Yuta - Legit Program With Shady Advertising, Or Worse?

From the grammar and urgent nature of this message, I have a feeling if I sign up for this course I will soon be contacted by a long-lost uncle from another country who needs help moving his vast fortune.


You should obviously do something. You only have until .


Operators are standing by! You don’t want to miss this late-nite 90s informercial!

In all seriousness though, I like That Japanese Man Yuta’s youtube videos. I know if I were to make this $400 purchase though, I’d just get a bunch of videos and some boilerplate elementary Japanese grammar instruction, probably paraphrased from Tae Kim.


But then goes on to tout his (rather modest) collection:

And then 3 pages of testimonials. Seems legit.

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Incidentally, that’s the number of books I’d need to move out of my way just to get TO my collection (I seriously need to organize it!)!

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No one is talking about “Social Justice Warriors” and even bringing it up is incredibly inappropriate as it has nothing to do with this discussion.


Let’s avoid politics. They only matter to Americans anyway. Everyone else either KNOWS their elected governments are trash, or have let them run amok for so long that they don’t even have the freedom to say anything about it. America is the only place that simultaneously has the freedom of expression, but also the inclination to berate their government for it.

Anyway, back at hand with the Japanese Man Yuta scam.


Presumably you signed up for free emails from Yuta if you got this, right? So you know who he is and what his level of English and teaching ability are. (Fairly high imo).

Doesn’t mean you have to like the limited time offer thing, just seems weird that you make it sound like you don’t know who it is.


I don’t know if he’s the one writing the emails. His spoken English in his videos seems to be much more proficient than the Engrish shown here.

But also yes, 90s informercial ACT NOW! And no actual preview or demonstration of the product, whatever form it may be in. Just hype. 赤旗

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Also, that’s a modest collection of textbooks? Do people collect beginner textbooks? Why would someone need more than a few (unless it was important to their job teaching Japanese).

I mean, if you’re going to collect them, go all out. I’ve posted in other threads that I genuinely just enjoy studying and have many textbooks.

I think like 90% of people who use a textbook as a solo learner use one of the three or so big ones, which he seems to have. So presumably that’s just letting people know he’s familiarized himself with the major offerings.

I’m not sure I have any in my possession these days (I sold someone my mostly untouched Genki back in the day), so that is a shame I’ll be willing to live with I guess.

You’re right that I can’t speak to the efficacy or validity of his program - I can only go off of the used car salesman approach he uses. As they say, trash in, trash out. BUT I bet that course can hold a LOT of spaghetti.

And eventually I may downsize. I might even do a giveaway. Once the books reach a point of just being furniture, I’ll keep them for a little while as decor. I may do my own instruction program and require a lot of pictures to display my collection. Or just make a shorthand list of books I DON’T have, which is probably shorter. :smiley:

I have no opinion on it either, and only watch his videos occasionally. Just was perplexed by the implied distrust of who he was and textbook measuring contest, but I guess it’s cleared up now.


If previous experience has taught me anything, with the confusion and odd lines of questioning, we are about to embark on the greatest ship of all - friendship.

Why not both? Yuta, while I admire his free content, runs his course like a “get rich quick” scheme, and not a real resource.


I never really liked his videos too much; something always felt a bit “off” with him. Could be I just didn’t vibe with his personality. Considering a lot of his videos seemed to be baiting viewers with videos centered around getting girls, I’m not too surprised about this. Not to say he didn’t make some other good videos.

Probably not a good idea to make wild generalized claims after you say this if this was your goal :sweat_smile:.


I kind of lump him in with George from Japanese From Zero. They both come off as used car salesman, although George is more old school than Yuta, but their courses seem pretty legit. It’s just the marketing that gets slimy sometimes.


A bold claim

Looks like a scam to me. To sell my teaching ability I would not post a pile of books. They could belong to anybody.
I would expect to be able to do some sample lessons before I signed up. Or at least a recommendation from someone around the forums.
Am I too suspicious?