“Show Upcoming Reviews”

there seems to be posts on this topic already, but since they are not recent, it may be time to revisit the idea.

On Bunpro, I have found the “show upcoming reviews” option both useful and extremely effective. To focus on a small group of grammar points at a time has undoubtedly raised my level of motivation as well as knowledge on grammar.

Having a similar option on Wanikani reviews would definitely be a welcomed upgrade. After all, a “to-be-burned” bunch of kanji is more or less a distant memory when it finally arrives on screen.

The purpose of SRS is to train your long-term memory in such a way that you don’t need to study before reviews. Telling you which reviews are coming up would defeat the purpose.


I am not familiar with the Bunpro feature you refer to so I don’t know to what extent what I propose here is useful to you. There is a way to configure the Item Inspector script to display the upcoming WK reviews. Here is the procedure.

  • Install the Item Inspector script.

  • Go to the settings

  • Got to the Tables tab.

  • Click on the New button This will display a new table named

  • In the Edit Table Name field type “Upcoming Reviews” to change the table name to something meaningful.

Add New Table

  • Scroll down a bit to bind another series of tabs.
  • Select the Contents tab
    *Set the Table Data Element to Next Review Date. This will sort the Wanikani items in the table in increasing order or Review date.
  • Set the Third Popup Element to Review Wait Time. This will display to time you need to wait for the review in the item popup data.

Table Elements

  • Scroll down a bit to find the Other Settings section
  • Click the Show Hours in Markers check box. This will ensure the date information displayed include the hours.

show hours

  • Save your settings with the Save button at the bottom of the settings dialog.

There you go. The Upcoming Reviews table is listed in the Table Section dropdown list of Item Inspector. Select this table in the dropdown to access it.

Item Inspector is extremely configurable. I encourage you to try the many options to find a table configuration that best fit your needs…

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