Two Suggestions for WaniKani

Hi everyone. Been using WaniKani for a while now, have reached level 10. I have two suggestions that I keep thinking about that I wanted to share.

  1. Review from English word
    I find that Wanikani is helping a lot with my reading, so when I see something like 世の中, I recognize and understand it. But when I’m trying to write or speak, if I want to say “society”, I have trouble coming up with the word on the fly. So, I would love for there to be an option for reviewing from an English prompt, i.e. “society” and you type “yo no naka”

  2. Full Review
    There are kanji that I mostly know, and that wanikani thinks I know, so they never show up on the review. However, like all things, time comes into play. For instance, I have “public” or 公 on enlightened, but it was so long ago and I haven’t seen it in so long, when I encounter it while reading, I find that I have to look it up. I’d love to do a full 100% review of all kanji I’ve enlightened that asks me kunyomi, onyomi and meaning, maybe once a month. Just to keep things fresh.

These are my suggestions. Let me know what you think.

These are common suggestions, so your feedback has been heard.

If you’d like a solution for problem 1 for now, try out


And for suggestion two you can check out Self Study.


I think the best solution to the second problem is just to read a lot. I think that recognizing a word (or kanji) on a flashcard is always going to be different from recognizing it in the wild, and I don’t know if you can bridge that gap with more drilling. I think you bridge it by doing what you did - see it, not recognize it, look it up, and then immediately go “oh! Of course!”

My opinion, though.


For the 1st on there is also KameSame. Also this (Torii) might be interesting since it also offers Reverse learning, but not just on WK vocab.

With the second one I agree as well. I had taken a break in between due to private live and now I’ve already burned my first items. It would be nice however that I none the less get that at some point back into my queue to remember them.

you can unburn stuff, so no problem.
as for production, i question the value. i can see that more exposure is always a good thing, but that could really be any form.
please don’t make me do a wonky reverse-wk.

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I would like to have that feature too. I have started to read though, in the hope it would help make a few things stick better.

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