Zombie Radical

Half the kanji containing the zombie radical don’t have a grave on their head at all. Maybe it should be another radical? idk.


They’re completely overhauling the radicals. So send an email to them at hello@wanikani.com or use the @ thing to notify them (if you have other radical thoughts/complaints/etc)

How will that affect already learned radicals, though? What if they change one that was already learned, won’t that have a ripple effect where the mnemonics will be incoherent now, and delay learning?

They haven’t really explained it how they’d roll it out, but leaving it in a state where we get complaints every day just because some people using it right now might have a little bit of a tough transition isn’t a good reason to not have it be better for… the rest of time.

Well there is some changes coming. I think it was maybe couple of months. New Mnemonics at least. Too bad i don’t remember where i did see some staff member post about that.

No, of course not, I’m not against progress, just curious as to how it’ll be implemented.

Radicals that have been changed will have a hidden whitelist for the old meaning. So if you learned it as its old meaning, you’ll still be able to type in that answer and get it marked as correct. However, it will no longer show up in the meanings or anywhere else that’s visible on the user end.

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Can we somehow find out what stuff changed? I sometimes find myself going back to some old kanji and have a “wth I swear I never saw that description” moment. Of course I didn’t…

Great :slight_smile: that sounds like a very good solution

As with most large changes, we’ll write up an explanation and details in a post here on the forums and add it to our compilation list, though we’ll need to make a new one, since the old one has been archived.

WK Updates Compilation (Here’s the current one)

We’ll also have a copy of that post on our blog here. Which is also where we post the changes we make each week.

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