Wrong context sentence translations with そうだ?

I could be wrong and I guess the translation is up for interpretation but:

It seems that teachers are considering abolishing uniforms.
Over 300 people applied for the position at the trading firm, but it looks like none of them were hired.

In both sentences the そう is used in the 風聞ふうぶん (“hearsay”) form, but is translated as 様態ようたい (“conjecture”) form.


Yeah this is tough, and especially confusing for me since in English we often use “seems”, “appears”, “looks like”, “heard”, etc. pretty much interchangeably.

This is definitely not something I am proficient at in Japanese, so I’ll defer to others. But my sense from usage is that the idea/feeling behind そうだ is that you can’t confirm it firsthand (maybe なんだ is the contrary…) – after all, there’s often a lot of overlap between hearsay and conjecture (e.g. you have heard something that suggests a change in state for the tree, uniforms, etc. but can’t personally confirm). Either way though… :sweat_smile:

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