You Should Watch: Eden's Zero

So to help with my listening, I’ve been watching anime on Netflix, though I’m still at a point where I need Japanese subs as I’m not too confident in my ability to rely entirely on my listening. But it has been a way for me pair what I see with what I’m hearing.

Eden’s Zero is the new anime from the creator of Fairy Tale. It’s been commonly referred to as merely “Fairly Tale in space.” I don’t think that’s entirely fair; I think Edens Zero is more just standard shounen fair and acts accordingly. To be perfectly honest, I don’t even know if the show is even good. Like I said, this does nothing new and you’ve likely seen similar tropes in much better anime. However, my enjoyment in it has to do with how accessible it is for someone looking to practice their Japanese listening.

Edens Zero is primarily for kids (even the fan service is pretty tame by comparison), so a lot of the dialogue is pretty simplistic. So even if there’s grammar concepts that I don’t understand, I can typically figure out what’s going on about 50-60% of time. I’ll give myself some credit–I"ve definitely improved, so a lot of my enjoyment has been being able to keep up with the show and still have a fairly decent idea of what’s going on. And while I kinda was shit talking about the anime, I’ll say that it’s (for now) fairly compedent: I actually like a lot of the character designs here, reminds me of the Phantasy Star games from the genesis days. And the action is pretty cool too. Honestly, these seasonal releases are a godsend to shounen, since you don’t have to deal with filler and the animation remains consistent.

So yeah…I’m enjoying it and it’s a good way to practice listening!