You know you’ve been WKing when

You are on the verge of tears because you got two of the new kanji wrong so there goes leveling any time soon.


I’m sorry! That’s the worst!


You start believing that there’s a userscript for anything.
Cut your finger? There’s a userscript for that
Had a quarrel with your friend? There’s a user script for that.
It’s almost deadline and there’s still lot of work to do? You definitely remember someone mentioning the userscript exactly for that somewhere on the forum…


Not just WK related but more so just learning Japanese in general

When you are always forgetting to switch your IME back to English so almost everything you type ends up looking like gibberish.


You go to bed at 1:30 in the morning and wake up at 5:30 every weekend.


If you’re actually serious, @jprspereira created a nice guide on how you can use WaniKani without sacrificing your sleep schedule. link


I’ve tried it on both mobile and desktop for Firefox and for some reason the script doesn’t seem to update the actual order of the reviews after I move around how I want to study the Kanji. I don’t know if I’m using the wrong build our what.

On the computer I’ve been using the most recently I have to juggle 4 different alphabets :disappointed:

The struggle is real.


This but during the week, all for the Crabigator…

When you get assigned as a buddy to a Japanese international student and you start looking up the kanji in her name to find out at what level you learn them.

Spoiler alert: Three of them aren’t taught on Wanikani so I haven’t a clue what they mean :confused: (better check Jisho)


You know you’ve been WKing when you learn words in English that you don’t even know in your native language. This in a Japanese learning platform.




Never heard of ‘mamoa’ either, but I think that’s a wrong translation, or at least not the most appropriate one. The most general translation for ‘mound’ would be ‘montículo’, though in English it’s a common word. It’s definitely not necessary that there be an acient grave underneath, as Google seems to suggest.


I think the difference between “mamoa” and “montículo” is that the former is man-made while the latter is natural.


Honestly, major kudos to those of you with English as a second language. There’s been many times when I’ve struggled to recall an exact word despite knowing the basic meaning (I’ll admit to frequenting when stuck). To say nothing of nuances like surplus vs. excess. It must be so much harder for you guys.


Appreciate the kinds words :slight_smile:

I think the nuances are not that big of a problem if you have English as a 2nd language. We had to learn the nuances when we were learning the words, after all. We already got some training from it. I guess it might be somehow difficult for English natives since they know what sounds right or wrong, but never really thought about the nuances.


I just realized that I learned this somewhere else. “Milky Way” isn’t even in WK. :man_facepalming:t3:


Hahah, this is the truth!

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A bit off topic but:
You know you are BunProing when you are the one explaining grammar to a native speaker


My roommate just asked me why I always wake up around 7AM

Context: I am currently having my holiday so I have no reason to wake up early. I wake up at 7AM in order to start my lessons. As such, I will have reviews at 11AM and 7PM for those lessons. In the case of one error, I can still do a review at 11PM, which is around my bedtime.

It was a little hard to explain WK to him

Edit: So this is a separate story. I stayed up until around 3AM one night. I thought of just sleeping in and doing my lessons when I wake up. Well, my body understood my normal needs and gave me the power to wake up at 7:30AM without alarm. I did my lessons, and went back to sleep. Thanks body clock


Went to like a family member’s photo on facebook. Thought “damn, I’m all out of likes though”.

okay so this is more of a “you know you’ve been on the forums too much” thing whatever you can’t tell me what to do