Link to kanji radical is referring to

Sometimes I forget a kanji. But that’s fine, I can just look up the radicals it consists of and read the mnemonic again.
But then: I forgot one of the complex radicals too. Oops. Fortunately I can just click on the radical itself to see why it’s called the way it is.
But then: “This radical is the same as the kanji.”
There is however, no quick way to look up that kanji’s mnemonic now. Unless, of course, you select the radical itself, copypaste it into the search, and then click on the corresponding kanji. That seems… just a little bit unintuitive and I think this could easily be fixed by the radical just linking to the kanji it’s based on.

Maybe this is a little bit nitpicky, but hey. I figured it was worth bringing up :smiley:


This feature was requested before, and they said they will look into it, but I don’t know if it’s still on their todo-list.


Oh yeah. I second that so much!
I have a list of QoL changes that I keep stashed, but do want to make a feedback post about them sooner than later.

This is on that list as “namesake kanjis on radical page”. I mean, it’s just plainly annoying that you don’t see the identical kanji on the radical page, or that there’s no obvious/easy way to just get that info. I think it could definitely be shown on radical page.

What worries me are the dates on that linked thread - Jan 2022. “we can look into this” yeeea :smiley:


In fairness, Wanikani is usually really good at responding to requests, but this is probably on their “this would be good to do” checklist and not their “the site will go down if we don’t fix this ASAP”, “this is having a massive effect on every user’s experience”, or “this has been requested a billion times” checklists.

I definitely agree that I would love to see this implemented because sometimes my mind goes blank when I see a radical, but keep in mind that Wanikani definitely receives a ton of requests on how to improve the experience, and they’re trying to do as much as possible.


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