Your favorite funny/weird context sentences

So regardless of whether they’re useful, WaniKani can get pretty weird with their context sentences. I was wondering what your guys favorite context sentence is (if you have any at all).

I came across this one just now and felt like it couldn’t go unmentioned.

The guy writing these needs a raise.


Usually it is the new mother herself, who eats the placenta…


O_O Is that a thing?!


Just add salt, pepper, and tabasco sauce :yum:


Sure, there’re even various recipes available, like smoothies, lasagnas etc

Although it seems so gross to me… :nauseated_face:

Also, that’s the blog of the guy in the example sentence:

As soon as Diane delivered her placenta at the hospital, it was packed up and handed to me by a nurse (the hospital freely released the placenta upon request). I rushed home with the fresh organ. Though reluctant to leave my wife and newborn’s side, I needed to start preparing the placenta as soon as possible.

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There is a thread about this exact topic: Funny examples?


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