eBookJapan moving email to new website

Got an email from eBookJapan that the website is moving to a new website. Trying to read the instructions and moving books and accounts to new website. Posting here just in case others missed it. Probably the instructions for buying books from eBookJapan would no longer be valid.


can you post the content of ur email right here??? I 'm about buy book here !

If you have an existing ebookjapan account, you can check out this post about doing the transfer:

Other than that, it seems the same in regards to making purchases


Without doing any chances, should one still be able to read the comics that were downloaded to read off-line using the Ebireader? I’m about to travel to remote place without wifi and was planning to take an ipad with the ebireader on it to read off-line…

Yeah the ebiReader is still good to use, I could also download a previously purchased item that was on my bookshelf with no issues

I believe if you delete anything though you won’t be able to download it again

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can you post the content of ur email right here??? I 'm about buy book here !

Here’s the full text of the e-mail I received:


***@***.*** 様


2019年2月28日(木)より、新しい「ebookjapan」がYahoo! JAPANサービスとして生まれ変わりました。


発行:株式会社 イーブックイニシアティブジャパン
東京都千代田区麹町1-12-1 住友不動産ふくおか半蔵門ビル
eBookJapan サポートセンター

I haven’t parsed the text in detail, but the gist of it seems to be pretty much that eBookJapan is transferring to a new service on Yahoo! JAPAN, and you need to transfer your account using the process they link to.

Without doing any chances, should one still be able to read the comics that were downloaded to read off-line using the Ebireader? I’m about to travel to remote place without wifi and was planning to take an ipad with the ebireader on it to read off-line…

I haven’t seen any problem with the ebiReader Android app yet, but it’s possible they’ll phase it out at some point in the future. If nothing else, you should probably make sure anything you need is downloaded to your device as soon as possible.

I think the new Yahoo! JAPAN service has its own reader app, but it doesn’t seem to be available in the US region at this time, at least. ebiReader showed me a popup encouraging me to download it at one point, I think, but I foolishly elected to ignore it at the time and haven’t seen it since.

If the new app for Yahoo Japan’s reader isnt made available globally, this is going to suck. :frowning:

As of right now: it says not available in your country.

I used a VPN service on my computer to create a new Google Play account while connected to a Japanese server, and that was enough to be able to download the app from the store in the new account.

But I agree, that shouldn’t be necessary and this whole thing sucks anyway.

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Are there alternative ebook shops that won’t let you go through hoops? I’m currently looking at mibon.jp

Apparently there’s Bookwalker, which seems to be a good place to buy ebooks. I tried out some free books there today to test the readers (Android and Windows) and what I can say is:

1 - The Android reader seems to be pretty good. Plenty of customization with bookshelves, background color when reading and such.

2 - The Windows app apparently has no way to change background color, so unless you’re fine with black text on white background I wouldn’t recommend it. I also tried the browser reader and didn’t find any option to change background color (that’s a big no for me). Of course, this is irrelevant if you don’t plan on reading on a computer.

Please, Bookwalker users, correct me if there is a option for that and I’m just blind or something.

Never heard of mibon.jp, though.

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My problem with Bookwalker is that there’s quite a number of titles that are ‘for Japan domestic sales only’. Checked the place earlier too.

Never heard of mibon before too, but it was one of suggested entries for autocomplete when I searched for 電子書籍 In Google Play. Im looking for JP ebook readers in the store that will allow me to download, then look at their site.

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Oh, that sucks too :cry:

I guess I’ll take a look at it then, never hurts to have some backup sites available if what I’m doing with ebookjapan right now stops working someday.

True. I sent ebookjapan an email asking about a global version of their new app… hoping for good news.

Edit: Mibon looks good… apart from one thing: Cant figure out how to change storage from internal to SD card.


I sent a message to ebookjapan via Twitter about the situation where the new app can’t be installed for Google Accounts outside of Japan. Below is their response:

ご不便をおかけして申し訳ございません。 国外のAPP STORE/Google Playでの取扱いが難しく、現状では新アプリは展開できていません。ebiReaderは継続してお使いいただけますが、新サイトでご購入いただいた書籍の閲覧にはご利用いただけないため、新サイトで購入した書籍はWEBブラウザでの閲覧、もしくはWindowsアプリをご利用いただけませんでしょうか。

Basically, no version of outside Japan at present. Ebireader can still be used but books purchased at the new site cannot be read by the old app. Books bought at the new site can be browsed only by the Web Browser or the Windows application.

Now, if only Mibon has that option to set storage to the SD card instead of internal storage… :frowning:

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There’s also Booklive! which I use (Because it had the book from the book club here), and it’s a great app. I downloaded an apk for it though

Nice, though same problem as others I found… “This item is not available in your country.”

Yeah, that’s why I googled it and downloaded an apk :sweat_smile:

Dang, I wish I’d thought to check the WaniKani forums before moving my account over. I’m now stuck with a new account and a bunch of manga I can’t read on my iPad because I can’t download the app. :frowning:

I mean, I do have a Japanese iTunes account, but – and someone correct me if I’m wrong? – switching iTunes accounts on an iPad is a pain, and even if you download the app there and switch back, you can’t download any updates to the app.

I don’t own any Android devices, so I’m out of luck there.

Soooo thankful i stumbled into this, was just about to buy a manga from ebookjapan but it seems messy, so off to find another site then. Thanks for sharing!

If you mean you were going to buy from them for the first time, I don’t see what would be messy. As far as I can tell the move is complete and they’re not even selling stuff on the old site. If you try to put something in your cart it just takes you to the new site.