Example Sentences are not correct

I just started using the wanikani application and I’m really satisfied and could already mastering some vocabulary.
I’m still beginner, so I don’t know well.
But what I’m wondering, are these context sentences which are used as example for new vocabulary written by native speakers?
My wife is japanese and she told me, some sentences are really not good and a kind of unpolite. She recommend me not to study these sentences.
Does Wanikani just teach correct sentences?
In japan you won’t hear this kind of sentences, even if it may be correct.

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Yes all of the context sentences are written by native Japanese speakers. It’s a quirk of the site to have kooky sentences. Being impolite and being wrong are two completely different things, however.

They’re all written by natives. Yes, WK uses humor and rudeness in a variety of mnemonics and examples.

Generally speaking, WK does not teach you how to use Japanese. It’s for learning how to read kanji, and the examples give a bit of context. Typically if they’re rude or weird, they’re rude or weird in the English translation as well.

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Different people speak differently. There’s a difference between being wrong, and being ‘not how I would say it’. Personal preference, regional differences, dialects, etc, all change the way people talk. But that doesn’t make any of them wrong. Plus context. Is the example suppose to be from an essay, or two buddies hanging out?

Crude, absurd, or silly example sentences are much more enjoyable and memorable than plain and polite ones.

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