Wrong font on Firefox macOS

For some reason, Firefox uses the Osaka font instead of the intended Hiragano Kaku Gothic Pro. Osaka looks very weird, it sort of feels like the site is using comic sans.




Maybe try this?



I have the same issue as @UnicornsOnLSD but this solution didn’t work out for me unfortunately

I had this issue after upgrading to a newer Macbook. I had a bit of a search and it looks like the main font for WaniKani (Hiragano Kaku Gothic Pro) is no longer included in macos as an installed font, but only as “Document Support”. See https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT211240#document.

These fonts are available only in documents that already use the font, or in apps that request the font by name. Some are older fonts that were included with earlier versions of the Mac operating system or Apple apps.

There must be a bug in Firefox which means that these types of fonts aren’t fetched correctly? Regardless, until this is fixed, I just installed the font manually from https://fontsgeek.com/fonts/hiragino-kaku-gothic-pro-w3. I guess it’s a bit of a work around but this fixed it instantly.

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