Script for forwarding reviews?

Is there a WaniKani script for doing reviews 1 or 2 hours earlier?

Soon I am starting my summer internship, and have to get up a lot earlier than I am used to. I usually do WaniKani in the bed while eating breakfast and having coffee, which is amazing, so I want to continue with that habit. The only problem is that most of my reviews ticks in at 9 am, but I have to leave about 8am. If I could push the reviews a couple hours early that would fix the problem. I tried to search for something like it, but did not find anything. After a while reviews will start to be earlier, but most of my masters-burns are 9am and later, and that will take a while to change. Any feedback is well appreciated.

There’s not facility for that. The only way I can think of would be to delay some reviews until the next morning until the schedule aligns.


There is a natural; no script solution that many forum users have actually asked the WaniKani team not to change in the future: the natural SRS timings, which natively have a “hour skip” (on anything after Apprentice 2). You can use that, or you can just wait, as alo suggested.

There is no way to adjust review times artificially.

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Rip… but thanks!

Do you mean that reviews comes at 23 hours and 47 hours and so on?

Yep. It’s that (unintentional) quirk which allows for the current sub-7 day level-up schedule. Non-speedrunners, so to speak, like to use it for fixing or adjusting their schedules, which is exactly what you are trying to do.

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You can delay all reviews for almost a day, by turning on vacation mode. And after that do your lessons earlier, so they line up with your desired review times.