あなたも殺人犯になれる! ❗ (IBC) - Week 2

あなたも殺人犯になれる! :exclamation:
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Week 2 October 28th, 2023
Chapter(s) #2 & #3
Start page 16
End page 30
Page count 15
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Proper Nouns

Name Hiragana reading Notes first mentioned in
赤川次郎 あかがわじろう the author cover
岡本聡美 おかもとさとみ main character, manga course participant chapter 1
箱根 はこね town in Kanagawa chapter 1
戸沢 とざわ secretary general from S Publishing chapter 1
七ツ谷むらさき ななつたにむらさき the female manga teacher chapter 1
菅野尚子 すがのなおこ course participant chapter 1
山名武三 やまなたけぞう the prisoner chapter 2
田所隆 たどころたかし the police officer chapter 2
中島 なかじま local policeman chapter 2
ミキ みき middle school student chapter 3
笠原信二 かさはらしんじ ミキ’s father, course participant chapter 3
百合子 ゆりこ ミキ’s mother chapter 3


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Chapter 2

I have read chapter 2 but it took me a while to understand anything. Wasn’t expecting at all a complete change of scenery and characters! Almost feels like starting a new book haha. So I think I will need a re-read here too, then it will probably go smoother, now that I know who is who and have an idea of what happens.
Now I’m very curious to see if Chapter 3 goes back to the plot from Chapter 1 (which I assume is the main plot) or continues on the story from Chapter 2.


Chapter 2 & 3 thoughts:

I enjoyed these chapters more than last week’s. The story is still in introduction mode, but the 田所 & 山名 setup adds some suspense, even if it also feels a little obvious. Like I half expected 中島 to mention he was only 2 days from retirement before he went off to chaperone the murderous criminal :’D we’ll see what happens!

The bit with 笠原’s family was funny. I hope we see them again.

Also, always love the “character ruminates on a bad gut feeling as they look on to the literal storm coming their way” scene. Classic.

Chapter 2 & 3

Reread of Chapter 2 went much better! Was able to understand easily this time.
Damn I got super anxious when バシン happened, that was a good one. Can understand that poor 田所 nearly had a heart attack.

No big problem for Chapter 3, won’t need a reread :smiley:

Had a lot of the same thoughts as you @Sasabonsam hehe, classic but enjoyable! Looking forward to more!

Chapters 2 and 3

It took me a while to understand what was going on in chapter 2, didn’t help that I tried to read at night when I was tired. Thankfully it made sense at last and chapter 3 was back to being easily understood. I wonder how long it will take for the stories to merge.


Just caught up in time for week 3! Been so busy and things were vague so I needed the clarity so I decided to switch to digital for easier lookups, and it’s made a load of difference.

Chapter Thoughts

Great chapters, finally have a direction now! I thought the older detective was stabbed by the criminal at first but instead it was a medical problem, right? Did I misunderstand that?

The switching between perspectives was annoying at first but I’m getting used to it. Wish that I better knew who was talking in each scene but hopefully I’ll get better at that skill!


Was my first impression too that maybe he got shot or something like that, just when the author got us to relax too, but since he’s fine in chapter 3 then I also deduced that it was only its disease back there.


I’m a little confused as to what you both are talking about, was it these lines? :


I understood that as him being told by loved ones/colleagues to get a doctor’s exam because he hadn’t taken a day off work for 3 months. Like a general purposes health checkup after working himself so hard. It was after characters were talking about how he was supposed to be on vacation with his family, and there was no mention of a specific injury or disease as far as I could tell.


It is at the end of chapter 2:



This is exactly what the author wants us to think here, so you understood it perfectly :+1:


Haha good to know. Not the first time that I misunderstand something and think that it’s due to my poor Japanese but turns out the author did it on purpose. Probably not the last time either:x


I get a feeling already that the author likes to prank readers in this way, so it’s probably good to keep an eye out on such things :grin:


Oh! Thank you for pointing that out, I missed the implication and completely forgot about that line :sweat: