed early on). Specifically that Tippy the rabbit is Chino’s grandfather. But I was so used to that that I took it for granted and forgot it was unusual. It was actually quite an emotional chapter.

/end story


I’m basically the Nemurin of this thread.


I’ll definitely read through things once I can actually read through volume 2 through present (to avoid spoilers). My attempts at volume 2 have been rather discouraging. (I only got through volume 1 because I looked up every single kanji and vocabulary and grammar in the thing last year.)

So, maybe 2025?

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If you keep learning kanji and practicing to read manga and books it may not be as long as you think. Last year I stopped reading ご注文はうさぎですか a few chapters into volume 3 because it was so hard. It was by far the most challenging thing I was reading, even compared to some children’s books I had read / was reading. Fast forward 9 months (and a dozen volumes of manga and a light novel later) to when I picked up volume 3 again and it was so much easier. For volumes 4-6, ご注文はうさぎですか has become one of my pleasure manga that I pick up to read when I don’t feel like thinking too hard.

In short, if I can do it so can you. :slight_smile:


I definitely look forward to that day.

I had been doing just learning vocab for maybe a year or two before I decided to use GochiUsa Vol 1 as a starting point to push me forward on learning grammar, and all the kanji pushed my to giving WK another try, which lead me to the book clubs, which has resulted in a lot more manga (and some video game) reading.

Being able to sit back and read GochiUsa as something to relax with is so far away (mostly due to kanji), but it’ll be a wonderful feeling once I can circle back to volume 1 and actually read it rather than remembering the words from my studies and Anki flash cards.

Baby steps. For now, I’ll enjoy looking at my GochiUsa Nendoroids. The first couple were my self-gifts for making progress in Vol 1 last year, but unboxing them all will be for once I know all the kanji in Vol 1 =D

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I started “reading” (skipping over any kanji/vocabulary I didn’t know and pushing forward) volume 2 earlier this year, although I don’t recall when. I didn’t get too far, then at one point started over. And again, didn’t get too far, as I’ve been spending more reading time with book club manga and a couple of other series (all with furigana).

This morning, due to circumstances, I was at the bus stop at least ten minutes early with no SRS reviews pending, so I decided to check out the current page I was on in volume 2. It’s been so long since I last read it that I don’t remember anything in the current chapter (and probably didn’t understand a lot of it at the time I went through it).

Here’s where I was (last page of a chapter):

I had to look up a couple or readings that I should know, and there was some kanji I guessed based on having seen it over time, and some I had to look up, but I think I got the gist of it.

Right-side, panel 1:

Cocoa: 「チノちゃんは全然太ってないよ」 “Chino-chan, you’re not getting fat at all.”

Cocoa: 「どうして言ってくれなかったの?」This one I had some trouble with 言ってくれなかった (even though I shouldn’t have), but looking over it now, I can see this is, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

I vaguely recall something about Cocoa thinking maybe Chino wasn’t eating sweets due to having a cavity, so it would make sense here that she’s asking Chino “Why didn’t you tell me you were dieting because you thought you were getting fat?”

Panel 2:

Chino: 「だって…ココアさんはばかにするじゃないですか」This was another tough one, as I didn’t think to look up 「ばかにする」 in Takoboto. Thankfully ichi.moe has me covered on breaking down a sentence. However, I’m still having trouble putting it together. “But…won’t you just make light of it?”

Imagined Cocoa: 「なんておませさんなのー」Would this be something like, “How precocious (you are)”? I feel like I may the parts, but can’t put them together at all in English, so I may be missing something.

Chino: 「私がダイエットなんてまだ早いって言うに決まってます」This one I couldn’t pull everything together, and I felt both the inclusion of に and 決まる being intransitive stood in my way. Thankfully, there’s a handy grammar point for me to learn here. (Why can’t languages cap grammar points to something like maybe 100 per language?) But I’m still uncertain of the meaning. Who would be the one saying “something like dieting would be the fastest”? Is Chino saying she determined that to be the case? Or that it’s a foregone conclusion that it would be said to diet? I just realized, this would be early, not fast. So, it would be said that it’s too early (perhaps that she’s too young) to be dieting?

Panel 3:

Chino: 「よく私の事ふわふわ ふかふかって言えますし」 “You’re often saying I’m soft and fluffy.”

Rize: 「それで太ったと勘違いしたのか」I took a stab at entering かんちがい into Takoboto, and got that one right. “And because of that, you misunderstood that you were getting fat.”

Cocoa: 「あれはそういう意味じゃ…」“That’s not how I meant…”

Panel 4:

Cocoa: 「私のせいだ!」 “It’s all my fault!”

Rize: 「ああそうだな」“Yeah, it seems like it.”

Left side, panel 1:

Chino: 「ところでココアさん…」 “By the way, Cocoa-san…”

Chino: 「一人でパンの試食してましたが自分の体重測ってみましたか?」“You’ve been sampling bread by yourself. Have you checked your weight?” I found 測 to be very easy to find via radical lookup. (It’s WaniKani level 35. So far away!)

Panel 2:

Cocoa: 「私太りにくい体質だったみたい」“It seems I don’t gain weight that easily.” (Very loose translation, as a literal translation’s a bit odd in English. “It seems it’s difficult for my body to get fat.”) The kanji 質 took a bit of effort to look up by radical. (It didn’t help that I was swapping between the app with the comic page and the app with the radical lookup, with no way to view them side-by-side. Level 24.

Chino: 「……」 “……”

Panel 3:

Chino: 「甘い菓子パンばかり食べてたら虫歯になりますよ」 “If you eat nothing but pastries, you’re going to get a cavity.” 虫歯 is one of my very recent learns in WaniKani (just this week).

Cocoa: 「私虫歯にならない体質みたい」 “It seems I don’t get cavities.”

Panel 4:

Chino: rage intensifies

Cocoa: “チノちゃん! 落ち着いて!” “Chino-chan! Calm down!”

I feel good that I was able to read most of the page, and understand most of it. Still some kanji I don’t know, and some lines I’m not certain about.

Of course, most of the comic’s still going to be way out of my reach (for now), but I’m definitely going to consider whether I want to spend part of 2020 giving volume 2 the same treatment I gave volume 1 in 2018: read everything, look up all the kanji (even if I’m not learning it yet), look up all the vocabulary I don’t know (and put it into iKnow or Anki to review), and look up all the grammar I don’t know.

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I couldn’t stop myself from starting volume 7. :sweat_smile:
I’m gonna be so sad when I catch up though.

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What, @Belerith randomly liking one of my posts? Are you reading or just lurking?

I feel called out. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just lurking, haha. Sorry. :cry: Book threads have this weird allure.

I’ll probably pick up at least the first volume of ごちうさ at one point since you’re so taken with it though. :wink: I’m still finishing up よつばと! (minus the last volume D:) and then I will be reading Sailor Moon. Maybe after that?

It’s not a finished series yet, is it?


It’s still ongoing. Volume 8 came out three months ago (and I just started it a few days ago :blush:). I think it’s probably the most popular series being published in まんがタイムきららMAX, so I doubt it’ll end for a while longer (unless the author wants to or the magazine shuts down). I’m starting to check out some other series from this magazine since I’m nearly caught up with this one.


Well this just happened.


That reminds me, I was going to post something here last night.

First, I read this (three panels):

And then I was checking out some NES games, and I read this:

I feel this vindicates Chiya.


Ha, nice.


What’s a cat doing in a rabbit manga?

Edit: Not that I’m complaining.

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They’re on vacation!

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By the way, I only have three chapters left in volume 8. Volume 8 came out in September 2019. The average time between volumes is apparently 13 months (smallest gap was 10 months; largest was 18 months). So likely volume 9 will be out towards the end of this year. Gonna be a while…

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The day has finally arrived. I finished volume 8 of the manga. Now the only way to keep reading is to read one chapter at a time via the magazine digitally (350 yen each) or wait until the next volume is published.