First burn for meeee

MY FIRST BURN! IT FINALLY HAPPENED! Been studying since last October… feels like a mountain I’ve been climbing so wholly appropriate that my first burn was the Mountain radical!

I also burned another 9 radicals in the same review session so am feeling pretty good right now.

I think I’d been a little down because I’ve been using WaniKani so long and know a bunch of random words but still can’t speak a single sentence of Japanese (I’m waiting until Level 10, as recommended, before I start looking at grammar and sentence construction) but BURNING SOME TURTLES has perked me up a bit. (Although I love turtles, so I feel kinda bad about it… I’m thinking of it as a sort of cosmic fire that ultimately means they’re in a better place now…)

It is possible!!!


Well done! I had no idea we were supposed to wait to level 10 to look at sentence structure. I’m watching the cure dolly videos and she uses very simple words with furigana. It’s really been a revelation to me because my first language is french. I’m a statistician so I look for patterns and I just could not see them in Japanese until I started watching her videos. I don’t think it hurts to start structure and vocab at the same time. Also, once you see a word in context, it’s so much easier to remember. I also felt I could get more from the info under verbs in the vocab lessons. I won’t pretend I’m learning grammar but I enjoy getting a hint on how the words are put together that I’m learning here on WK.


Thank you! :slight_smile:
The Level 10 I got from when I first started looking at learning Japanese. That’s how I found WaniKani too. I’m kinda hoping that if I follow that instruction, I feel vaguely confident going into grammar/sentences and start off feeling like I know a lot of the words already.

Thanks for the recommendation of Cure Dolly. I’ve not heard of her before but I’ll check out her videos and see if also find them useful. :slight_smile:

I’m at the point where I’m reading tweets in Japanese and able to think “well, that has something to do with a dog and today and a fish” because I recognise some of the kanji but having no idea exactly WHAT happened to the dog and the fish today or how…

I started doing Bunpro at level 8 so where you are now, the first few lessons are very easy so may be worth looking at now?

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Thanks! I might give it a go. I think the only thing stopping me now is the fact that I’m seeing it almost like a “reward” for hitting Level 10 haha

Congrats! I also started in October. I got my first burn 10 days ago. Now more start to show up every day and my hands get really shaky when I input answers for them :smile:


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