あなたも殺人犯になれる! ❗ (IBC) - Week 11

あなたも殺人犯になれる! :exclamation:
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Week 11 December 30th, 2023
Chapter(s) #19 & #20
Start page 160
End page 175
Page count 16
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Name Hiragana reading Notes first mentioned in
赤川次郎 あかがわじろう the author cover
岡本聡美 おかもとさとみ main character, manga course participant chapter 1
箱根 はこね town in Kanagawa chapter 1
戸沢 とざわ secretary general from S Publishing chapter 1
七ツ谷むらさき ななつたにむらさき the female manga teacher chapter 1
菅野尚子 すがのなおこ course participant chapter 1
山名武三 やまなたけぞう the prisoner chapter 2
田所隆 たどころたかし the police officer chapter 2
中島 なかじま local policeman chapter 2
ミキ みき middle school student chapter 3
笠原信二 かさはらしんじ ミキ’s father, course participant chapter 3
百合子 ゆりこ ミキ’s mother chapter 3
宇部果林 うべかりん course participant,『か』of 『カバカ』 chapter 4
馬場しのぶ ばばしのぶ course participant,『ば』of 『カバカ』 chapter 4
加藤ジュン かとうじゅん course participant,『か』of 『カバカ』 chapter 4
富田丈一 とみたじょういち 尚子’s fiancé (full name in chapter 5) chapter 4
堺法行 さかいのりゆき course participant chapter 5
相沢弥生 あいざわやよい course participant chapter 5
宝塚 たからづか Takarazuka Revue chapter 7
長谷川清美 はせがわきよみ lodge keeper/employee? chapter 7
河本さつき かわもとさつき course participant chapter 7
安楽深雪 あんらくみゆき course participant chapter 7
真田万里 さなだまり course participant chapter 7


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Chapter 19

Wow okay, didn’t see the upside-down man coming! (even though it’s literally the title of the chapter :laughing:)
So I’m assuming that “山名” is 田所? I can’t see another possibility, I don’t think the policemen from the first chapters could have survived the real 山名. But then it’s unclear to me if 田所 just really happened to be unlucky and knock himself unconscious, or if fake 中島 has something to do with it. Because why wouldn’t 田所 just knock on the door in the first place?
Also I had another theory, that back when fake 中島 went to the small hut in the backyard and fired some shots, he actually shot someone and will use the wounded / dead body later, but since the person from the roof is still alive, I’m thinking it must be 田所.

Chapter 20

Well this time I DID see the gunshot coming, I read the title a little better x) but wow wasn’t expecting who fired it and on who. Curious to know what happened there, smells like むらさき has something to do with it…

chapters 19 and 20

I was expecting the whole “don’t believe in what he says!” Plotline, so I was a bit disappointed, but I enjoyed chapter 20! Curious to see where it’s going.

Chapter 19

I was also expecting it, but thought the over-the-top delivery was still pretty funny. Like “Definitely don’t trust this incredibly evil criminal!! Even if he says ‘I’m actually a detective’, he’s totally lying and you’ll fall for his lies. Don’t go near him!” It gave me a smile. To stash him in the room with the dead body though… ayy that’s mean.

Chapter 20

The 富田 and 尚子 thing was really unexpected. We knew there was some drama coming their way but… that? :0

Also, call me crazy but the author has set a precedent by mentioning ghosts that can eat, yell at people, and generally appear alive. Maybe we’ll see one on page before the book is done? :upside_down_face:

Chapter 19

That’s what I wondered, as well, but I don’t really have an answer. But if fake 中島 had a hand in this, wouldn’t he make sure 田所 is really dead?

I was also expecting it, but thought the over-the-top delivery was still pretty funny.

Me too. Also…did the housekeeper admit that she drew the curtain so that guests wouldn’t get disturbed by the hanging body while they were eating? That made me chuckle, as well, but I’m not completely sure I got it right.

Chapter 20

So, we got our first murder, or at least self-defense killing officially done by a participant. Given the title of the book, I would have asked for my money back if no-one new had become a murderer by the end.

Did I get it right that 聡美 fainted just because 深雪 talked about ghosts? That seems kind of out of character for her. I wonder if there’s some other reason.

Chapter 19

Haha yes, that was funny. The whole book would make a good comedy movie I feel like

Chapter 20

From what I remember, 深雪 is sitting on the couch, and then she pretends to stand up but hides her legs on the side of the sofa so that they are not visible, her skirt is hiding her knees, and then says “look I’m a ghost I have no legs lol”. Somehow that works on 聡美 and she faints, and then hides her embarrassment by convincing herself that she just fell asleep super fast as she was tired from being up at night

Nice job on catching up :smiley:

Chapter 20

Makes sense. I was a little unsure what the deal with the missing legs was.

Even better if it’s a comedy manga or anime movie. A manga would make this chapter very meta, because when 深雪 says she’s documenting the training camp as a manga, you’d start to wonder if it’s the one you’re reading and if the author will be the last one standing and if she’s an unreliable narrator :exploding_head:.

Thank you! I think at any other time of the year, the pace of the IBC would have been too fast for me, but the holiday season really saved me.


Wow it’s so interesting that the other characters are as unhinged as the criminal :joy: