Post the weirdest vocab sentences you've seen on Wanikani

Just had this one for 打つ:

My mom went crazy and pounded my butt with a carrot.

What are yours?


My mom forbade my dad from collecting tasteless dolls.

This family has some issues, I guess. Koichi must have had it rough as a child…but look how well he turned out…guess I’ll be ok.

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It’s for 脅し, I burned this vocab over a year ago at this point and I still remember that sentence.

Or he just has an interesting sense of humour :sweat_smile:

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What’s the english translation of that sentence?

“On the way to the sushi bar I got a threat that said I’ll be murdered if I put soy sauce on my sushi.”


Hahaha amazing

Nothing to this extent of course, but there’s a sushi restaurant near me, where the chef is very particular about the sushi he serves, and the way people eats the sushi. He specifies when to use soy sauce or not - and will yell at you if you put soy sauce when he says not to.

Never been (out of my budget), so it’s just based on stories that I’ve heard.


For the vocab: 幻


After a series of ecstasy filled visions of Salmon, Fugu finally remembered she had been dead for 12 years, and he realized he was seeing an illusion.

I believe the appropriate response to him is, ふざけんじゃねーぞ、黙らなかったら、殺すぞ I should create example sentences.

This isn’t from this site, but you’ve made me remember 以前因为他很胖,所以大家都叫他小胖子。“Because he used to be fat, everyone called him ‘Little Fatty.’”


Condoms aren’t completely safe. My friend was wearing one and got hit by a pickup truck.


It took me just a little too long to realize that wasnt Japanese :upside_down_face:

She has full breasts and always has lovely cleavage.


Vocab: 豊満

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