あなたも殺人犯になれる! ❗ (IBC) - Week 13

あなたも殺人犯になれる! :exclamation:
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Week 13 January 13th 2024
Chapter(s) #23 & #24
Start page 194
End page 208
Page count 15
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Name Hiragana reading Notes first mentioned in
赤川次郎 あかがわじろう the author cover
岡本聡美 おかもとさとみ main character, manga course participant chapter 1
箱根 はこね town in Kanagawa chapter 1
戸沢 とざわ secretary general from S Publishing chapter 1
七ツ谷むらさき ななつたにむらさき the female manga teacher chapter 1
菅野尚子 すがのなおこ course participant chapter 1
山名武三 やまなたけぞう the prisoner chapter 2
田所隆 たどころたかし the police officer chapter 2
中島 なかじま local policeman chapter 2
ミキ みき middle school student chapter 3
笠原信二 かさはらしんじ ミキ’s father, course participant chapter 3
百合子 ゆりこ ミキ’s mother chapter 3
宇部果林 うべかりん course participant,『か』of 『カバカ』 chapter 4
馬場しのぶ ばばしのぶ course participant,『ば』of 『カバカ』 chapter 4
加藤ジュン かとうじゅん course participant,『か』of 『カバカ』 chapter 4
富田丈一 とみたじょういち 尚子’s fiancé (full name in chapter 5) chapter 4
堺法行 さかいのりゆき course participant chapter 5
相沢弥生 あいざわやよい course participant chapter 5
宝塚 たからづか Takarazuka Revue chapter 7
長谷川清美 はせがわきよみ lodge keeper/employee? chapter 7
河本さつき かわもとさつき course participant chapter 7
安楽深雪 あんらくみゆき course participant chapter 7
真田万里 さなだまり course participant chapter 7


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The week hasn’t even really started and I’m done already. Couldn’t wait to see another one bite the dust, even though it was kinda predictable at this point.

Chapter 23

I feel bad for 戸沢, getting killed after just discovering the joys of manual labor.

Chapter 24

Somehow I feel even worse for 田所, even though he’s still alive. At least neither of them had to hear カバカ’s jokes :slight_smile:


Chapter 24


Can someone explain the last phrase here? I was able to work out the meaning ie that the first half of the sentence is what 聡美 was expecting to see, and that was not what she saw. (though to start off with I was very confused because I didn’t understand the negation). But I can’t work out the grammar here. Am I right in thinking that this is something to do with the N1 grammar point の至り?


This is 〜たりする in the negative with the は particle for emphasis. I googled for an outside source to confirm and it seems like Maggie sensei mentioned it specifically in a comment reply. Since it’s not in the main lesson you may need to (command/control + f) たりはしない for it. Lesson Link.

— いたりはしなかった
— was absolutely not anything like that


That is super helpful.
From Maggie Sensei’s comment it seems that using Xたりしない has the implication that X is expected or anticipated, and as you say, the は adds the implication that there was nothing like X seen.

Chapter 23 and 24

RIP 戸沢, I think he was my favorite character. But maybe simply because he has had the most presence? It’s a bit weird at times to not see more of the other characters, especially considering how many there are, in such a small place. I had totally forgotten about カバカ for example.

And agreed with poor 田所, crossing fingers that somehow it ends with him surviving and getting a nice retirement.

Interesting that they notice at the end of Chapter 24 that all victims were male, I wonder if 山中 has done it on purpose, and if yes why (the physical strength, because he would be in more danger to be opposed by men than women, or something else?)

There are a lot of times where I wish the author would elaborate some more, like after the scene with the vase. “So I wanted to ask him to kill me but I couldn’t get the rope off”. “Oh I guess I didn’t have to throw a vase at his face then” and then they just walk away?? Tell people about that and they joke?
Well I guess I know that the author is going for the comic effect and not for something super plausible, but sometimes it’s just a bit hard to let it go. And like each chapter brings more questions than answers. I still hope that we will get answers for many things, what was the deal with the mangaka and the fiance, will the mangaka be confronted by the participant, what does the mangaka know and why is she not revealing anything to the others, what happened in the little cabin in the backyard at the beginning, how did 山中 even made it out of the patrol car, how did 田所 end up upside down on the roof, etc

Chapter 24

Or maybe the whole purpose was to be able to say “男はつらいよ”, which is the title of the chapter but also apparently a Japanese film series that has had 48 installments between 1969 and 1995 男はつらいよ - Wikipedia


I wouldn’t say he was my favorite, but he was one of the few characters where I could always remember who he was and how his name was pronounced, I’ll miss him :sob:.

I also got the feeling that he was targeting the men first on purpose because he thinks they’re a greater threat. In the scene where he tries to get one of the men to come with him to shack, he was also clearly trying to get one of them alone. What I still don’t understand is why he didn’t just kill 聡美 instead while he had the chance. His intro made it sounds like he enjoys killing everyone equally, after all.

Like you said, there’s a lot of mysteries still open. But this one…

Wasn’t there a scene where he gets out of the car after it crashed onto a steep, muddy slope and right after that it slides into the river?

I guess I got used to this kind of thing being played for humor after the scene where 長谷川 waits until her guests finish dinner to reveal that 田所 was hanging from the roof. Poor guy could have died in the meantime after all.


Ah yes, true, but not on how he got on top of them 3 before that!


I can’t remember how much of it was spelled out, but I think we got enough details to pierce it together without another reveal. First, the policemen made the mistake of switching seats so that one of them had his holster next to 山名 so that he could easily grab the gun. So I guess the implication is that he shot the driver first(?) which caused the accident and then he picked off the other policemen that weren’t already unconscious from the crash, which would have been easy for him because he was the only one who could brace for the impact and already had a gun in hand.


Wow everybody’s so nonchalant about Tozawa dying :neutral_face: The comic bits about Tadokoro was unexpected :joy: I was expecting him to be freed, not him getting tied even more and hit with a vase on the head :joy:


Legit!! That poor dude was not very smart lol, but he didn’t deserve to die!! :'((