「NG」 is okay WaniKani show「革命者」word instead of「革命家」〜


革命者」is found at level 25〜 technically incorrect〜 it should be 「革命家

usually when i’m meet words with meaning which i cannot understand i’m usually done with adding synonym〜 but i’m realized when searching some certain books using 「革命者」〜 no result appear〜〜 so this time i’m try to state my opinion〜

to be precise i’m check「革命者」on both my dictionary 「研究社英和辞典 / スーパー大辞林」and no words 「革命者」found〜

then i’m GGRKS immediately and cannot find proof 「革命者」existed〜 even found it mostly going into Chinese/Taiwan/Baidu search result〜

books im wanted is written using 「革命家」〜

other books proof of existence 「革命家」↓ ↓ ↓

7 wwwwwwwww

please keep in mind i’m don’t have any intent to make WaniKani bad or such、i’m just want to constructive for some content revision so WaniKani even better〜

from sketch, novel, manga even government books use 「革命家」〜 so probably 「革命者」is archaic or incorrect because i cannot find any media records using 「革命者」〜

here’s just my feedback〜 feel free to consider if 「革命者」should renamed to 「革命家」in level 25〜 it’s not major feedback but i think is okay to trying improve content quality a bit〜



Interesting. Perhaps you should move this to “Bugs & Errors” or at least tag @mamimumason

You can certainly find 革命者 if you just do a google search with quotation marks.

I think it’s wrong to say it’s “incorrect”.

Though 革命家 is certainly more commonly used. But that hasn’t concerned WK in the past.

wwwwww “革命家ドラえもん”
Hilarious. :joy: Thank you for finding that, made my morning!!

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Haha yeah, apparently 革命家ドラえもん has teeth?

はっあい〜 i’ll do that〜 let’s ask 〜

「革命者」と「革命家」の単語の正しい言葉どちらですか〜 (゚.゚*)いろいろな辞書で調べみましたでも「革命者」みつかりません。「革命者」と「革命家」を両方の使い分けについてどう?


the only things i can found after searching online is only weblio〜 but when i’m lurk into example sentence〜 nothing show up〜 it’s always show like this〜

もちろんです〜☆ どらえもん実は革命家(゚▽゚) w

It didn’t take me all that long to find uses of it.


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uwaaaa〜 you give two links with very different nuance〜 first one are super serious link〜 and second one is about fan-fiction novel stuff〜

even is very uncommon (omitted in most major dictionary and printed media) but i at least i can see actual use of 「革命者」on internet〜 thanks for pointing out!!

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Yup he does have teeth! Both in the show and the manga

Plus I stumbled on this:

And I thought my morning couldn’t get any better…


Haha yeah he only shows his teeth when angry. Not when eating dorayaki.


@anon20839864 I agree with @Leebo. 革命者 is used too, but barely. 革命家 is definitely more common.

This was already on our list of changes - we’re just waiting on the new audio :wink:




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