Matt vs. Japan on Wanikani: Do you agree?


I decided to check out Matt vs. Japan’s video on kanji, and he mentioned WaniKani from around 27:30 to 30:00. What do you think?

TL;DR: He basically said that kanji readings don’t exist and you should avoid learning them, and it’s bad that it’s out of context too.

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None, it either works for you or dosen’t.

Case by case basis it’s useless to compare in my opinion.


We’ve already had a thread about this exact video, if anyone knows what that thread was called. There have also been many other threads about Matt, if you search around.


Who cares what that scam artist thinks? 28:10 Lame to pay for wanikani? How rich.

This is just gonna be another shit on MattvsJapan thread, I hope you realize. Not that I actually mind, lol

  1. You have to pay.
  • So what?
  1. You are not learning the words in context, hurrdurr.
  • So? Wanikani isn’t teaching you japanese, it’s teaching you how to read. You are supposed to read as well and learn the words in their context.

Braindead take.


Tip: Don’t give up with WaniKani and get discouraged because of what that scammer says


No because his arguments against it are actually the reasons not to use RTK and are actually FOR Wanikani. Its a bad video that seems to just want say “I did it the right way.”

EDIT: It is a very old video at this point and can largely be ignored at this point.

  1. Thread about something already extensively talked about on here

  2. Video from 4.5 years ago that doesn’t align with the person’s current opinion

  3. Asking wanikani users if they agree people shouldn’t use wanikani

  4. Matt vs Japan

Recipe for a truly thought provoking and productive discussion


You got plenty of attention and responses on your other thread. Why not go check those?


Huh, didn’t realize he was the author of that thread. OP is trolling.


Yeah I’m down to just report the thread and call it a day. If OP actually cares and isn’t just trying to get clicks or start shit, we could find the old thread for him.


Does anyone actually kn ow where Matt vs Japan went? He hasn’t posted on either Refold or his main channel for over 5 months now.

thinking about this specifically, this OP is also the owner of the “Are mnemonics bad?” thread as well, so I think it’s safe to remove this thread and flag it seeing how that one devolved so quickly and since there already is a Matt vs. Japan thread


I usually don’t bother with Matt’s content, especially since his earlier videos were really elitist. (More importantly… it’s completely OK to think your way is the best or to advertise it as such, but he used to go really hardcore on the ‘input without output’ stuff.) However, in this case… the video description says this:

I COMPLETELY DISAGREE WITH THIS VIDEO NOW. Here are my current ideas on learning kanji:

That’s followed by a link, so perhaps he has different thoughts on WK and kanji in general right now.

And you are in RtK? Come on. :rofl: Readings are the first hint at the fact that kanji even exist in various context if you ask me. Additionally… how many courses can actually teach you kanji in context? WK has context sentences. At least it’s making an effort in that sense. Finally, if you really want context, go find sentences in content yourself, preferably stuff that interests you. No kanji course can do that for you.

To be fair (unless there’s proof OP is being deliberately controversial without genuinely wanting to know), that’s kinda on everyone who replied.

Anyway, to anyone who’s genuinely interested in Matt vs Japan’s opinions on this, check the link in the video description because that’s his current opinion.


So yeah, let’s have the OP mark that as the answer. Not even Matt agrees with Matt.


Matt haters now realizing that if they disagree with Matt, they’ll be agreeing with Matt


Don’t forget: Everyone’s learning journey is different and the opinions surrounding that are as well. Don’t hate on that creator for having a bad experience with a service.

What I think is often missed in these reviews and comparisons, is that you don’t need the best method, but a method that works. There are better methods for Kanji and reading comprehension than WaniKani in terms of speed, volume and connection to supplemental material. But none of those trigger that dopamine in my brain, keeping me engaged, quite like WaniKani does. It fulfills it’s role along side Anki and Grammar Textbooks in my learning journey, not because it’s the best, but because it works for me.

Also WaniKani’s interconnections, thanks to it’s large community size, is what I value the most. A thing that is not part of the feature set of this service or advertised anywhere. Things like userscripts to connect WaniKani to the Anime sentence database, referencing and tagging every entry in terms of WaniKani progression and JLPT level if applicable, the heatmap userscript allowing one to measure progress of a certain time period in the past, free third party apps like Flaming Durtles building a featureset from the perspective of a learner and not a service (e.g. offline - online hybrid syncing), etc.

WaniKani isn’t cheap and this will price out low income individuals. Especially considering it fulfills only a part of one’s language journey. It actually is a very decisive point I think and an important point to analyze.


He went Whale Hunting for Whales that sound out Hiragana the 100% correct way with his friend who is a veteran sca… whale hunter.


I gotta say, I wasn’t too sure at first but you make a good argument with that point.


ダニング=クルーガー効果 is very much a real thing.